Kamen Rider Gaim 33: Zawame Quarantined

The Invesion is finally happening, infecting  Zawame and causing the city to be quarantined with the citizens trapped and no help is coming. Because of that, the remaining Riders that aren’t psychopaths decides to join forces together!

Gaim 33 (1)

I wanna talk about the citizens first, particularly Kota’s hot sister Akira. Apparently because Yggdrasill has fled Zawame, the shelters are in no use, forcing the citizens to hide in their homes. I really like the concept, it portrays the real life state of emergency that happened in history. As for Akira, it’s actually minor but a kid asked her help in finding his mother, and the way Akira acts is just like what her brother did back in the first episode. I like the throwback.

Meanwhile, the main leaders of Yggdrasill argue about what to do with Zawame. Funny thing is that the leaders consists of and American, a French and an unspecified Asian because I’m not familiar with the language but I know it’s not Japanese. It’s either Korean or Chinese. Whatever the point of the scene is to  show that Yggdrasill themselves refused to join Ryoma in quest for godhood, forcing him to reveal Yggdrasill’s true nature to the public, causing worldwide chaos. A mild chaos. What’s funny is that the scene is poorly acted, given that the leaders are mere extras. It’s not bad, but rather it’s poorly acted that it’s funny to watch. Kinda like The Room.

Gaim 33 (2)

The Riders gathered at Team Gaim’s garage, watching the news about the Invesion. The situation is at its worst when Minato reveals that the JSDF has instructions to keep the Inves contained in Zawame. Basically, they’re still keeping the Invesion a secret from the world, so that mass hysteria will not occur.

Since the remaining Riders are the only ones who can fight the Inves, they decide to band together with Minato supplying them headpieces to keep in contact. As of this episode I’m starting to really like Minato, due to the fact that she’s not evil anymore and is willing to work with Kota. She plays a pivotal role in this episode and I really like it, which is ironic considering how I originally view her as a generic Koichi Sakamoto stunt girl but now she’s developed into one of my favorite characters. Well she still can’t top Oren though.

Meanwhile, Redyue (whom I just found out to be female!) offers Mitch the Maniac to be his her right-hand man and her representative for the humans. I really like Redyue’s plan. She wants to obtain the Forbidden Fruit so that she can rule humanity, which makes her one of the evil guys who wanted to literally rule humans, not destroy it. Heck, she even remarks that it’s boring to rule if it’s destroyed, somewhat mocking the other bad guys from various franchise because they claimed they wanted to rule the world, but all they did was destroy it to the point that nothing survives. Also, hiring Mitch makes total sense. She doesn’t understand the humans yet, so she needs a representative to help her manage the world. Is it just me or is Redyue is actually trying to be a good leader?

Gaim 33 (3)

Later on, Baron is fighting an Inves. The whole scene was to show the relationship between Kaito and Mai because they also have a chemistry together. And what surprised me is that Mai, even though she has a crush on Kota, treats Mitch like a brother, seems to have more chemistry with Kaito! What’s even more surprising is that Mai is the only one that makes Kaito soften his heart, something that’s really rare for Kaito!

Kota has a lunch at Durpers’, because Bandou didn’t want to close his shop even though Inveses are lurking around the city and nobody will ever come to the shop. Well, at least he serves the role of the food supplier for the Riders I guess. But that’s not important. What’s important is a tiny little detail that may be important. Kota complains that Bandou’s curry is not good, which makes me theorize that Kota is having the same situation as Eiji Hino did in OOO. It seems that Kota is starting to lose his appetite, which I think has got to do with the usage of the Kiwami Lockseed, since that thing turns him into an Overlord of sorts. It might be that he lost his appetite and he will lust for Helheim Fruits, and when he eats it, he gets turned into an Overlord! Keep in mind this is just a speculation, as of this writing nothing is confirmed.

Gaim 33 (4)

Kota gets a call from Minato that she saw a strange Inves, possibly an Overlord. It is indeed an Overlord, which surprised me because I thought only Rosyuo, Deemushu and Redyue are the only Overlords. But it seems that this particular Overlord appears to be lesser than Redyue in terms of rank, as she orders the Overlord to accompany Mitch to destroy Kota.

