Kamen Rider Gaim 35: What a Psychopath!

Mitch starts to take his role as a Helheim ambassador seriously, choosing a certain people to escape certain fate. This also means that he can no longer put up his facade in front of Kota……

Gaim 35 (1)

Takatora questions Roshuo’s actions, asking whether he destroyed the missiles in order to protect the humans or not. Roshuo merely protects Redyue’s ‘castle’, the Yggdrasill Tower since they are on a deal. Remember, Redyue doesn’t want to destroy the world. She just wanted to rule it. Roshuo also releases Takatora, since he has no reason to keep Takatora anyways. Besides, he’s just using Takatora to learn more about Earth and that’s it. At least he didn’t kill Takatora, I guess it’s because he knows that the world is ‘dying’ so why don’t let Takatora die with it either?

Redyue sends the Buffalo Overlord to eliminate Gaim and Baron, and since it’s a buffalo, Gaim used Kiwami Arms’ cape to fight it. And my, Gaim looks ‘naked’ without the cape! Really, it just looked plain. At the very least, he summoned the Kiwi Gekirin, which is the least-used weapon in the series due to its large size, and it’s neat that he used it, even though it looks like the suit actor had a hard time waving that weapon. It’s not, heavy, but it’s too big to be swung around.

Gaim 35 (2)

Later on, Akira has been taken to a Yggdrasill facility along with other citizens. It’s funny that the Inves behave like a normal henchmanhere instead of mindless beast. It’s because they followed Redyue’s orders. There, Akira meets Rat and Rika of Team Gaim, which I almost forgot to ask, since lately the only other Team Gaim member to appear was Chucky. At least they remember to use these two, otherwise I’m starting to think that they won’t appear anymore.

Roshuo in this episode acted more like a villain than his previous appearances, since he can’t bear to see the human suffering, and thus hastens the Invesion process to the point that it invades the whole world, including New York. And this time the Avengers are not there to save it! 😛 Also, since the whole world is involved, wouldn’t it be cool if they actually involve all Riders, I mean ALL KAMEN RIDERS fighting throughout the world? A wishful thinking but it would be really cool.

Speaking of New York, I just love that they included America on the missile thing, that the missiles were fired by America. Heck, even Minato berates that America will end up doing another careless mistake, which is a great mockery if you see it. Not that I hate America, I love it in fact, but keep in mind that a lot of people didn’t like it and they know what America is in terms of politics.

Gaim 35 (3)

Kota decides to infiltrate the Yggdrasill Tower in order to save Akira and stop Redyue, and on the way he is spotted by Takatora, but before Takatora could talk to him, he saw Minato. Remembering that Minato used to betray him, Takatora decides to observe them to see if Ryoma was using Kota, but we all know that it’s not the case. Still, when I first watched it I wanted Takatora to talk to Kota, but the plot won’t allow it.

When they plan on howto infiltrate the tower, Kota suggest that Mitch might be able to help, since he said that he wandered the tower with ease. Fed up with it, Minato decides to reveal to Kota that Mitch is actually deceiving him. BUT, to prove that Kaito is always right, Kota won’t even believe what Minato said, even thinking that she was talking nonsense.

The Inveses ambushed the Riders, forcing them to transform and fight. The fight is nothing special but I do like to point out that this is the first time Baron used Banana Arms since episode 29. I guess it’s primarily because he’s not fighting an Overlord, so there’s no need to use that much power.

Gaim 35 (4)

Meanwhile, Rat and Rika are taken to Mitch’s office, where they found Mitch, having taken on Barney Stinson’s advice and wear a suit. Since those two are their friends, Mitch picks them to be the new survivors of the new world. I like how Mitch relates the situation to the Noah’s Ark, and I think Mitch is starting to think that he’s the new Noah. What a psychopath!

As much as a psychopath Mitch is, he still have his humanity, albeit twisted. This is evident when Mitch strictly tells Redyue that the people that have been chosen by Mitch must not be allowed to be used as a sacrifice for the Queen. Also, it appears that the Femshinmus used sorcery, since Redyue said it. Maybe their sorcery is similar to the Asgardians, that it was actually a form of science.

Gaim 35 (5)

Later on, Mai goes to pick up groceries a la Walking Dead but the difference is that she left the money at the counter, which is neat. I love it when they are picking up supplies in the post-apocalyptic world. Although in Gaim’s case it’s currently the apocalypse event. Anyways, Mitch came to her in order to take her in.

Mitch reveals to her about his alliance to the Overlords, and even shows that he hates Kota. But Mai, still thinking that Mitch is a good guy, tells Mitch not to be an Overlord’s lackey, and instead hope for the best, for which that was the thing that kept her and Kota continue forward. And with that Mitch realized that Kota is a hopeful person, and he wants to destroy it. This sums up Mitch’s current personality, he has lost his hope and become cynical to the reality. Interestingly, this mirrors exactly like his brother’s previous attitude before he ally himself with Kota.

Rat and Rika decides to find Akira, only to find her being used as a sacrifice. But before she they could do anything, Redyue appears. It seems to me that Redyue will do something, and it will cause Mitch to have a fallout with her. Or at least she gave a warning to those two.

Gaim 35 (6)

Takatora decides to meet Kota but decides not to when he saw Mitch walking into Drupers’. Again, Kota laments about his appetite, and that he doesn’t feel hungry anymore. I’m telling you this will be a major plot point in the future episodes, I got a feeling that he will go through a process similar to Eiji Greeed. A blue Overlord, anyone?

Mitch confronts Kota, and this time it’s totally no more Mr. Nice Guy. This is the best part of the episode because Mitch finally antagonizes Kota in front of him, but what’s more is Kota’s reaction towards his betrayal. The best thing is that the way they handled this scene makes it look like this is the moment where we found out the true identity of the fake Zangetsu! Yeah, we know about it before, but Kota’s reaction, Mitch speech, the aura of the scene couldn’t help but to make this look like a surprise betrayal. I have to give props for the writer and the director for making such a convincing scene!

Gaim 35 (7)

Mitch transforms in front of Kota, forcing Kota to break his heart but was forced to fight Zangetsu to protect himself. Also, I keep rooting for Takatora to intervene, but goddammit he didn’t! They just had to save it for the next episode!

Overall, this was one hell of an episode. The first part may seem a little boring, but the second half,especially Mitch confronting Kota is a must see. That part just set the epicness of the upcoming episode. I can’t wait to watch it!


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