Kamen Rider Gaim 34: Declaration of War

Redyue decides to further his plans on ruling the Earth and getting the Forbidden Fruit by making contact with the humans…….. through the good ol’ fashioned broadcasting threats. Very original.

Gaim 34 (1)

Kota asked Oren about Zangetsu being fake, and suddenly Mitch enters the clubhouse. Mitch, being a psychopath, still act as an ally to Team Gaim, even though Kaito and Minato clearly knows otherwise. Heck, even Kaito ‘bullies’ Mitch for hiding his true nature, which I really liked. Oh and Minato apparently wasn’t aware that Mitch had been masquerading as Zangetsu all these time. It makes sense though, she was with Ryoma the whole time and then suddenly the Invesion came along.

Meanwhile, Redyue continues to be fascinated with the human technology, even addressing that ours surpass her own. This makes me want to see a backstory about the citizens in Helheim before their Invesion. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the series, maybe Gen Urobuchi could write about it in a novel or something. It would be interesting to see some backstory of the Overlords in other media.

Gaim 34 (2)

Mitch confronts Minato, since Kaito leaves because he hates to be around a traitor. And here we were pretty much confirmed that Minato is currently an ally of Kota, or at least she’s at Baron’s side. Definitely Baron. But it’s pretty much that she is no way in Mitch’s side, and what makes it interesting she even berates Mitch for being a coward and a traitor, and that one day Mitch will no fall even low because of what he’s done to the people who called him friends. And just to show that Mitch is indeed evil, he gets nervous and demands Minato to leave. What a psychopath.

At Helheim, Redyue proposes a plan to Roshuo, which is that she wants to take over the Earth and help Roshuo revives the queen. What’s interesting is that Roshuo is aware that Redyue wants the Fruit from him, in which he seems okay with it as long as the queen is revived. From what I see Roshuo is indeed an anti-villain for the series. He’s on the evil side and he doesn’t really empathizes humans and all he cares about is his wife.

Gaim 34 (3)

And because of that, he is vulnerable for Redyue to steal the Fruit. But Redyue is wise. Instead of just went all out and steal it from him or stab Roshuo in the back, she proposes to help Roshuo in exchange of becoming a god. Clever girl!

Back to Kota, he talked to Kaito about the Golden fruit. And this is where I realized that the Kiwami Lockseed is actually not the Forbidden Fruit, but rather a mere small part of it. So when a power like Kiwami Arms is only a bit of the actual fruit, it is questionable of what the fruit really is.

Suddenly Redyue appears a la the Fallen through every broadcast, telling the world that she intends to enslave them through the Invesion. Mitch is seriously pissed off by this, because Redyue just declared an all-out war against humanity instead of coming on nice terms. In a way it actually makes sense. If Redyue acts nice to them, the world wouldn’t take it seriously, so she needs to threaten them, and when the world fears her, then she can be their ruler! Whoa, I just summarized a typical world leader!

Gaim 34 (4)

Meanwhile Knuckle, Bravo and Gridon went ahead to save some civilians while Kota and Kaito help Kota’s sister. This action sceneis a good way to utilize these characters, as they would be useless if the scenario was only centered at Gaim and Baron. Besides, they were Zawame’s only defense.

The main highlight of this scene is Gridon using the Watermelon Lockseed to assume Watermelon Arms, and the result were both hilarious and disapointing. First, it’s hilarious because Gridon is the Bad Luck Brian of the series and the comic relief, and he can’t even function well in this form, requiring Bravo to help him fight! It is disappointing because we didn’t get to see Gridon becoming really badass, and they didn’t utilize the Armored Mode so we didn’t get to see if this Suika Arms utilizes a watermelon-themed hammer. Still, we get to see Gridon’s armorless state, which is fine.

Gaim 34 (5)

As for Gaim, just as I predicted, Kachidoki Arms becomes more and more useless as the series goes by. I mean he just used that form for a brief second before assuming Kiwami Arms. I know that Kiwami Arms suit is more agile due to thin armor, but to me it was a little painful to see them having to suit up for Kachidoki Arms for seconds to just use it to assume Kiwami. Actually, it will get worse, because I believe there will be a time where Kota himself goes directly to Kiwami Arms.

At the very least Kiwami Arms’ fight is great at usual. It’s always welcome to see him using the Arms Weapons. Although in this episode he only summoned three: Grape Gun, Mango Punisher and Musou Saber with DJ Gun for the finisher. That’s because he was aided by Baron to defeat the Buffalo Overlord, whom I don’t care to write his name because he’s just a buffalo. BUT, thank goodness they spared Bufallo Overlord this time, as Redyue shielded him at the last moment when Gaimand Baron finished him.

Gaim 34 (6)

Redyue appears to tell the Riders that she plans to do something with Kota’s sister, as she kidnaps her and other civilians, to use them as sacrifices for reviving the Queen. She even said that it’s not entirely wrong, because they were planning to wipe out 6 billion people anyway, so why not use them as sacrifices while they were at it?

And to make matters worse, because of Redyue’s threat, the Riders and Takatora found out that missiles are headed to Zawame. WhenI first watched this my reaction was priceless. I mean it was a really ballsy move to actually bomb a city in order to save it! I really, really, really enjoy it. Is it just me or did Urobuchi take this missile plot from X-Men First Class?

Gaim 34 (7)

However, Roshuo intervenes at the last second, as he uses the Forbidden Fruit power to not only stop the missiles, but turn them into fireworks, or dust. Regardless the missile attack is failed, but the impact is greater than before, because it freaked the shit out of citizens of Zawame because of Roshuo’s power. Even Mitch is scared about it. BUT, he starts to think that he makes the right choice by siding with the Overlords, and laughs maniacally. What a psychopath!

Overall, this episode surprised me because of the mature theme present in it, particularly that missile thing. Because of that I really, really enjoyed it since they decided to include a real-life situation to deal with this kind of thing. It’s intense!

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