The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro Review

Yeah, it’s subtitled “Rise of Electro” in some countries including mine. Personally I would’ve preferred “Enter Electro” but whatever. So here we are, enter summer, where blockbuster movies hits theatres, and what better way to kick off the summer movies with yet another Spider-Man movie?


I loved Spider-Man. He’s my favorite superhero of all time. I even like him more than Batman. But unfortunately, I have to say that this movie was kinda disappoint me a little. First off, I’m gonna say it’s NOT a bad movie okay. In fact, it’s an awesome movie, but for an awesome movie, it’s a little bit disappointing. Kinda like Iron Man 3, but this is actually better than that.

I’m gonna start with the pros first. Spidey himself, Andrew Garfield IS Spider-Man. He not only played the Spider-Man that I wanted from the comic books which has a huge sense of humor, but also Garfield is the essential Spider-Man. I myself was not a fan of Tobey Maguire version of Spidey mostly because he kinda looks like a baby version of Spidey, so to me Andre Garfield is the best Spidey they could get, and hopefully they won’t recast him or something like that in the future. Him to Spidey is basically what Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine, they’re irreplaceable.

More about Spidey, this film really showed the Spider-Man that we wanted to see: A Spider-Man that cracks jokes on almost every moment, even in hard situations he would always crack a joke, except for incredibly personal moments. I know that the first movie did this but here, they spammed it a lot and I really, really enjoyed it.


The main villain of the movie is Electro, played by Jamie Foxx. Foxx himself is good, does a good job playing Max Dillon, but honestly, Electro is a cliche-written character. Sure, he was written so that people would sympathize with him because he was always bullied, and never be recognized, something that I can relate to, but in the end, they just stopped his character development once he gets into his obsessive revenge mode. For a main villain, it was disappointing to see him written like that.

Now for a really interesting villain, it’s Harry Osborn played by Dane DeHaan. DeHaan himself is now a phenomenal actor, and I think he was born to play evil characters. He does a really menacing job as Harry, his chemistry with Peter was explored well, and his eventual downfall to villainy is really good. I think they should’ve just make him the main villain for this movie.


Speaking of chemistries, I have to talk about Gwen Stacy, since her relationship with Peter is essentially half of the movie. Their chemistry is even greater than ever, and their love story was great, but I do feel that it was dragged on for a long time. If they toned it down a bit it could’ve just work well. Also, I understand now why they cut Mary Jane Watson from the movie. The film focused so much on Peter and Gwen’s relationship, and having Mary Jane would make it feel out of place. But still, I hope Shailene Woodley comes back for the next movie.

Now onto the main problems of the movie. First, it feels like an episodic Spider-Man movie. In terms of plot, I would say that this is the second weakest Spider-Man movie plot, mostly because it just seems like a filler for cash grab. The Peter-Gwen plot is good, the Electro part was weak, Harry’s plot is great, and then comes the part of Peter’s parents. Yeah in the first movie they didn’t really solve it so they solved it in this movie. But thanks to the pacing of the plot, by the time we knew why Peter’s parents are dead, it was pointless. The whole thing Peter was trying to find out is that Oscorp is evil. But we already knew that it is evil like earlier in the movie!


Second, since this is the second movie, fans would automatically compare it to Spider-Man 2, which is regarded as one of the best superhero movies ever. But thanks to the idea of making this movie into a filler-like episode, people would just laugh at the rebooted franchise. I myself preferred the reboot over the original (and I love the originals, don’t get me wrong), and half of the fans loathed the reboot franchise. So they need to work really hard to not only live up to its predecessor, but also surpass it in order to gain more attention. At this rate fans will only beg that Marvel would take back Spider-Man. I myself wanted them to but keep the cast by any means. The casts are perfect.

Third, the advertisements. I am specifically talking about Rhino here. As most of you know, his appearance here is just a glorified cameo. Now here’s the thing: if you really wanted to include a third villain, DON’T ADVERTISE THEM. In fact, MAKE IT A SURPRISE CAMEO. If Rhino wasn’t even featured in the trailers and marketings, people would get very, very excited to see a surprise cameo by Rhino! And don’t worry about advertisements. It’s Spider-Man, one of the most famous superheroes in the world. When there’s a movie of him, a lot of people would watch it, casual viewers and fans alike. Just don’t do giga advertisements for one character if he was only a glorified cameo. Bottom line, Rhino’s advertisements was like if The Avengers advertised Thanos. Yeah, that bad. I’m starting to worry about X-Men Days of Future Past.

Fourth, STILL NO J. JONAH JAMESON. Dammit man, J.K. Simmons has expressed interest in reprising his role, and like Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman, he is irreplaceable as J. Jonah Jameson! Granted he was mentioned in the movie but I still don’t know why they didn’t cast him, even for a cameo. I really hope they cast him, ONLY HIM, for the next movie.


I’m done with the bad things, let’s talk more about the good things. The action and the CGI. It’s FANTASTIC. Spider-Man was doing his Spidey moves and it was freaking fantastic. I really, really loved it everytime Spider-Man swings into action. And the CGI, it’s one of the gems of the movie. The CGI was really good, and while at first I think it would look unrealistic because it has too much CGI, it was executed well, except when Spidey and Electro’s final battle, CGI Electro looks bad.

Second, the score of the movie. When it was announced that Hans Zimmer would be scoring the movie, I am really excited. The best thing is that he stayed away from his usual style that can be heard in The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Man of Steel, and tried new things that really fits into Spider-Man’s theme. Also, there’s dubstep. Oh God during the battles between Spidey and Electro, he would use dubstep to signify Electro being electonic-ish. It was AMAZING, and it fits perfectly into the youthful tone of Spider-Man. Just admit it Zimmer, you love dubstep, didn’t you?


To summarize it up, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro is a good movie, just not really, really good, which in these days, was disappointing for a superhero movie. Critics have voiced their disappointment, so have I, and Rotten Tomatoes declared this movie a mixed bag. With that, I hope Sony realized their mistake and decided to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 a far better movie. Hopefully it will beat off Spider-Man 2. A little tip, keep the good things, improvise on the weak things. That’s how The Hunger Games: Catching Fire became really good. Speaking of The Hunger Games, yeah I’m gonna spoil it: Jennifer Lawrence is in the movie. Just wait for her appearance, but don’t get excited or anything. At the very least, it kinda granted my wish to see Jennifer Lawrence in a Spider-Man movie, I was wishing for her to take up the role of Mary Jane Watson.

For ratings, being a huge Spider-Man fan, I would of course watch the movie again and again. Heck, I watched the first movie four times! But I’m gonna be professional here: in general, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro is a Good Ol’ Popcorn Movie!


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