DISK Wars Avengers 3: Iron Man used Repulsor! It’s Super Effective!!!

The situation worsens when Loki captures all the remaining Heroes into the DISKs, leaving the children defenseless. Could this be the end of Marvel Super Heroes?

DISK 3 (1)

This episode has some serious pacing issues, and because of that it’s a pain to watch it without calling it bad. Which is totally bad because you can’t screw up an episode in its early stages, how could you do that? It’ll ruin the whole show if the early episodes were bad! The pacing is so slow that I feel parts of this episode could’ve just be included in the previous episode and speed up some parts of this one because it just keeps dragging on. Seriously, the important parts are short while the yawning ones were dragged on.

The part where I talk that they should’ve include it in the previous episode is where Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Wasp are captured into the DISKS. First off, they could make this a better episode by starting them already captured, most importantly Iron Man. Why? Because he spent the first half of this episode uncaught yet!

DISK 3 (2)

Worse, he is captured by the middle of the episode, and guess what, he gets ‘released’ a few minutes later! It would be more dramatic if they started the episode with all the heroes, Iron Man included, already captured and put the children into a dire situation where they couldn’t do anything. That’s how you make things interesting.

Oh and speaking of the children, they planned to save Pepper by pushing a crate on top of King Cobra, only to fail because the crate is too heavy. Surprisingly, Chris, who was the only one disagree to save Pepper, appears to save her with him driving a forklift into the crate! Wow, I just like this guy even more.

DISK 3 (3)

This episode also shows why these children become the heroes of the series: It’s because of the Biocode. What’s a Biocode? Well it’s an energy of some sort that when installed into somebody, the said person gains the ability to control the DISK, basically making them a Pokemon Trainer or a DigiDestined.

At first the Biocode installer was destroyed but because the plot demanded it, it was installed into the children’s body, and honestly, not in a negative way, the looked stupid when they gazed upon the Biocode. I mean the children looked at the energy like they just saw a rainbow and wanted to touch it! Well I guess it’s because they wanted to make it epic.

Spider-Man appears, being the only hero not to be captured into the DISK because he is Marvel’s number one hero (You heard that Sony? He is Marvel’s number one hero, INCLUDE HIM IN THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE ALREADY GODDAMMIT!!!) captures the DISK containing Iron Man. Realizing that Akira has the Biocode, he instructs the boy to the DISK to summon Iron Man. What I like is that he literally instructs Akira on how to summon him, something really rare on gimmick-based shows.

DISK 3 (4)

When Akira summons Iron Man, due to the nature of this being a kids show, it’s natural that they wanted to make the transformation sequence showy, and it’s really long. It’s about the length of the DigiXros sequence, about a minute or so per sequence. I just hope when they summon all the Avengers, they showed it in one sequence depicting all five in boxes, not one by one because that would keep dragging it on.

And like I said, the best parts are rather short, and there’s not enough action! Iron Man blasts the villains after being captured for only a few minutes, and Akira was the one who ended the fight by holding Loki causing all the DISK to be scattered. Because of that, Loki and the villains retreat.

Akira and Hikaru quickly went to see their father, only to find out that he’s gone, presumably dead, although the adults state otherwise. Nick Fury and Maria Hill arrive to demand some answer on the situation, and before Iron Man tries to explain he got inserted back into the DISK. And this is the part I hate the most: Hikaru instructs Akira to summon him again, and he did. We already know for sure that it’s going to fail, but guess what? The showed the long ass summoning sequence again! You just wasted a minute showing that scene when that whole minute could be used to progress the story! This is exactly what I meant by them dragging on.

DISK 3 (5)

Fury takes Akira and Hikaru into SHIELD custody because of the Biocode in them, while the other three children are being sent home. The episode ends with Akira finding out that Iron Man appears in holographic form on his DISK. Honestly I feel like the could end it better if it weren’t for the slow pacing nature of the episode.

So with that, marks the end of the premiere arc of DISK Wars Avengers, and now, I can finally give my first impressions to the series. It’s not good, but not bad either, it’s just mediocre. It has an interesting premise and good gimmick as well as good plot, but it has pacing issues and it is more kid-oriented show than any other that I ever watch. Like it was meant for kids 4-7, exactly the target audience for the Shitty Saban Power Rangers*. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that the series is bad. It’s actually fun and despite the kid-friendly nature, it’s better than Avengers Assemble because that one is more childish and stupid. So if you haven’t watch this series yet, I can recommend this, BUT you need to binge-watch it otherwise you won’t be satisfied an will call this series bad. Watch at least 2 episodes at once and you’ll be fine. And I will continue to review this series because there’s very few people reviewing it.

*Shitty Saban Power Rangers refers to the Samurai-Super MegaForce era of Power Rangers, not every seasons that was produced by Saban.


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