Kamen Rider Gaim 32: Weirdest-Looking Final Form EVER!!!

Baron leads the remaining Kamen Riders in fighting Deemushu, while Redyue invades Earth with Mitch on his side. As for Kota, he has to obtain the power of the Overlords in order to save the world. Does this mean he had to be an Overlord?

Gaim 32 (1)

The first fight is just awesome. They really upped the budget this time in terms of CGI. I mean Deemushu was just spamming energy blast and causes CGI explosions everywhere, it was intense! However the fight didn’t last long, as Deemushu retreats. So even an arrogant guy like him would retreat. And because of that Ygdrasill are forced to reveal their true nature to the public, somewhat. At the very least now the citizens knew that the Rider system comes from them, and the blame put on Beat Riders might be shifted to them.

Deemushu, because he was a victim of Helheim invasion, works just like any other Inves, meaning that if he ate the fruits he will evolve into a stronger form. This means trouble, because he actually did consume some fruits! But what interests me is that he only eats them when he’s weak. I guess the Overlords wouldn’t mess with that fruit unless it was absolutely necessary.

Gaim 32 (2)

Since this episode is the second episode in the Forbidden Fruit arc, the characters receive new roles. The first one that I would like to talk about is Mitch. Now that he’s pretty much a villain, he will most likely spends his time in this arc hanging around with Redyue, seeing as how he accompanies Redyue when he enters Earth and the other Inveses didn’t attack him, due to Redyue considering him as an ally. I didn’t expect that Mitch would ally himself with the very enemy he sworn to fight just to make Kota suffer, what a psychopath!

As for Kota, he gets a visit from Sagara who wanted to hand him the Fruit of Knowledge, but first he wants to test him. Seeing as how Sagara is a neutral force, Kota is hesitating to receive his offer.

Redyue apparently also wants to invade Earth, because if he ever obtain the Fruit of Knowldge, it would be pretty stupid to use it to rule a ‘wasteland’ like Helheim, so he seeks to conquer Japan instead! Again, Mitch just stood by his side without even worrying that an ‘alien’ is about to invade his homeworld! Redyue displays a unique ability to open up Cracks, which leads them into Yggdrasill’s Crack den, and as a result the Yggdrasill Tower is now covert in Helheim’s plants!

Gaim 32 (3)

The invasion pretty much destroys Yggdrasill, and to show how much of a weakling they are as Kaito predicted, each and everyone of them escaped, except Minato. Yeah Duke escaped because he’s the biggest coward, and the Troopers and workers escaped to save themselves.

Now that Yggdrasill is gone (wow, that was fast), the only ones who can protect Zawame is the remaining Riders: Baron, Knuckle, Malika, Bravo and Gridon! I love how Gridon makes his entrance. Even though we last saw him as a coward seven episodes ago, he now looks stronger. While his fighting style is still as timid as ever, at the very least he now possess a courage to fight them without backing off.

The Riders decides to work together with Baron leading them, which surprises me a lot because Malika and Bravo listened to him and even compliment him for making a good leader. Wow, I guess Baron can be a good candidate to rule the world after all!

Gaim 32 (4)

The Rider teamup is just epic. The five of them fighting together with a red leading them makes me think that I’m watching Sentai! However as triumph the scene looked, it all goes down when an upgraded Deemushu enters the battle.

While this happens Kota tries to grab the Kiwami Lockseed while withstanding Sagara’s energy barrier thingy or whatever. Sagara reveals the reason why he always give Kota the means of getting stronger that others cannot obtain is because he sees Kota as the Joker to the game. No, no that Joker but rather the card Joker. You know, the strongest card? From what I see, Sagara is playing poker, and Kota is his bet. If Kota wins, the world is saved. If he loses, the otherwise.

Kota managed to obtain the Lockseed, which makes me impressed because they showed that he is strong and he deserves that tremendous power. Sagara wishes him luck, and Kota runs off to save the day and promote a new toy!

Gaim 32 (5)

When Kota entered the battle, he quickly assumes Kachidoki Arms, and even with Deemushu’s upgraded attack, Gaim is still able to withstand the attack. Seriously Kachidoki Arms is one of the most powerful Super Form ever, because it has been defeated a very few times before. I mean, the only time the form got defeated is because Kota was already weak from a long fight, and he was overwhelmed by Deemushu and Yggdrasill. It is sad because Kachidoki Arms looks so beautiful and I think it should just be the final form………

Because this episode debuts Gaim’s final form: Kiwami Arms. And I will be honest and blunt: the form looks like a joke. Seriously, the design makes it look like it was a Hyper Battle Video exclusive formor something! How could they fucked this up? I mean Gaim, even though the fruit theme is funny, has awesome designs that manages to hide the fruit motif well into the suit to the point that newbies won’t realize that they’re wearing fruit as armor! To prove that, a while ago I showed episode 27 to my friend who is a casual Rider fan, and didn’t watch Gaim yet. He really likes the suit design, and when Kaito was about to transform into Lemon Energy Arms, he was shocked because of the word ‘Lemon’. See? That’s what I like about Kamen Rider. With the exception of Fourze, they are able to make their motifs look really cool even if it is silly.

Gaim 32 (6)

Let’s talk about Gaim Kiwami Arms’ suit design. The first thing that I don’t like is the color scheme. While the Figuart may make the silver looks beautiful, silver is just a very basic color. I understand that this form was based on Oda Nobunaga’s armor but to me it just looked plain. And the black lines makes me think this is what a Himawari Arms would look like hahaha. And the visor is what I would say it suits to be a HBV exclusive.

Also, while the idea of fruit basket as a theme is cool, I personally wasn’t fond of it very much. I was expecting the final form would be Apple Arms, considering that Apple is the most famous fruit and is often associated with fruit folklore. Plus when Rosyuo summoned the Kiwami Lockseed, it produces the image of an apple! Why can’t they just use that? I mean you have a lot of fruit like papaya and coconut, and you wasted apple on a movie?

As for Kiwami Arms’ functionality, I have to say it has both pros and cons. The pros is that it allows Gaim to utilize the Arms weapons from other Rider forms, which would give a good opportunity for him to spam, least seen weapons or uses it in a badass way, like Melon Defender and Donkachi. The cons is that, first this is the first final form since Agito to not to have a specific weapon for that form. This is mostly because of the aforementioned ability of utilizing different weapons, as such the DJ Gun acts as the ultimate weapon, while the Mosou Saber is the standard weapon, and the combined form is used for finisher. Other cons is that it makes the other Riders somewhat useless due to Gaim using their weapons. In Kabuto, he obtained the other Riders’ Zecters to use them as weapons and as a result, they cannot use them while Kabuto is in his Hyper Form. But this may be revoked since Gaim could be assumed summoning copies of the respective weapons instead of borrowing them.

Gaim 32 (7)

That being said, Kiwami Arms first fight is godly. It really is overpowered because it’s his debut, but in my opinion it looks a little weaker than previous final form debuts. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of the suit design, I still need to get used to it. Anyway, Gaim finishes off Deemushu with ease, and marks the first time an Overlord is killed, while in shock of his newfound power……….

Overall, this episode is epic, and even though Kiwami Arms will take some time to getting used to, it’s still epic. And I’ve said before that once Gaim reaches its 32nd episode I will determine if it is a good show or not. Well my friends, Kamen Rider Gaim is now one of the best Kamen Rider series out there. If they keep up the epicness, it might as well be the best Heisei Kamen Rider series, or even THE best Kamen Rider series overall! I’m rooting on you, Kamen Rider Gaim!!!!!

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