ToQger 9th Station: Mio in Love?!

The ToQgers take a break from riding the Rainbow Line as it is under maintenance, and decides to have fun. When Raito entered a contest which requires a couple, Mio meets a man and develops a crush on him!

ToQ 9 (1)

Finally we get a Mio-focused episode, more importantly a single ToQger focus episode. Mio is described to hate relationship stuff, so it’s interesting to see what this episode offered. But first, it’s really nice to see the ToQgers having to change trains due to the Resshas under maintenance because of the events of the previous episode. As such, the ToQgers and Wagon had to temporarily ride on Diesel Ressha, and it’s interior is just the same as usual, with only different painting. Honestly I feel like they could make it look more old, since it is the oldest Ressha after all.

Their next station apparently has no Shadow activity, so the ToQgers took the time off and enjoy themselves once in a while. I like the way they portray Mio here. She really acts as the ‘mother’ of the group, telling Raito not to wander off and such.

Mio and Raito enters a contest which requires a couple to enter, because Raito wanted to win the first prize: a buffet. However, because of the nature of the contest involves participants acting like a couple, Mio caused Raito to lose, and before she could explain the Shadows attacked.

ToQ 9 (2)

During the fight Mio is the only one who doesn’t transform, because she got distracted into protecting a man. Suddenly, the tables are turned when the man protects her! It’s really interesting, and the man even said to her that she’s a woman, she needs to be protected.

The man accidentally left his wallet behind, and Mio takes it. It turns out that while Mio is not into this relationship stuff, she develops a crush on this man! I guess it’s mainly because Mio wanted to appear though but the fact that she is weak for the manly type, and she doesn’t want to look weak, so that’s why she hates it. Wagon asked her to return the wallet, even calling it a date. And even then Mio denies her feelings, saying that she’s actually going to have a duel with the man because she wanted to beat him……… only to make some bento for him.

While this occurs, every women in town gets protected by manly guys, which does seem fishy. Turns out this was a plan by Marionette Shadow, who controls the men of the town and breaks the heart of the women so that they can gather the sad energy. I gotta say it’s a really great plan, because no offense to women, but they do get mopy if their hearts were broken. Heh, some men also did that too!

ToQ 9 (3)

So the man rejects Mio by crushing her bento, although Mio doesn’t show any response. In fact, she attacked Marionette because she was expecting a duel, not heartbreak! I have to talk about Marionette Shadow. There’s nothing special about him aside that he was voiced by Koki Uchiyama, who voiced Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts series! Hoho now we have another KH member venturing into Tokusatsu! Although, unlike Miyu Irino (Lost Ankh), Mamoru Miyano (Ultraman Zero) and Keiji Fujiwara (Cheeda Nick), he was only a guest.

Truth to be honest, I found Mio countering Marionette was kinda stupid and anticlimactic in some ways, but I guess they need to make the protagonist strong. Don’t get me wrong they can do that while Mio is recovering from her sadness, but they lacked the time to do it and as a result it came out half-assed.

At the very least ToQ 3 gets the spotlight in pummelling Marionette. My only complaint is that she didn’t use all of the Transfer Changes, just changing into Pink. It would be cool if she changed into all colors, it would add the badassery in it.

ToQ 9 (4)

Marionette Shadow grows larger, and just as ToQ 1 are about to summon ToQ-Oh, Conductor reminds him that the Resshas are still being repaired. Instead, they get to use the Diesel Ressha, who has the ability to combine with Tank and Car Carrier Ressha!

Interesting to note, Diesel is assigned to ToQ 1, while ToQ 2 gets Tank and ToQ 3 has Car Carrier. These three Resshas all sports a different palette of their respective user’s colors, so I’m guessing Shield Ressha would belong to ToQ 4, because it’s a greenish grey color? Speaking of Shield what the hell happened to it? Did the forget that already?

ToQ 9 (5)

Taking a look at Diesel-Oh‘s design, it looks better than ToQ-Oh. And thanks to the blocky design and the color motif, I can’t help but to say that he looks like the G1 Transformers! Anyways Diesel-Oh is a bare-handed fighter, mostly because of Diesel’s status as an old Ressha, so technically this is the first MegaZord, and it didn’t have any weapons.

The fight with Marionette is interesting, although I am disappointed that Diesel-Oh didn’t use boxing styles to fight him. Also, they didn’t utilize any attacks from Tank and Car Carrier, which do disappoint.

At the very least the finisher is something that I did not expect: It’s called Diesel-Oh Spinning Kick. As it’s name suggest, it’s a goddamn corkscrew kick! Since Car Carrier and Tank are the feet, I imagined that it gave Marionatte a hard blow, right in the face!

ToQ 9 (6)

After the fight, the ToQgers returns to the normal Ressha, and Mio seems to forget about her crush. Well that was disappointing. They could’ve at least show her meeting the guy for the last time!

Overall, an okay episode. It’s a good character arc for Mio, but it was executed poorly in some aspect. I guess they need to work more on female characters, because episodes focusing on them are usually the weakest. I mean even GokaiYellow played by hopefully my future wife ( 😛 ) Mao Ichimichi had weak episodes. The only exception is YellowBuster, her episodes are actually quite good.

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