ToQger 8th Station: The Grandfather of the Resshas

The ToQgers are instructed to find the newest Support Ressha, which is actually the oldest Support Ressha, Diesel Ressha! At the same time, Baron Nero decides to get rid of the ToQgers by crippling the Rainbow Line!

ToQ 8 (1)

During the previews of this episode it’s shown that Raito will be the one who accessed the Diesel Ressha, thus giving us an impression that this will be another Raito-focused episode, thus making it another Red porn. HOWEVER, Raito actually has the least role in the episode, and they actually focused on other characters, which is totally great!

Now the first half of the episode is just meh, since it was just Red porn with them praising Raito and that, and even the actions was just meh in this episode. This is because the episode shines on the conflict part, and it was handled very well.

For the first time ever someone besides General Shwarz decides to deal with the ToQgers, by sending a Shadow to infiltrate the Rainbow Line, this causes the ToQgers to abandon their current mission of finding the Diesel Ressha.

ToQ 8 (2)

Once the ToQgers get on the train, the episode gets really interesting. Raito gets shoved away because he was tasked to retrieve the Diesel Ressha at a train museum, while the others deal with Bakudan Shadow , who has sabotaged the brakes of the train and threaten to blow up Tokatchii.

The best thing about this conflict is that all of the main heroes, including their allies, get to shine. ToQ 3, 4, and 5 are chasing the Bakudan Shadow, Conductor and Ticket tries their best to stop the Ressha from crashing and killing everyone on board, while Wagon, just helped tie up Tokatchii so that he won’t fall and exploding the bomb on his neck.

Meanwhile, Raito finds the Diesel Ressha, who was lying dormant as a display on the museum. He finds the miniature Ressha inside the cockpit, but can’t seem to activate it for some reason.

ToQ 8 (3)

Back to the Ressha, It;s great that we saw certain parts of the coach, including a female-exclusive coach that ToQ 4 can’t enter because of the obvious. I wonder if that’s also the girls’ bedroom?

Anyways the funniest part of the episode is when ToQ 4 helped Conductor brake the train, he saw Conductor taking Ticket off his hand, even using it as a handkerchief! This could prove that Ticket is nothing more than a puppet, and that he is a split personality of Conductor. Nevertheless, ToQ 4 was ‘horrified’ by it and pretended that he never saw anything.

With the train now prevented from going overdrive, the ToQgers deal with the Bakudan Shadow. It involves ToQ 4 as Blue to trick Bakudan into thinking that Tokatchii got rid of the bomb, and caught off his guard so that the ToQgers can manually disable the bomb. It was a really neat plan, and a clever use of the Transfer Change.

ToQ 8 (4)

As for Raito, he managed to activate the old Ressha, and in the process reveals that we will be getting another two ToQgers, thanks to the panels. We’re obviously getting ToQ 6, but then there’s ToQ 0. Why not 7? That’s because I heard that ToQ 0 is a movie exclusive.

ToQ 1 used the Diesel Ressha to stop the Rainbow Line from crashing. It worked and after that they deal with the enlarged Bakudan Shadow. First, we didn’t really get to see what Diesel is capable of doing, except that it has missiles instead of lasers to signify it being ‘ancient’.

But surprisingly this episode doesn’t even feature ToQ-Oh at all. Instead we are treated with a combo attack from the Resshas. This is pretty cool, and I like it because they used something different instead of that ugly MegaZord.

ToQ 8 (5)

After the fight, Baron Nero secretly reveals that everything is going according to his plan. Bakudan Shadow was only sent to distract the ToQgers, while the Shadows conquers another station. So while the ToQgers achieved victory, they have to pay a very high cost…….

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how this episode turned out. The show clearly wanted to make it another Red porn, but they also decided to make other characters useful as well. So basically if they keep doing this, I wouldn’t mind the overfocus on ToQ 1 as long as the others gets the spotlight and not shoved aside.


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