TMNT S02E07: The 5th Turtle (No, Not Venus. Just……NO)

Boy……… it’s been a VERY long time since I last reviewed TMNT. It was one of the most popular aspect of my blog! Well don’t worry, I’m on a summer break and in that time, I’ll review the remaining second season starting with the episode where the Turtles got a new member in their group in the form of Spike, Raphael’s mutated pet turtle!…… Or is he?

TMNT 7 (1)

When I found out that Spike will be mutated, I was excited because they’re going to add another member in the Turtle army besides April, Casey and Metalhead…… only to rejuvenated as Slash. Slash is basically the Bizarro of the Ninja Turtles and when you give that name to a pet turtle, it’s bad.

This episode is focused on Raphael as he gets very pissed off with his brothers because they don’t understand him and most of the time, he would talk about it to Spike. However, when the mutagen mutates Spike, it twists his mind and thinks that Raphael is better off without them, and seeks to destroy the other Turtles so that he and Raphael can be New York’s Dynamic Duo! What a psychopath.

TMNT 7 (2)

Honestly, I was disappointed when Spike turned evil in this episode, because first why is it that every mutagen turns everyone infected except Splinter, the Turtles and Kirby into evil monsters? Why can’t a few just be allies to the Turtles? Furthermore, this is Spike we’re talking about, an innocent pet turtle who in most of his appearance you would no expect him to be evil! Yeah, the mutagen did this to him and they wanted to bring in Slash to this series, but when you do it to Spike, it’s like taking you innocent and lovely pet and turn them into a monster. It was…… heartbreaking. And indeed it is, as Raph is naturally heartbroken at the end of the episode.

Also, I find the name Slash to be unecessary. Setting the character’s original depiction aside, first Spike’s mutated form has more spikes, and he wields a mace. As far as I know mace isn’t suitable for the word ‘slash’, it was more suitable for ‘bash’. You could’ve just actually create Spike into a new character AND an ally to the Turtles and actually create another character in the form of Slash, who wields a sword! That way you could actually sell more toys! And just now I realized that they actually included Slash in the series very poorly.

Spike, now called Slash, basically acts as the devil for Raphael in the episode. You know, the devil that always seduces us to do bad things? That persuade us to believe in the wrong thing? Yeah, that kind. He also seeks to destroy Raph’s brothers, and because of his size, he managed to defeat both Donnie and Mikey.

TMNT 7 (3)

And because of that, this is the very first time we get to see the Turtles without their masks! And I gotta say, the look like aliens, only that they still look better than the upcoming live action movie! Off topic a bit, I’m actually looking forward to the movie. The new trailer looks good and restores my hope and I will watch and review the movie, although I do feel that it will get at most a mixed review from critics and fans alike. Still, I hope I’m wrong.

Because of the dark tone of the episode (Slash being the devil and how he nearly kills the other Turtles), they decide to lighten it up with a mutagen subplot involving Leonardo, who is unaware about Spike’s new mutation! He tries to snatch the mutagen canister, but there’s people everywhere so he must hide in plain sight, only to get into more shenanigans later. Also, I have to give props to them for actually making the city more lively with the people walking around. I assume the episode takes place during 8-10 pm, which makes sense.

TMNT 7 (4)

While Leo is busy chasing that mutagen, Raph is forced to fight his former pet. Oh that’s convenient, it’s like you have to fight you pet cat to death! Anyways, their battle is just epic. It’s basically Raphael fighting someone who’s two times Raphel. What’s worse is that Slash knows every of Raph’s moves, although most of the time Raph gives the most beating. But Slash gains the upper hand easily because of his natural sheer strength.

TMNT 7 (5)

Back to Leo, his parts are meant to be the comic relief of the episode, and it works well. I enjoyed his insteraction with the little girl. And this girl is the only person that’s not freak out by the Turtles, mostly because they think he’s imaginary. Still, I love that she threatens to scream if Leo doesn’t join her for a tea party.

And because of that, Leo now plays tea party with a random civillian! He looks like he was enjoying it too, despite him desperate to get that mutagen off her and run away as soon as possible. Luckily Raph and Slash’s fight breaks the moment, forcing Leo to run away with the mutagen and even the kid waves him goodbye, despite Slash just destroyed her room!

TMNT 7 (6)

Even though Leo is bought the the fight he doesn’t do anything at all. Because Raphael is the one who fights Slash, and ends the fight with a technique that Master Splinter used to his advantage when Raph is angry and distracted. My only gripe is that how did Raphael figure out how to use that technique. Sure, Splinter’s words remind him, but how exactly did he know to perform the move? I guess it’s like Kung Fu Panda, he just figured it out. Well at least it’s epic though.

The attack caused Slash to lose balance and is about to fall off the building, and it’s really nice to see that Raphael tried to save him. I don’t think it’s because of an heroic act though, rather it’s because Slash is formerly Spike, the only thing that Raph cares about. Still, it’s Nick’s TMNT. Even though Slash did fall, HE DIDN’T DIE. Dammit can’t they just kill a character? Even once? I think Donnie needs to build a super prison if they can’t kill those villains.

TMNT 7 (7)

Later on, Raph naturally mopes around because he lost Spike, but Splinter gives him a very valuable advice: when you missed someone you loved in the past, you focused on your friends in the present. That’s the way to move on for those who are heartbroken, and Raph sure did that, as he decides to hang out with his brothers because, they are his brothers after all.

Overall, this episode is very good. I love the dark tone and the comedy blends well with it. The only thing I don’t like is the decision to turn Spike into a villain, which is bad because they could use him as an extra ally like Leatherhead. But because they named him ‘Slash’ they need to make him evil. That’s just a poor decision to include Slash in my opinion.


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