ToQger 10th Station: ToQ 2 Dies Within the Sunset?!

During a battle with Type Shadow, Tokachii was accidentally cursed into having a few hours to live before dying within the sunset! Could this be Tokachii’s final outing as a ToQger?!

ToQ 10 (1)

I gotta admit, due to the nature of fillers, I will naturally lose a little bit of interest towards a show I’m watching, and Kobayashi-written series was well known for writing boring fillers and then progress the plot and then back to fillers and on and on until the final plot. As of this writing, I have yet to finish the 12th station but that’s because I had my final semester exam but even though the exam finished a week ago, I have yet to resume ToQger because fillers, just for the sake of them being a filler, makes me lose my interest.

Okay now moving to the episode, despite what I’ve said, I am actually quite surprised with this episode. I would expect this to be a boring filler episode and when I first watched it, I was watching for the sake of reviewing it, but after watching the episode, it was actually quite good.

The episode focused on Tokachii didn’t really have a character development or anything significant, hence the term ‘filler’, but what makes me enjoy this episode is because it makes what filler was supposed to be: a breather episode that has no little to no relation to the plot whatsoever but uses the opportunity to shine a character. No, not give them a character development, but rather makes the center of attention and becomes the most enjoyable character for the episode. That’s how fillers should be, and that’s what they did with Tokachii in this episode.

ToQ 10 (2)

Remember that Tokachii is the clumsiest member of the team? Well this is the episode where he gets to shine, and boy they did a good job at it. When he was struck with the curse, you would expect that he would berate himself but no, this time Tokachii is optimistic and even went on a great length to fins a way to defeat the enemy and undo his curse! Now, whether this is actual character development to show that Tokachii has matured or to show that he needs to be badass for the episode that it ditched his character is unknown, but if they went with option 2 and make Tokachii the same guy for the future episodes then I would be disappointed, so I hope that him maturing is actually a sign of maturity.

Also the episode has a subplot involving a kid who lacks imagination and thus, not being able to see the Resshas. Having imagination as a theme, I expected that they would explore this, but sadly it’s not done that good. I mean it’s okay but it just lacks something. Maybe because the episode focused on Tokachii and not the kid. See, the kid lacks imagination because he lose hope during a match because he imagined that he would win, but the truth is he was praying. At the very least they stated that praying and imagining is different. They might be the same, but they’re not.

ToQ 10 (3)

For the action sequences of the episode, what I liked the most is that they shoved Raito on the sideline in order to shine Tokachii more. As a result this episode is truly a ToQ 2-centric, which is truly great. Now, I’m aware that this series is another Red porn, so the best thing they need to do is to make Raito likeable or relatable and shine the other characters as well, or else I will hate this series even more than Kyoryuger, and you know what happened with that, right?

Speaking of ToQ 2, really he was the boss of the episode. He kicks the most ass, well one ass, and calls out the finisher and he even leads the team during MegaZord battles! Remember that ToQ 2 is the ‘Support Leader’ of the group, this episode shows it: ToQ 2 leads the team while ordering others to give support, and to me it looks different that Raito’s usual leadership style.

ToQ 10 (4)

For the MegaZord fight, while the fight itself is mediocre, I liked it because the fact that ToQ 2 pilots the Diesel-Oh while the others pilot the ToQ-Oh. I really thought ToQ 1 would do that because Diesel Ressha is his auxiliary Ressha but no, they showed that Diesel-Oh is an auxiliary robo and any ToQger can pilot it. That, and the scenery is just awesome. Night time + spot lights. It does look really flashy.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode despite its filler nature, and Tokachii fans will enjoy this episode as well because he truly shined. I just hoped that they retained his character into the future episodes or else this filler would be stupid.


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