Kamen Rider Gaim 27: A New Alliance

Kota is unaware that Mitch has betrayed him, which now means that he actually fights alone now. However that might not be the case, as his main rival, Takatora actually shares the same mission as him. Will this two put their differences aside and finally ally themselves together?

Gaim 27 (1)

This episode is a turning point in the series, hell actually this series uses the term ‘turning point’ a lot, but that’s what makes this series so AWESOME. But anyway this is a big turning point to the series, particularly because Mitch stabs Kota behind his back, effectively transitioning from a hero to  a villain.

I gotta talk about Mitch’s change of heart. It’s just magnificent. The whole thing of turning a hero into a villain is genius, and it is definitely one of my favorite parts of the series. And when he shot Kota, you can see his expression. That expression shows how satisfied Mitch is when he just KO’ed someone he hates, and moreover he crossed the line, and we can no longer see the cheerful Mitch ever, except when he put up a facade in front of his friends.

Also it surprised me when Baron attacked Ryugen because of what he’s done. He clearly knows that Mitch has betrayed Kota, moreover he knows that Kota is a meddling bastard in his affairs, yet he ‘avenged’ Kota when Mitch attacked him. This is simply because Mitch stabs Kota behind the back, and that is usually done by cowards, meaning that they are weak, and we know how Kaito ‘likes’ weaklings right?

Right after the opening the episode quickly changes its focus to Takatora instead, and this is where we get to learn a bit of his past. Well more of his early days at Yggdrasill, particularly the early days of the whole Armored Rider thing. The best thing is that we get to see the original Zangetsu Melon Arms suit again! Honestly I missed that suit, and I hope that it will be utilized again in the future.

Gaim 27 (2)

The flashback also reveals that Ryoma was going to tell Takatora about the Overlord thing, but since Takatora is adamant on saving the citizens instead of obtaining the power of god, Ryoma decides to take things privately, which is why he conspires with Minato and Sid.

Back to Kota, he somehow ended up on a tree, and nevertheless continues his journey to search for the Overlords. We get to see another function of the Sengoku Drivers: turns out the Lockseeds can be used to give the user energy so that they won’t be starved and able to consume Helheim fruits without the risk of transforming into an Inves. So basically Project Ark was to allow the surviving population to survive in the Helheim-infested world and devour the fruits without turning into monsters. Neat. Also the whole Lockseed-consuming thing was to justify the Himawari Lockseed since Inves Games are over, and the Lockseed was pointless.

Kota also encounters Oren wandering into the forest. Oren here basically acts as the comic relief of the episode and I gotta say it is brilliantly worked. Anyways I respected that Oren doesn’t want to consume Helheim fruits because of his survival rule of not eating any unknown fruits and animals. At the very least Kota was there to give him some onigiri.

Gaim 27 (3)

Back to Takatora, he asked Ryoma if there was a way to increase the production of the Sengoku Drivers, but Ryoma says no, and here’s why: The Sengoku Drivers are constructed from a rare metal so yeah. It’s rare meaning it’s limited. I sure hope that rare metal is actually vibranium 😛

Demushuu attacks the Yggdrasill members at Helheim, which forces Takatora, Kota and Oren to enter the battle. First off, this is the first time Bravo saw Zangetsu ever since their first meeting, and this is the first time he saw him in his Energy Rider version. Zangetsu was shocked at the revelation of Demushuu being a talking Inves, and demands Gaim to tell what happened.

Gaim tells him about the Overlords, and this pisses Ryoma off, now that their secret has been exposed. Nevertheless, Gaim says that Demushuu may be the key to humanity’s survival, and Zangetsu decides to work with Gaim to restrain Demushuu. And thus, this is the second time Gaim and Zangetsu worked together, and the very first time that they truly fight each other side by side!

Gaim 27 (4)

Demushuu prepares to attack Zangetsu but was blocked by Bravo, resulting in an extremely hilarious ‘romantic’ scene between Zangetsu and Oren. Before Demushuu could act any further he was halted by a mysterious force, and was force to retreat. Gaim and Zangetsu followed pursuit, but not before throwing Oren to the screen and somewhat breaks the 4th wall, literally!

Gaim and Zangetsu searches for Demushuu, but not before Takatora finally accepting Kota as an ally, and as a sign of trust he tells Kota his first name. Dammit, why didn’t he just tell him his full name? They just had to keep Mitch being the behind the scenes villain huh? Anyways the scene is just really great, seeing archenemies call a truce and ally themselves for the sake of greater good.

Gaim 27 (5)

However, Sigurd attacks Gaim before he and Zangetsu  could chase after the Overlord, in hopes of preventing Takatora from making a contact with them. Zangetsu tries to tell him that Gaim is now their ally, but little did he knew that Ryoma has decided to betray Takatora big time……..

Overall, an amazing episode, I enjoyed it very well, the action scenes are great and the humor made by Oren is hilarious, and the overall thing of Kota allying himself with Takatora is just epic.

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