DISK Wars Avengers 5: The Mighty Thor Decends

With Akira and Spider-Man being held at gunpoint by Diamondback, it’s up to his brother Hikaru and Hawkeye to obtain the DISK at the bank before Loki’s minions stole it!

DISK 5 (1)

First I would like to talk about how Akira ‘escapes’ from Diamonback. When he is cornered, Akira surrenders his DISK to Diamondback. Now we all know that this is a ruse to fool Diamonback, but there’s a clever twist. Tropes like this are always played out, where the person giving up was actually pretending to give up. In this case, Iron Man even mocks Akira for being a coward, because he was acting alongside Akira to fool her. BUT, to break the cliche, Akira thinks that Iron Man mock him for real, and reveals literally that he planned to fool Diamonback, blowing his cover instantly! It was a very clever thing to do, breaking a trope like that.

One thing that I have to praise this series is how well they handled the Western superheroes, meaning that they stayed true to their characters. One such example when Iron Man is sarcastically mocking Akira, it’s very Stark-like. That’s what I wanted, not a dumbed-down Iron Man acting in a kids show.

DISK 5 (2)

Hawekeye distracts Diamondback while Hikaru goes to the bank to retrieve the DISK. However, Rosetta (in disguise) gets the DISK first, and that DISK is actually King Cobra’s. Summoning the snake, King Cobra attacks Hikaru but luckily Spider-Man saved him at the last minute.

Hikaru snaps for a while because he thinks he can’t save Akira. But, Spider-Man assures him that he has a responsibility which is to protect Akira at all cost. He propose to give Akira a power, but reminds him that a great power comes a great responsibility, which I really liked that they included it in here, let alone delivered by Spider-Man himself! I mean Spider-Man was always treated as the “junior” among the other heroes, a.k.a not really a big brother figure to anyone, although I may be wrong, which if I do please point it out. Nevertheless, when surrounded by youths, Spidey did act as a big brother and it’s just nice to see him use what Uncle Ben told him.

DISK 5 (3)

And with that, Spider-Man gives Hikaru a DISK containing Thor, which he D-Smashed and summon the God of Thunder. This is where we learn that there are different types of DISK: Each DISK is divided into 5 color categories. Red DISKs represents Tech, as it summons technology-based heroes such as Iron Man and M.O.D.O.K. Purple DISKs represent Energy, and contains the likes of Thor and probably Cyclops.

Blue DISKs are identified as Fight,in which the hero used physical attacks. The heroes are Captain America, and possibly Luke Cage and Daredevil as well. Next is the green Power-type DISKs, which is a group for Hulk, Juggernaut and any hero that uses raw strength. Last but so far commonly used, is the yellow Animal DISK: which contains Wasp, Lizard, King Cobra and any hero that’s animal based. Should Spider-Man ever be D-Secured, is DISK will be a yellow one.

DISK 5 (4)

Thor’s fight was a little disappointing if you ask me. While it’s awesome that he fight two villains, it’s just that it’s not amazing enough. I get that they wanted to demonstrate how powerful Thor is being one-hit-KO’ing King Cobra, but it was really unecessary. Also Thor didn’t even activate his finishing move, which is understandable considering how Hikaru didn’t know the function and they need to demonstrate that Thor is strong, so they don’t need a finisher. Still, I wonder what his finisher would look like.

Oh yeah and there’s a Japanese commercial of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well, complete with Electro speaking Japanese.

DISK 5 (5)

Diamondback surrenders and allows herself to be D-Secured, while Thor express his gratitude to Hikaru and agrees to be his partner. However, he doesn’t like the fact that he’s trapped in a DISK, in which he swear to make Loki pay for it. Also, I like how during Thor’s appearance Spidey just stood there and give commentaries. It was just so Spidey. And Hawkeye fled the scene earlier, because he wants to investigate the current situation at SHIELD.

Senator Robert is angry at the heroes’ actions, when it’s revealed that he was nothing more than Loki in disguise. Well that explains how he was being a dick and wields a cane! He has a device that detects the whereabouts of the DISKs, and from there he knows that the Spider-Man holds three of them. Also we learn that Dr. Akatsuki, Akira and Hikaru’s father, is still alive, albeit held as a prisoner at possibly Jotunheim.

DISK 5 (6)

Later on, Chris Taylor went for a lunch, and it appears that he is feared by the people there, as bullies were terrified by him and even the girls are scared to look at him. He was later approached by Spider-Man, who wanted to see him for some reason………

Overall, this is a good episode, the pacing was well done, the chemistry between Akira and Iron Man is excellent. My only gripe is Thor’s fight scene, but other than that this episode is worth watching.


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