Meanwhile Kota and Minato discuss about their current state which is first about why Minato suddenly help them when she’s been antagonizing them all this time. Well Yggdrasill, particularly Ryoma, abandoned her and plus she has a ‘crush’ on Kaito, so she doesn’t mind following him around. She also questions about what Kota will do with the Kiwami Lockseed, which makes sense because Kota said that he will use it to protect people, but what happens after all people have been protected? It’s clear that everybody wants to use the Fruit to rule the world but Kota merely wants to use it to protect it. But what makes sense is that they questioned his motif. I mean yeah, heroes will always protect the world because there’s always evil. But lets say there will be a situation where evil completely dies, what will the hero do? Or what if the hero are forced to retire even though evil is still around? Unless you’re Batman then it is a question that will wonder you.

Gaim 33 (5)

The Peacock Overlord attacks Gaim and Malika, and forcing the latter to de-transform because the goal of the attack was to lure Gaim towards Zangetsu. I just like how Gaim is somewhat pissed because not only he has to fight an Overlord, but also ‘Takatora’ is there to beat the shit out of him.

You can tell that Gaim is still not mentally prepared for Zangetsu’s assault, as he still gets beaten even in Kachidoki Arms. Or maybe, it’s because when you gained a final form, the super form is dumbed down. I gotta tell you, since Kachidoki Arms is required to access Kiwami Arms, they had to make the former look weaker so that when they accessed the latter, Gaim has the flag of victory. I don’t like it because they make such a beautiful form useless and this has been done multiple times. Trust me, in latter episodes Gaim uses Kachidoki but gets defeated early because he needs to use Kiwami Arms. Super Forms literally become a punching bag after final form is introduced.

Gaim 33 (6)

Gaim is having a hard time because he’s at a disadvantage, fighting an Overlord as well as fighting a person who for some reason just wanted to Urobutcher him up. But luckily Bravo arrived and reveals to Gaim that the Zangetsu they’re fighting is an impostor. This is because Bravo knows that the current Zangetsu doesn’t emit the same aura that Takatora did. What’s insteresting though is that he doesn’t realize that it’s Mitch. I mean Bravo has encountered Mitch before, why can’t he recognize him? Plot point, that’s what.

Now that he knows that Zangetsu is no longer Takatora, Gaim gains the flag of victory and assumes Kiwami Arms. and thus, a series of weapon spamming occurs. I gotta say it’s really awesome that Gaim spams the weapons, although I do feel that in the latter episodes he will only spawn the Musou Saber, Daidaimaru, and the DJ Gun. It always happen. I mean take a look at Fourze for example. His Cosmic States allows him to mix-and-match Switch powers, but in the latter episodes, usually in the final set of episodes he only used the Barizun Sword. Although in Gaim’s case they may still use the gimmick heavily, because Fourze requires CGI and Gaim only uses props for that particular gimmick.

Gaim 33 (7)

During the fight, Gaim uses two Sonic Arrows as well as two Kagematsu. BUT, it’s actually not two Kagematsu but rather he used two different versions of it. First is the standard one and the second is the upgraded version which was used by Kurokage Shin in the upcoming summer movie. I didn’t realize it at first, only when I read at Kamen Rider Wiki that I found out he used that weapon.

Gaim finishes his enemies by using the Strawberry Lockseed into the DJ Gun, creating a stream of energy that’s composed of various fruits. I really like it. It’s like a fruit cannon or something. But what disappoints me is that Zangetsu used the Peacock as a meat shield, thus marking the second time an Overlord has been destroyed. I have to say I don’t like it. They’re going to introduce a lot of new Overlords but acting as the MotW. It’s like the Horoscopes in Fourze all over again.

Gaim 33 (8)

Mitch retreats, becoming very pissed because Kota just gained  new Arms. I gotta say I understands him though. That envy seeing your enemy getting stronger. However that only worsens Mitch personality, as he laughs maniacally and proclaiming that he will be the one who laughs at the end……….. what a psychopath.


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