DISK Wars Avengers 2: Villains Unleashed

The villains attacked Ryker’s Island, forcing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wasp, Hulk and other heroes to fight them. Meanwhile, the other villains seek the Bio-Code installer, which is in the hands of Prof. Akatsuki.

DISK 2 (1)

And now we get  a proper episode with action scenes. I gotta say, they make full use of animation to incorporate the action scenes. I’m not familiar with the term but here’s what it is. Nowadays animes would sometimes use CGI lightings for actions scenes but this was not the case. But at the very least the action scenes are neat, although not in an awesome way.

Akira and Hikaru meets up with the other three protagonist, and honestly there wasn’t much interaction between them. In fact only Chris was the one who interacted with Akira. Putting the kids aside, I wanted to talk about Spider-Man. While the animation has a lot to be desired, I loved the way they handled Spider-Man. This series makes a good job in making the heroes stay true to their personality. And I love the way Spider-Man single-handedly defeats Crimson Dynamo using his own speciality. Very Spider-Man-ish.

DISK 2 (2)

As for the Avengers and other heroes, you noticed that every single one of them calls out their attack name. Thor’s “Lightning Strike”, Wasp’s “Wasp Sting”, Cap’s “Shield Throw”, Cyclops’ “Optic Blast” and such. Although some heroes didn’t say it, such as Dr. Strange and Hulk, although I think Hulk’s would obviously be “HULK SMASH”.

Personally? I like it. Yeah it’s childish and cheesy, but it’s that element that makes me like it a lot. I mean it does seem unfitting for some like Cap, but it fits for Cyclops. It’s what makes me like Digimon so much, and Pokemon, and Tokustasu in general.

DISK 2 (3)

Spider-Man was forced to deal with Green Goblin, leaving the children unprotected. Meanwhile, Pepper helps the civilians into safety, although the news reporter Rosetta Riley summons King Cobra. At this rate it’s unsure why the reporter is a traitor. but I guess she wanted to make things interesting so that she gets to record it. Yeesh.

Anyways the main problem I had with this episode is that when Pepper is shown to be held hostage. The pacing slows down and it drags on until the end of the episode. Why did that? The pacing was okay but then it drags on too much! They could’ve just keep the pace and we’ll get some things sorted out. It’s just a little disappointing considering that episode 2 is usually where people would decide whether to give a show a go or not, but here they have to wait 3 episodes to do so! Not only that, but overseas fan like me have to wait for the subtitles to come out, and trust me, episode 4 came out like a month after episode 3.

DISK 2 (4)

Anyways since Pepper are being held hostage, the heroes have no choice but to surrender to Loki, even Thor had to. Hulk was the very first hero that gets D-Secure’d, and to show you how slow the show has become, by the end of the episode only Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Wasp are left. They could’ve just ended the episode with all the heroes sans Spider-Man getting captured, and it’s up to the children to save the day!

Speaking of the children, Akira decides to help the hero by freeing Pepper from King Cobra. Instead of coming up with a plan on his own, Akira orders his brother Hikaru to cook the plan! Well it’s kinda logical since Hikaru is more mature, and it doesn’t make Akira the Mary Sue of the series. Out of all the children, Chris is the only one who disagreed to help them. As I pointed out, he is the anti hero of the series, and he only cares about his own life, suggesting Akira to abandon the Bio-Code installer should it threaten their lives. I’m interested to see how they handle this character. He seems to be the only multi-dimensional character out of the five.

DISK 2 (5)

Overall, it’s a better episode than the previous, just that the second half slows down the pacing that it pisses me off. If you’re wondering to give this show a go, I would recommend it, but you have to have the strength to go through 4 episodes because that’s what it took me to give this show a full watch.


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