TMNT S02E08: Raphael VS Casey Jones

Raphael has some serious anger issues (again) and distances himself from his family. At the same time, Casey Jones decides to become a vigilante.

TMNT 8 (1)

I still can’t get over Casey Jones’ look. And I actually prefer if he wear that mask all the time. Not that I hate his face but, well actually I hated it, but I’m not gonna let that ruin the whole show for me. I just had to get used to it.

The Turtles had a free-for-all fight which Donnie and Mikey were obviously defeated first because they’re the B-Team. So naturally it’s between Raph and Leo. Leo legitimately wins the fight, but Raph, determined to win at all cost, let his anger consumes him and  ambush Leo. Surprisingly Splinter doesn’t really go angry against Raphael, despite him using a dishonorable way and even let him get carried off because of his anger.

TMNT 8 (2)

The thing about Raph’s anger, this episode played it much more instense. He looks far angrier than he’s ever been, which makes me think that Raph actually is on his period………….. Okay that’s not cool. But really, he was pissed off at random moments and seems to be exploding every time.

So Raph goes outside, while at the same time Casey fights the Purple Dragon gang. Raph decides to stop Casey, and of course a fight ensues. The battle between Raph and Casey is really good and intense, they spent the battle just beating and smashing each other. My only gripe is that the lighting is too dim on that scene. I had a hard time watching it because it looks dark and pale.

TMNT 8 (3)

Casey wins the fight by electrifying Raph, but not before Raph went too far and almost let his anger makes him nearly kill Casey. Something is very, very wrong with Raph. I think it has something to do with the fact that he just lost Spike. Yeah he got over it but we all know from experience it was brief right? It wasn’t explained directly that Raph was like that because of Spike, but it is most likely.

Later on, Raph tries to cool off by apologizing to Leo, only to get even more pissed because Leo and Mikey keeps teasing him. BUT, before that I would like to talk about one easter egg in episode. For the very first time ever Mikey mentions Super Sentai, and this is probably the first time Super Sentai have been mentioned in America that’s not from Power Rangers. I think he wanted to say Power Rangers, since Nick airs the show, but they decide to use Super Sentai because of the word ‘Super’.

Again, Raph went outside but went back down below, only to be followed by Casey who seeks to fight Raph properly. But he is also followed by the Foot Bots. Casey’s cover is blown but before the Turtles dissect him, April intervenes. Thank goodness April is on good terms with the Turtles, I can’t imagine how they will introduce Casey to the Turtles if April wasn’t around. Still, I love Casey’s reaction towards Splinter, because he’s a rat, and Casey has a fear of rats. Not sure if that was the character’s real trait or just included for a gag.

TMNT 8 (4)

Their introduction was cut short when the Foot Bots attack the sewer, and not only the Ninja Turtles, April and Casey fight side by side, but Splinter as well! This is the very first time he fights alongside the Turtles, and it’s really good. But the main point is when one of the Foot Bots run away in order to report to Karai about the Turtles’ location, and Raph and Casey went ahead after it.

The fight between Raph/Casey and the Foot Bot was fantastic, especially on the train part. Unlike before, the lighting matches well and I don’t mind if it’s too dark. Raph and Casey are able to take down that bot and their teamwork was fantastic. It was natural for them to team up since these two has the most chemistry.

TMNT 8 (5)

After that, Casey becomes a new ally to the Turtles, even welcomed by Splinter as he thanked him for saving their home. And since the two has the most chemistry, Raph and Casey is now bros 4 life, and that means a bad thing to Donnie.

Overall, it was a nice episode, and we all know that this episode will happen since Casey is one of the Turtles’ main ally. However my only gripe is that they didn’t really solve Raph’s anger issues. Right where the Foot Bots invaded the sewers they have forgotten it completely. Oh well I’m sure it will be brought up again in the future episodes.


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