Power Rangers Super MegaForce 8: The Only Mega Ranger That Has a Backstory

The Silver Ranger, Orion, reveals that he is an alien from the planet Andresia, and how he got into Earth as well as why he has a personal vendetta on the Armada.

SM 8 (1)

This is what we all wanted from Saban ever since he disappoint us with Samurai: An improvement. Since episode 5 (minus the stupid Sentai-change editing), the show has improved and I am very, very satisfied by it.

The main reason why I said that the show keeps improving is because they throw in a backstory for Orion. He is the only Ranger in the show to receive a backstory, which in my opinion it’s because 6th Rangers are the most appealing ones, so they need to make sure they handled him right. Orion himself is actually better than what I imagined. I originally thought that he would be a blonde version of Troy, a pretty boy with poor acting skills and bland persona. But no, Cameron Jebo can act. Actually I do believe Andrew Gray can act, it’s just that he suffered from poor directing and writing.

For his backstory, Orion reveals that he is an alien from planet Andrasia, and worked as a miner. While having him being an alien from PR-established planets like KO-35 would be preferable, an original alien seems suffice. Plus, they need to show that the Armada is a force to be reckoned with as they conquered planets, so having them conquering KO-35 would do injustice to in Space’s efforts.

SM 8 (2)

Orion also explained that he found his morpher and Ranger Key while digging, and I doubt that they will ever explain how it ended up there. Heck, they never explicitly state how the Gokaiger powers were forged in the first place! And I do like the fact that he mentioned the morpher as ‘box’, since he doesn’t know what is it and the fact that the morpher was boxy. Oh, and it was called ‘Legendary Silver Morpher’. Yeaa I know the name suck, but honestly even I didn’t know what to call that morpher.

I gotta talk about the scene where Orion shoots the Armada ship using a slingshot. It was hilarious. I mean, they could’ve just showed him using Silver Ranger powers to take down the ship. Nevertheless I liked that they went with a childish approach, at least it kinda looked neat.

After Orion told his story, Gosei tells the other Rangers to show him around the place. Out of all, Noah was the one who seeks answers on why Orion got the morphers and such, while the others shrugged Noah off. Lavender Ranger said that it’s ironic considering that Noah represents us fans who wanted explanation, while the other Rangers and Gosei represents Saban for being lazy to give an explanation.

SM 8 (3)

And then comes the best part of the show. It’s not an action scene, but rather a scene where the Rangers are just hanging out, having fun while the girls buys Orion new clothes and a new haircut. Personally, I prefer the long hair, it kinda fits him.

But whatever, the reason why I liked this scene so much is that they showed us what the Rangers are doing when they are not fighting. One of my main complaints about MegaForce is that the Rangers seems to have no personal life whatsoever, and even if it is, it’s mostly related to the plot or stereotypical things such as training or studying. They seemed to be like robots, only be there to save the day and when they’re done, poof. I mean come on, they’re teenagers for God’s sake. At least showed Troy playing games or something!

Anyways, the scene was handled well to the point that I love how natural the cast acted. Yeah, even Troy. Gia and Emma was doing their girl thingy and it looked cute, and Jake, worrying about Gia, tries to check on Orion only to be hold back by Troy and Noah. I actually laughed at that scene you know? I want more of this scene in the future.

SM 8 (4)

Then comes the fight scene. If you watched Gokaiger, there’s nothing special because it’s mostly the same, except for the scene where Super Mega Silver helps Super Mega Green, it’s original footage. I guess it’s because in the original, GokaiGreen was clumsier, and Saban was actually smart enough to notice that it can’t be used for Jake’s fight scene.

The only Legendary Mode change in this episode is Samurai. Hoenstly man, what I liked about Gokaiger is that they used as many changes as they can. When they used only one, it looked lackluster. Nevertheless, I am disappointed that they didn’t show Super Mega Silver accidentally transforming into Zeo Gold. Yes, in Gokaiger, the Rangers didn’t really know about the previous teams. The same can be applied here except for Noah. Want proof? In episode 6 Gia can’t even notice a Jungle Fury logo! They could’ve just make it look like Super Mega Blue suggested to Red that they gave Silver the Gold Ranger Key, but Red didn’t really know which one, so he accidentally took the Zeo Gold Key. 

SM 8 (5)

It would be a nice touch, and somewhat educate younger children that Gold Zeo Ranger is a Gold Ranger, because back then when I was a kid, I thought he was called Black Zeo Ranger! As for the all Silver Ranger change, it’s understandable if they skipped it because it had Robo Knight BUT, can’t they use Titanium Ranger in his place instead? I mean they recreated the suit, and if they were only going to use it once, doesn’t it seem like it would be a waste? I mean back in Gokaiger, they created a female Green Flash suit for all-Green Gokai Change, and they reused it for Flashman tribute.

I’m done nitpicking. Silver Ranger destroys the general, and he grow large. For some odd reason the 6th Ranger Keys suddenly appears in the command center with no explanation on why it disappeared before. And because of that, Orion is now able to access his own zord: The Q-Rex! Wait, what?

SM 8 (6)

Okay, while I do like that they re-used the name Q-Rex in reference to Time Force, but doesn’t it sound a little lazy? They could’ve just called it JetRex MegaZord or something. Calling it ‘Q-Rex’ would only raise fan questions on how the hell that a red Q-Rex was heavily modified. Well, given the futuristic setting of Time Force, it can be assumed that the upgraded it. But the thing is, fan theories and assumptions doesn’t determine the canonicity of the show.

Anyways, I would like to talk about Q-Rex/GoZyuZin’s design. It really looks cool, andit’s one of my favorite MegaZords in PR and SS. The design, particularly Dino and MegaZord Mode, looks really agile, and it’s no wonder why this MegaZord actually has a lot of screen time.

SM 8 (7)

Silver Ranger destorys the monster again and is welcomed to the team, formally. However Troy points out that they need to remind him that this is not his own personal vendetta. Wow, he just used the word ‘vendetta’ on a kids show! Anyways, I wanted to see if Troy touched on this aspect, as well as Orion’s character development of being the vengeful character into a proper hero.

Overall, since I said the show is getting better, this is naturally the best episode. Too bad that this is the last episode because right now it’s summer vacation and they will return in September with brand new episodes. And because of that, you won’t be seeing Super MegaForce reviews for a while, and by the time I actually got into summer vacation, I will do tons of reviews on my blog, particularly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But first, I need to finish my driving lesson. It’s been a year 😛


4 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super MegaForce 8: The Only Mega Ranger That Has a Backstory”

  1. Since when are studying and training stereotypical? Those are important things to do. Without them, nobody gets any in life.

  2. About the Q-Rex Megazord, that sounds like a rip-off of Power Rangers Time Force’s Quantasuaurus Rex Megazord. Since Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce has a pirate theme, its Q-Rex should be called the Pirate Rex Megazord.

  3. If you ask me, I’m not fond of the Megaforce Rangers’ being stereotypical teens. Instead, they should be non-stereotypical by being more realistic.

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