Kamen Rider Gaim 28: Traitors, Traitors Everywhere

Now that he knows about the Overlords, Takatora shifts Yggdrasill’s focus into searching for them. This annoys Prof. Ryoma, who intends to silence Takatora before he could reach the Overlords.

Gaim 28 (1)

I’ve been saying it a lot of times but this series keeps getting better episode by episode. So naturally this episode is a step up from the previous, and the same will be with the next one, so there’s no point to say if this episode bad or otherwise, unless it happens.

Anyway, a lot of things going on in this episode, the first being the least which is Kota finally settles on a job: a waiter at f . While this is minor it’s a huge step up to part of Kota’s character, which in the beginning he tried to have a job because he needs to be a man and take care of his family. Ever since becoming a Rider he has forgotten his original mission and I’m glad that they wrap it up here instead of making Kota finally have a job in the finale or something like that.

As for Yggdrasill, obviously they aren’t too happy with Takatora’s knowledge of the Overlords, including Mitch. Speaking of Mitch, he tried to silence Kaito because the latter knew about the former’s betrayal towards Kota, but Kaito reassures him that he won’t tell Kota a thing, because even of Kaito did, Kota wouldn’t believe it anyway, because that’s how Kota is. But what’s interesting is that Kaito views Mitch as an enemy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he would aid Kota in case the latter knew about Mitch’s betrayal.

Gaim 28 (2)

Takatora, now having restored his hope, sees Kota as a great man. This pisses Mitch off even further, whose insanity have caused him to think that Kota caused other people to go mad. What a sociopath. I get it though. Mitch is that type of guy who when hates on someone, he would see him and thinks whatever that person is doing is a bad thing, when it’s not. There are people like that, so it is interesting to see a character based on that type.

Takatora begins his Overlord hunt by splitting a team of two consisting of him and Sid, while the other one was Mitch and Minato. However during the hunt Sigurd begins to attack Takatora, and much to my surprise, as brutal as Sigurd is, Zangetsu managed to restrain him.

Gaim 28 (3)

That is until Malika arrives to aid Sigurd in betraying Zangetsu. I just love the way Malika pretends to attack Sigurd only to turn against her superior. Moreover, I love the choreography on this one, particularly on Zangetsu’s moves. He had to withstand two attacks and both of them are archers, so while he had to block Malika’s physical attack he also had to deflect Sigurd’s shoot. Props to the stunt team for this choreography because it takes a lot of practice to do it.

To spice things up, Ryoma appears before Zangetsu, and for the first time ever he transforms into Kamen Rider Duke!!! I’m so glad that they retained the helmet transformation scene, but overall I am so glad that we could see Duke again. His suit is easily one of the best, and it’s a shame that he didn’t utilize it often, until now. I just love the blue color scheme and the helmet.

Gaim 28 (4)

Unfortunately being an Energy Rider there’s nothing special about Duke other than its design, which is a shame for me. Anyways Duke alone managed to de-transform Takatora, and Sigurd proceeds to kill him by throwing him over a cliff. But before that, Takatora noticed that Mitch is watching over the betrayal, thinking that Mitch is his ally, Takatora advises him to work with Kota. Poor Takatora, Mitch not only is in league with the three Energy Riders, but also views Kota as an enemy. I just love Mitch’s reaction upon seeing his brother about to be killed, because he put up an act.

Yeah, he let his own brother die so that he could make his best friend suffer. What a psychopath! I’m certain that he wanted to help Takatora, but his desire to see Kota suffer is greater, he sacrificed his family to do so! And when Takatora falls down the cliff, I gotta admit it was kinda sad. I mean in a way, he deserved it because of his previous actions, but he was more of an anti-villain and he was just turned into a proper hero.

Gaim 28 (5)

Back to Kota, he finds out that there’s no employee named Takatora at Yggdrasill. While I know that Ryoma must’ve erased all of Takatora’s files, I think it’s a little stupid. I mean Takatora is one of the chairman or at least a big figure, surely people must’ve known who he is without even searching for his file. Other explanation is that Ryoma blackmails the employee to not to reveal anything about Takatora.

Kota was doing fine with his new job, even though he gets ridiculed by Kaito. He was tasked to deliver a basket to a certain location, which makes Kaito suspicious. It is suspicious all right, since why would anybody makes an order to be delivered at an abandoned warehouse?! Because of that it’s revealed that it was all a trap to Kota, in which Zangetsu attacks Kota.

Since Takatora is presumed dead, it’s obvious that the current Zangetsu is Mitch, and while his voice is Takatora’s, remember that Mitch used to have a voice changer. Anyway I’ve noticed that people talked about Mitch’s usage of the Zangetsu powers. Some fans were confused as why Mitch didn’t transform into Ryugen Melon Energy Arms just like Baron did with Lemon Energy Arms. The simplest explanation is that Kaito’s own Genesis Driver houses his Baron suit while Mitch’s houses the Zangetsu suit. The other way to explain is that Baron Lemon Energy is a last minute addition, so I don’t think they’re planning to create a Ryugen Melon Energy Arms. Besides, the suit was mainly used to confuse Kota into thinking that Takatora betrayed him.

And speaking of Baron, why can’t they just use a different fruit? I mean they can use like a Lychee Energy Arms and the armor would be a palette swap of one of the Energy Arms, if the can’t afford to create a specific Arms. As of this writing we know that Gaim is about to end in October, and somewhat disappoints me, as I feel like they could extend the show and introduce other fruits as new forms for other Riders and make new toys for the fall toyline. I mean Baron, Zangetsu and Ryugen, even though he is evil, deserves final forms because they are the main Riders. I just didn’t really like the idea of one overpowered Rider like what Kabuto did.

Gaim 28 (6)

Back to topic, the confusing tactic worked for Kota, who proceeds to transform into Kachidoki Arms and stop Baron and Zangetsu. But before he could smack some sense into Zangetsu, the latter retreats by performing Mitch’s signature coward move, summoning Inveses. Dammit I was expecting Kachidoki VS Zangetsu but whatever.

After the fight Kota is heartbroken, and only to be insulted by Kaito who berates him for believing into people. Kaito claims that Kota will never understand until he suffered, which I agree. As for Zangetsu, he detransforms, and it’s obviously Mitch.

Gaim 28 (7)

As for Ryoma, with Takatora gone he can now focus on his mission to find the Overlords to obtain the forbidden fruit…….. only to be betrayed by Sid who destroys the artificial Crack because Sid wanted the fruit for himself. Ha, in your face Ryoma!!!!


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