X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Wolverine travels back to the 70’s to stop a certain event from causing an apocalyptic future where mutants arebeing hunted by Sentinels. Working with a younger Professor X and Magneto, will they succeed?


If Godzilla was my most anticipated movie of the year, then this one is the second most anticipated movie for me. It’s just that this movie is billed as the ultimate X-Men movie. And guess what? It really is. This movie is without a doubt the best X-Men movie ever made, surpassing X2 and First Class, at least in my opinion.

Also, this movie is described by Hugh Jackman as the ‘Avengers’ version of the X-Men. And I gotta agree with him in some ways. This movie is an ultimate ensemble of the X-Men characters, although if you want to compare this to the Avengers in terms of action and the ‘oomph’ it gave, it doesn’t even come close and Avengers obviously takes the cake. BUT, in terms of plot, I believe this beats the Avengers. Avengers relied on simple plot while this one complicates it a bit, although it’s complicity is not as complicated as Nolan films were.


The plot is about Wolverine going back to the past to enlist the help of Xavier & Magneto to stop Mystique, who caused the apocalyptic future. Some of you may wonder why it was Wolverine and not Kitty who sent to the past. For breaking the fourth wall reason, it’s because Wolverine is the most popular X-Men. But in the the story it’s because Kitty’s time travel phasing ability is complicated and I don’t want to spoil any more but I am going to say they handled it really well.

At first I was worried a bit that this might be another Wolverine flick. But no, this movie is not about Wolverine at all nor that he stole the spotlight in every scene. Wolverine basically acts as a middleman between the past and the future, and the real protagonist here is actually everyone. Yeah remember in Avengers where Iron Man, Cap, Thor and Hulk are the protagonists? They did the same thing here. There’s no ‘only one protagonist’.


I wanted to talk about the future segment. It’s where the CGI is extensively used, and pretty much the most action packed part of the story. First, I really liked that they didn’t use the future segment only for the prologue, they actually intertwined the past and the future segments in the movie! It’s really great because I originally thought that we’re going to see the old cast, and Wolverine travels back, and then goodbye and we won’t be seeing them. No, it’s not like that.

In the future segments we were introduced to four new mutants: Bishop, Sunspot, Blink and Warpath, who basically takes the action scenes in the movie. Out of all, I have to admit that I love Blink the most. I always loved teleportation, and she is basically a mutant version of the Portal gun. Who doesn’t love portal guns? I love Blink, and I enjoyed Fan BingBing’s portrayal of her even though she didn’t talk much, and apparently she signed on for five X-Men films and is expected to reprise her role in the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse! Although, I do admit I was a little bit disappointed with Bishop. There’s nothing wrong with him, it’s just that they don’t have time to add anything to him other than making him a tool for action scenes.


Now let’s go to the past. First we talk about the only new mutant that’s introduced in the past: Quicksilver. I’m pretty sure you all know this by now but I have to say it anyways. Quicksilver is like Godzilla. He steals the scene everytime he shows up. I’m not kidding, he’s one of the best moments of the movie! Yeah he may not based directly from the comics in terms of the controversial suit, but at least he has the personality. I love how impatient and fast he talked. I loved the way he played with others when he moved real fast. Bottom line, this Quicksilver is so awesome that I wanted to see if Aaron-Taylor Johnson can top him in Age of Ultron.

While they did feature the mutants prominently in the future, other mutants in the past are only glorified cameos, as in the case of Havok. As for the cast in First Class, they are mentioned so don’t worry. Oh, and you know, Mark Camacho portrays Richard Nixon. I gotta tell you, it’s actually hilarious seeing him play Richard Rixon, especially when he speaks. Although for some reason, everytime he speaks they only showed the back of his face or something like that, to give you an impression that he was dubbed over. Whatever.


Let’s talk about Mystique since she’s the key of the plot. Back in trailers we saw a lot of Mystique or rather, Jennifer Lawrence. At first I thought that they only increase her role because Jennifer is getting really, really, really famous. But I’m glad to say that Mystique too didn’t hog all the spotlight, she is carefully crafted in the plot to make her significant, but not hogging the spotlight all the time. And yeah this is probably the last time we see the long-haired Jenny before she cut it. Oh and she speaks Vietnamese in the movie. Other than getting OwnagePranks vibe all over, I also got the weirdest boner ever.

Out of all the characters, I guess the one who stole the spotlight is James McAvoy’s Xavier. Out of all the returning First Class characters he is the one who receive significant character development, as Magneto, in my opinion is weaker than he was depicted in First Class, in terms of characterization. Nevertheless, Xavier and Magento’s chemistry is stellar as ever, and remains strong throughout the movie, as it was one of the strong points of First Class.


Like always, even though the film is good, there are some flaws. One of it is the characterization of Bolivar Trask, the main antagonist of the movie. While Peter Dinklage did do a good job in portraying him, Trask nevertheless is not enough for a menacing villain. He’s just a guy who wants to develop the Sentinels to destroy the mutants. Heck even the Sentinels are a more menacing villains of the movie.

Second this may not be a flaw, and rather it’s a plus in my book, is that like First Class, it doesn’t have a lot of action scenes. Casual viewers may find it to be a flaw, but to me, the lack of explosive action scenes are replaced with careful pacing, great acting and intense conflict. This proves that we do not need to have a lot of action scenes to make an awesome movie. I’m talking to you, Michael Bay!


Overall, X-Men: Days of Future Past is without a doubt the best X-Men movie ever, and more importantly, it justifies the franchise by fixing the mistake that Brett Ratner did before. Oh and I have to tell you one thing, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is obviously non canon, for those who’re wondering. But the question is, will this be the movie of the year? Well I will definitely put this on my list of course. We know that the First Class cast will return in X-Men Apocalypse alongside Blink, Gambit and younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm and possibly Wolverine. But honestly, I wanted to see more of the old cast of the X-Men in the future. But I guess since Blink will be involved, there might be a possibility.

Anyway guys, I am proud to give you for the first time in the year, X-Men: Days of Future Past Deserves an Award!!!


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