Kamen Rider Gaim 29: Hunt for Sigurd

What seems to be karma slapping on his face, Ryoma has been betrayed by Sid who seeks to claim the forbidden fruit for himself. Short-handed, Ryoma enlists the help of Gaim, Baron and Ryugen. Mitch however has something else in mind…….. goddamn psychopath.

Gaim 29 (1)

As expected, Takatora is revealed to be alive, as he was saved by a white Overlord. They can’t kill him, even though this is an Urobuchi-written series. Besides, other than this scene is specifically made for plot exposition, it also act as a ‘first contact’ meeting between a human and a Femshinmu, the species of the Overlords. I’m interested to see if the term Femshinmu refers to their species, or race or whatever but whatever.

On the heroic side, Mai also become an employee at Drupers, since Kota tends to run off to save the day and the Drupers were short-handed. She shares the same paycheck as Kota, and the main reason she does that is because she wanted to lessen Kota’s burden……… which further pisses Mitch off. Hahaha.

Back to Takatora, the white Overlord, Rosyuo, gives him a Sengoku Driver taken from a Kurokage Troop, which makes me think that we might get to see the original Zangetsu suit in the future after all. Hell yeah! Anyways he demonstrates the belt’s function, which amazes Rosyuo because the humans have created a survival tactic against the Helheim invasion.

Gaim 29 (2)

Ryoma enlists the help of Kota, Mitch and Kaito. At first I thought why didn’t he and Minato go after Sid instead? Well that’s because Sid did a countermeasure in destroying all the Lock Vehicles in Yggdrasill’s storage. That’s why he needs the Beat Riders to hunt Sid, because they are the only ones who have Lock Vehicles. Well that makes sense. I was originally going to ask why not hire Oren instead but he doesn’t have a Lock Vehicle.

As for the Beat Riders, Kaito doesn’t really want to work with Kota, because it’s his style and he knows Mitch is going to fuck things up. He also proves to Mitch that Kota won’t even believe what he said because when he said that there might be a traitor, Kota is quick to reject that.

Back at Takatora, Rosyuo reveals why they were turned into Overlords at the first place. Turns out, the Overlords were the chosen Femshinmus and the invasion didn’t destroy their world, it was them who did it. Rosyuo believes that only the strong can live, so he picked the strong Overlords to become leaders, and as a result those Overlords, Deemushu and Redyue kills the weakling because they think only the strong will live. Wow, when he explains this I couldn’t help but to think about Kaito, since he believes that the weak should die. Needless to say, in order to save Earth, I think Kaito must not be allowed to win. Or history will repeat itself.

Gaim 29 (3)

That’s because Project Ark is a prime example of it. They will most likely distribute the Sengoku Drivers to those who are strong, thus leaving the weak dying. But if only the strong remains, they will destroy each other. It’s just like yin and yang. Let’s say all hope is lost, and Project Ark is in full effect, the best way to ensure the survival of the population is to have a balance of the strong and weak in terms of leadership. Put simply only Kota, Takatora and Zack are allowed to be leaders.

Gaim and Baron already begins their search for Sid, but it’s revealed that Mitch himself has form an alliance with Sid. Wow, He just had to be the villain of this series huh? The reason he did that is because he wanted to help Sid obtain the forbidden fruit, which in turn makes Sid owe him a favor, which he wanted Sid to aid him in killing Kota. He already has the facade of Zangetsu, so why is it hard? Well that’s because Kaito will intervene their fight since he views Mitch as a coward. So Sid’s job is to stop Kaito while Mitch kills Kota, and then both of them proceeds to obtain the forbidden fruit which will belong to Sid. As evil as it sounds, I quite like Mitch’s quote: “I’d rather have god owe me a favor instead  of obtaining god’s power”.

Gaim 29 (4)

The plan went in motion, as Sigurd attacks Baron. Gaim is forced to aid Ryugen in fighting Zangetsu, and I really like that Ryugen shoots the trees in order to make it look like it was really Zangetsu who ambushed Ryugen.

As for Baron, one interesting thing is that he needs to transform from Banana Arms into Lemon Energy Arms, and the way to do it is take off his belt and replace it with the Genesis Driver. While it may confuses some as to why he didn’t detransform when he detaches the belt, it may be because he swapped it with Genesis Driver quickly thus preventing the transformation from cancelling.

Back to Gaim, he used Jimber Lemon Arms instead of Kachidoki to beat up Zangetsu. It was actually a plus, since it shows how strong and experienced Gaim is to the point that Mitch couldn’t even fight him in his Jimber Arms.

Gaim 29 (5)

Before Gaim could finish Zangetsu, Deemushu arrives and attacks them both. This causes Sigurd to turn his attention to Overlord, and Baron followed pursuit because he was there to stop Sigurd. I just love the fight between Gaim and Baron VS Sigurd VS Deemushu, with how Gaim and Baron switch their targets and sometimes working together, while Sigurd tries to fight Deemushu, while Deemushu has no idea what the fuck is going on and just go ahead and fight them all.

However, things got even worse when a Crack appears behind Deemushu, and upon seeing their world, Deemushu enters it and decides to destroy the world. Holy shit, not only the Inves breakout hadn’t been solved yet, but now their big boss is there to wreak havoc as well!

Gaim 29 (6)

Then suddenly the scene quickly shifts at night where Kamen Rider Double HeatTrigger walks towards the Yggdrasill Tower. Hahaha it’s not Double, but rather a redesigned Kikaider! Unfortunately I will skip the next episode because of couple of things: First is that the next episode interfered with the main story and second, the story takes place before this episode. While it is canon, I will not review it until I catch up into Gaim. Don’t worry, I will review it. It’s just that I’m on a roll right now.

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