Kamen Rider Gaim 26: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Kota was forced to tell Mai about Yuuya, causing a fallout between him and Mitch. Meanwhile, Kaito decides to have a rematch against Deemushu.

Gaim 26 (1)

Now this is one hell of a terrific episode. While Gaim always progresses the plot more than any show before it, this one progresses in character development. But first want to talk about the scene where Kota talked with Mai. First off the location. I think it’s one of the rare occasion that they filmed in  a new place. It’s really cool to see it, and the night time and the lighting helped the romantic mood of Kota and Mai.

Mai finally knew about Yuya, and instead of being sad, well she did, but she put that aside in order to cheer up Kota, because he have been carrying this burden for a long time. Interesting to note that the couple made more progress than Eiji and Hina could, and I gotta say that I would consider that moment to be where Kota enters a relationship with Mai. Their love story just worked well here.

Meanwhile, Takatora was contacted by his superior asking him about the progress of Project Ark. Since only 1 billion Sengoku Drivers are to be produced, they have no choice but to reduce the population to 1 billion, in which Takatora was forced to do. At this point I see that Takatora is actually acting as a martyr, trying to bear this sins by himself. Wait, is Takatora trying to be Jesus?

Gaim 26 (2)

The next day, Mai told the Beat Riders about Yuya. Just look at Mitch’s face. He looks extremely pissed. I mean really, really pissed. And to make matters worse, Mai decides to tell everyone in Zawame about it. So this is why Yggdrasil and the Armored Riders can’t tell anyone about Helheim, because they will blurb out the info, and in turn will cause mass hysteria, which is what Yggdrasil is trying to avoid in the first place!

Fortunately, Mitch spoils the announcement by summoning Inveses. Well actually it’s unfortunate, considering that Mitch just did a terrible thing that might threaten Mai’s life. And on top of that, he even blames Kota because after the fight, the crowd still blames the Beat Rider about the Inveses and even worse, it saddens Mai.

It’s actually Mitch who was to be blamed. There is actually another solution to this problem. Mitch could just tell the truth to them about his affiliation with Yggdrasil, although that would obviously contradicts with his character. At the very least they portray him like any other people would, using manipulation to get what he wants. The tension between Mitch and Kota becomes worse until Mai suddenly slap Mitch. Take a look at his face. He was shocked, and the expression makes it look like he’s starting to lose his morality and becoming insane!

Gaim 26 (3)

At Yggdrasill, Ryoma is pleased with the data from Baron VS Deemushu. Minato convinces Ryoma to let Kaito deal with the Overlord, heck she seems to be interested in him to the point that she looks like she has a crush on him. I mean she even flirted with him later in the episode. Great, now I’m getting the Rule 34 vibe from it.

Mitch appears before the two, offering his help in return they help him. At this rate, there is no more mister nice guy for Mitch. He looks like a psychopathic person who was bent on destroying Kota’s life. The reason why he went insane is because Mai was attracted to Kota more. Mai was the reason Mitch fights and undergoes the betrayal, but when your sacrifice means nothing, then usually you’ll go insane.

Later, Minato flirts with Kaito (RULE 34, RULE 34!) and gives him a Genesis Driver that will help him in fighting Deemushu, but not before getting approached by Zack, who questions why Kaito worked with Yggdrasill. Kaito only worked with Yggdrasill because he wanted the Project Ark to be successful, as probably the surviving 1 billion are strong people. Zack warns him about Yggdrasill using him, although Kaito is pretty much aware of this, but he doesn’t hesitate to eliminate Yggdrasill members if they too, are weaklings. So that’s what Ryoma saw in him before.

Gaim 26 (4)

Later on, Kota and Mitch went to search for the Overlords again, but not before apologizing to Mitch about earlier. However, Mitch has already set a trap for Kota, in which Kamen Rider Malika will ambush the two, preventing them from searching the Overlords while Kaito personally deals with them. Basically it’s killing 2 birds with one stone.

Kaito encounters Deemushu, and uses his new Genesis Driver and Lemon Energy Lockseed to transform into Kamen Rider Baron Lemon Energy Arms. I have a lot to talk about this form. First, as you may know, this form was a last minute addition because the producers never intended to give Baron any new forms, which I gotta say disappoints me a lot. I was expecting that Baron and Ryugen would obtain final forms (Papaya and blueberry anyone?) but no. Why not just do it? I can’t except Mango and Kiwi Arms to be their final forms, it just doesn’t look that way!

Gaim 26 (5)

Also, some wondered why he wasn’t called Baron Shin, like Zangetsu. This is because Zangetsu Shin is a vast upgrade, even the basic suit looked different. Baron here is just Baron donning the Lemon Arms armor and it’s no different whatsoever. Speaking of difference, this is another reason why I’m not too happy with Baron becoming an Energy Rider. They were just the same goddamn Riders with bow and arrow as weapon! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Energy Riders and I love the Sonic Arrow, but having Baron becoming one when there’s already 5 Energy Riders (Zangetsu Shin, Sigurd, Malika, Duke and Gaim Jimber), and the fact that none of them sport any personal weapon is just lame in my book. Like Mango Arms, I cannot tolerate that this is Baron’s final form.

Anyways when Gaim Jimber Peach fights with Malika, it’s really nice for them noting that Gaim has got significantly stronger due to his battles with Yggdrasill. This is one of the few case where the Rider shows that they have improved their fighting skills. Most Riders would just become stronger because of the forms fitting the situation.

However even though Gaim is strong, he still uses Kachidoki Arms to defeat Malika, but I appreciated the fact that he didn’t even use finishers to defeat her, just shoots her and done. Gaim went off to find Deemushu, while Mitch tells Minato that he will deal with Gaim from now.

Gaim 26 (6)

Back to Baron, the Genesis Driver didn’t do much except making Baron equally stronger with Deemushu, which is why I think a final form would’ve suffice. However if Gaim could get stronger than surely Baron would get stronger in later episodes.

Their fight is nothing special. I’m just tired of the constant Sonic Arrow action that I wanted something new. Anyways the fight was undone due to Gaim intervening, causing Deemushu to retreat because Redyue tells him to do so. Interesting to note that Deemushu now also speaks Japanese, albeit broken.

Baron is pissed that Deemushu got away, and even though Gaim tells that they don’t need to fight, they need to solve it by talking, like adults. Baron however responds that there are monsters, they only care about fighting. The two’s argument gets worse as Baron attacks Gaim for being stubborn and a cockblock, and for the first time ever Gaim decides to fight back, because solving by peace certainly didn’t work against Kaito. Interesting to note that their relationship is the very reason why Kaito believes that defeating the Overlords is the only way. Kaito seems to represent truth, while Kota represents ideals. Holy shit Pokemon Black & White!

Gaim 26 (7)

However, before Gaim could fight Baron, he was shot by Ryugen, who wanted to get rid of Gaim. Just look at Ryugen. The way he wanted to get rid of Gaim looks so psychotic, and when he accomplished his mission Ryugen’s expression looked like a psychopathic murderer’s after he just killed his victim.

Overall, like I said, this was one hell of an episode. It’sreally awesome to see a turning point in Mitch’s character, more importantly the way Urobuchi handled the hero becoming villain aspect is truly well done. As for Baron Lemon Energy, God I wish they just gave him a proper final form.


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