Kamen Rider Gaim 31: That Damn Forbidden Fruit

Skipping episode 30 (Don’t worry, I’ll review it someday), we continue to the main story where the stakes are high. We got a psychopath aided by a psychopath to search for the forbidden Fruit of Knowledge, and we got an Overlord roaming in Earth!

Gaim 31 (1)

First off we get to learn about the Fruit of Knowledge as well as more about Rosyuo. He is described as the main villain of the series, well who knows since we have two other guys that could potentially become the final villain. Rosyuo himself is an anti villain, since he didn’t care about humanity and wanted to use the Fruit of Knowledge for himself to revive his wife, presumably a Femshinmu Queen. Even though they showed a silhouette of her, I’m pretty sure that it’s the blonde-haired Mai

Speaking of the Fruit of Knowledge, it seems that each world that Helheim invades will obtain one fruit, and since there’s at least two worlds that’s invaded, there is two Fruit of Knowledge. Whoever possess that fruit is considered the king of that world, which is why Rosyuo is the king. He also possess the other fruit, which was meant for humans, but he doesn’t want to give them since he believes the humans will destroy themselves. so giving it would be a waste of time.

Gaim 31 (2)

Meanwhile Gaim and Baron chase after Deemushu, while Zangetsu and Sigurd encounters Redyue. After a brief fight Redyue surrenders and offers to take them to the forbidden fruit, which makes Mitch suspicious as to why he surrenders so easily. As for Gaim, he finally learns that Deemushu is not the guy who can be reasoned with, since he is a guy who gets drunk with power, and have a distaste towards weaklings or rather humanity, and seeks to use his power to destroy them. Man, I hate it when Kaito’s right. But what can we do, I mean Kota fights for ideals, while Kaito represents the truth.

Back to Takatora, Sagara suggest that Rosyuo put his trust and give the forbidden fruit to the humans because there is someone who still has hope. Rosyuo hesitates at first but gives it nonetheless, as he wanted to test that particular human. To make it sound risky, Sagara states that the forbidden fruit might be his downfall after all. Oh I get it, the forbidden fruit is so dangerous that if used right, one can attain the power of god and use it for greater good, but if used incorrectly, he’s busted.

Gaim 31 (3)

Meanwhile Deemushu’s attacks have caused Yggdrasill to take over and unleashes their newest plan: Master Intelligent System which disables every connection on Zawame, and focuses that particular action to Kamen Rider Duke, Malika and the Kurokage Troopers. Basically, it gives them surveillance towards the Overlord. I just like how the tension went. It’s like the end of the world event. Actually, this episode marks the end of Helheim arc and the beginning of the Forbidden Fruit arc. From what I can tell, shit has gone pretty real for Forbidden Fruit arc.

Gaim himself is now pissed at Deemushu for being such an asshole, assumes Kachidoki Arms to fight him. Since we are at that episode, this marks the very first time Kachidoki Arms has been defeated in battle. Not only because of Deemushu, but because Malika and the Kurokage Troopers attacked him per Duke’s orders. Speaking of Duke, he doesn’t appear as Ryoma for this episode as well as the next.

Gaim 31 (4)

After Kota lays unconscious, Baron berates Yggdrasill for not using Kota to help them capture Deemushu. I mean yeah, Yggdrasill is just so stupid but clever as well not to use Kota for this one. Stupid because they could just use him to weaken Deemushu. But clever because Kota is on a rage, he now wants to stop Deemushu, which would be a loss for Ryoma.

Also Baron himself saved Kota. This is because he did consider Yggdrasill to be a bunch of cowards, so he didn’t really want to aid them. Besides, he pretty much considers Kota to be a strong man, which is why he would save Kota because he knows a man like Kota can’t lose especially now.

Gaim 31 (5)

Back to Mitch, Redyue shows Sid the path to obtain the fruit, but warns him that he will need to fight whatever lies there. Man, this whole thing reminds me of the battle against Elite Four, or something similiar. I mean in front of you lies a high-level boss, imagine the feeling when you’re in that position, knowing if you’re strong enough and ready or not to fight that boss.

Mitch doesn’t follow Sid, since he agrees to let Sid obtain the fruit in exchange of owing him a favor, and he also knew that this was an obvious trap set by Redyue. He theorizes that Redyue seeks to claim the forbidden fruit for himself, which is true. This is the mistake that Rosyuo made when choosing Deemushu and Redyue as leaders, since now at least one of them seeks to stab Rosyuo in the back. What’s more interesting that Mitch and Redyue are a lot alike, I can see them partnering up considering that both of them are schemers.

Meanwhile, Kaito sends Kota back to Team Gaim,  which Kota confronts him about Deemushu. See, Deemushu believes that the weak should perish, and Kaito also believes the same. Kaito and Deemushu are similiar, which is interesting since both of them are red, and Mitch and Redyue are green. Even Takatora and Rosyuo had somewhat in common in the sense that both of them are leaders and the anti villains. So I’m guessing if there is a blue Overlord it will be the counterpart to Gaim and…….. he will be a heroic one?

Gaim 31 (6)

Then comes the best part of the episode: Sigurd VS Rosyuo. Just like I said earlier, this is just like a video game where the player has to fight a very though boss. The only difference is that there is no retry. Sid is very, very cocky in this battle, which is obvious he’s going to lose this battle.

But what surprised me is how Rosyuo fights. Sigurds attacks barely touch him, and he just cast magic towards Sigurd and even that causes him to detransform. Man, I can’t wait to see how they will fight Rosyuo in the future.

Regardless, this scene brings one of the best, yet one of the most brutal Urobutcher at least in the series: Rosyuo kills Sid by blowing him against a rift between walls and subsequently crushes him by having the walls converge on him. The scene itself is just epic, yet at the same time it’s horrifying AND satisfying. Horrifying because of the music and how gruesome Sid’s death was even though it’s PG-13, and satisfying because Sid deserved that because he is one of he most evil characters in the series. Yet, even though he deserved it, it’s kinda sad to see him that way, since he wanted to obtain the fruit because he is tired of being people’s lackey, he just wanted to rule. In the end he let his own foolishness kill him.

Gaim 31 (7)

The episode ends with Malika, shorthanded because Deemushu killed the Kurokage Troopers, are joined with the arrival of Kaito and Zack, who transforms into Baron Lemon Energy and Knuckle.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this episode, no question about that. But what’s surprising is the way they handled Sid’s death scene. It’s just beautiful! I love how he deserved it yet we did feel sorry for him for being an idiot. Seriously that death scene is just brilliant. Farewell, Lock Dealer Sid!!!


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