Kamen Rider Gaim 25: The Very First Filler Episode!

We’re halfway through the series, and only now we get a filler episode? Wow. Anyways this episode sees the return of Kamen Rider Bravo and Gridon, more importantly Gridon, as Jonouchi realizes that he is actually, useless. Poor guy.

Gaim 25 (1)

Actually it’s not a filler, more of a breather episode. Filler is usually applied to an anime adaptation of a manga, and is used when the anime overtook the manga, while breather episode is used to lighten the story since the main plot gets too dark, and that is actually dangerous.

That being said though for a breather episode, a light-hearted episode, it comes off as a mixed bag. First is that this is a comedy episode, and I really enjoyed the comedy in Gaim, and they managed it well in this episode. But the problem lies in the handling of Gridon. I was expecting this episode to be the breakthrough of Gridon, where he gets to be badass, but not quite. I’ll get through that.

Gaim 25 (2)

Despite appearing as a filler throughout the episode, they did progress the main plot as well. First is that Kota learned that the Overlords can’t be talked through Kaito, and the latter suggested the only way is to fight him. However Kota still insisted on trying, because you’ll never know until you try, even though he tried it once.

Also, Ryoma, Sid and Minato was confronted by Sagara, who reveals that he is actually on a neutral side as helping Kota alone would be too one-sided, so he helped Ryoma by giving him a vital piece of information. What is that? Well it turns out that Ryoma was aiming to retrieve a forbidden fruit that lies on Helheim, as it gives godlike powers. He theorizes that all of the mythological fruits are basically the same fruit from Helheim, which is really cool in my opinion. So Sagara basically confirms that there are indeed the forbidden fruit, which excited Ryoma, A LOT. To be honest, it was actually interesting to see that Sagara aided the villains as well, because he wanted the conflict to get complicated and see who triumphed in the end.

Gaim 25 (3)

Back to the main plot of the episode, Oren decides to actually train Jonouchi into a man, resulting in shenanigans. Jonouchi finally snaps, and decides to quit being an apprentice to Oren, which annoys Oren as he actually cared about him.

Jonouchi hangs out at Drupers where he talked with Kota, and it’s nice to see that even Jonouchi wasn’t aware about Hase’s fate. To date, I think only Yggdrasill, Kota, Mitch and Kaito knew about Hase’s fate.

Oren arrives at Drupers and misunderstood Jonouchi into thinking that Kota tries to drag him back into being one of the Beat Riders, even though Beat Riders and Inves Games didn’t exist anymore. This creates shenanigans, as Oren transforms, only to get his ass kicked by the Drupers’ employee!

Gaim 25 (4)

Gaim eventually battles Bravo, which is very hilarious, until a horde of Inves came through. This is my main complain of the episode. Jonouchi realizes that he can be useful and defends Bravo, and that’s what he literally did: Gridon became Bravo’s meat shield instead of cliche-ly fights the Inveses single-handedly! I know it would be cliche, but at least it helps justify Gridon, not making him a meat shield that ‘died’ after just one hit!

Also, Gaim accessed Kachidoki Arms, and after finishing the horde he realized that Bravo and Gridon took off. Funny is that Bravo wasn’t aware of Gaim’s new form, he would’ve been really mad to see Gaim got stronger than he was.

Oren tells Jonouchi that he is really naive, and promises to make him a better man, not a Beat Rider pussy. Jonouchi tells him about the current situation of the Inves Games are not around anymore, which prompts Oren to ask what the hell is actually going on.

Gaim 25 (5)

Later, Oren founds a Crack which Kota told him earlier, prompting him to investigate by going through it. Well, looks like the most badass Armored Rider might get into the real conflict now, and we might see him as an ally to Gaim in the future.

Overall, I find this to be the weakest of the episodes. It did great for a breather episode as well as a comedy-filled episode, but sucked so bad at justifying Gridon. Shame, considering that Gridon was promoted to be a fan favorite. Bravo is actually more of a fan favorite than him.


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