Kamen Rider Gaim 24: The Overlords

Yggdarsill decides to find out who’s been helping Kota, while Kota himself decides to search for the beings that DJ Sagara told him before that could help him in saving the world: the Overlords.

Gaim 24 (1)

First things first, the fight in the beginning proves that Kamen Rider Gaim VS ToQger special is not canon. Although if you want to argue more, it could’ve easily take place after the cold opening. I myself would consider it canon though, because I love crossovers.

More on Baron VS Demushuu. We all know that the Armored Riders’ suits are only prototypes, so I expect them to be very weak now that we’ve gotten this far. So when Banana Arms takes on a big bad boss, you would expect that he’ll lose the fight. But the best thing is, they demonstrated how strong Demushuu is. Not only that his attacks are powerful, but he moves around fast and attacks the enemy blindly without giving them time to counter it. Now that’s how a truly strong enemy should’ve been. The fight is best summarized as a noob playing Arkham Origins VS Deathstroke in Hard.

After the fight and presumably Gaim VS ToQger special, we get to see Mitch spending some time alone with Mai. There’s a moment between the two, but I do find it funny because that moment is so unfitting, particularly for Mitch. This is because at this point, Mitch is starting to turn into anti-hero to villain.

Gaim 24 (2)

The episode further emphasizes on that part, where we get to see that Mitch is turning evil not only because of Kota, but also because of his greed of having authority. Wait, my bad. It’s AUTHORITAH. Yeah sooner or later you’re going to respect Mitch’s AUTHORITAH!!! Cartman aside, the way Mitch thinks about his authoritah makes him look more like his brother Takatora.

Meanwhile, Kota decides to use the spare time to test the only Lockseed that he hasn’t tried yet: Peach Energy Lockseed. This brings another new Jinba Arms, this time called Jinba Peach Arms. Jinba Lemon gave Gaim extra strength while Jinba Cherry gave him super speed, so what does Jinba Peach do? Well it enhances Gaim’s hearing. Combat-wise, it’s actually the most useless Jinba Arms due to having no significant strength, which is weird considering that Malika is the most brutal of the Energy Riders, yet Jinba Peach is the most ‘gentle’ form.

I gotta say, it’s nice for them to make the Jinba Arms akin to Kuuga’s forms, as Jinba Peach is the equivalent of Pegasus Form, but obviously toned down so that it won’t tax Gaim.

Gaim 24 (3)

Kota meets up with Mitch and tells him now that he has taken care of Yggdrasill, his new mission is that he wanted to search for the Overlords in Helheim Forest. Mitch, under orders of trying to find out who has been backing up Kota, does his job. I liked it when Kota said that it was DJ Sagara, Mitch still tries to lie to Kota that Sagara may be trying to deceive him.

Also, since Kota won’t give up in his crusade, I noticed that Mitch is a person that will get angry when things doesn’t go his way. For example, he wants to protect Kota, Mai and Team Gaim by keeping Mai out of the conflict and tries to convince Kota to stop his charade, but since Kota won’t do that, Mitch decides that Kota needs to suffer more so that he will understand. Well, you’re the one who need to understand Mitch, Kota will not give up. Ever. Deal with it.

Mitch told Yggdrasill about the news, in which they are shocked to hear that DJ Sagara was the one who betrayed them. However, Prof.Ryoma, Minato & Sid are even more furious now that through Sagara & Mitch, Takatora now knows about the existence of the Overlords. This means that their plan might get thwarted soon.

Gaim 24 (4)

At Helheim, another Overlord, Redyue speaks with Demushuu. Suddenly DJ Sagara appears in hologram form and talks with them in the Inves language. For the language’s translation, you can click here. Considering that Sagara was able to speak that language makes me think that he’s actually an Overlord as well, or at maybe even a higher-ranking figure, since the way he treats the two Overlords are like they were his subordinates. Also, Redyue takes interest in the dictionary that Kaito used in the previous episode, and just in a few minutes he is able to speak a part of Japanese.

Back to Yggdrasill, Ryoma and his subordinates worry about Sagara. Furthermore they need to put a stop to Kota, since he will interfere with them anyways. Sid decides to take the fight to him as it’s time to use his trump card: his signature S Lockseed.

Meanwhile, Kaito encounters Mai. There’s nothing special about this scene except to remind us that Kaito did have a connection with Mai. It’s interesting that Kaito acts as the fourth guy in Mai’s love rectangle, even though none of them have any feelings for each other.

Gaim 24 (5)

Gaim arrives in Helheim, but before he can search for the Overlords he was attacked by Sigurd. To be really honest, I didn’t really like the usage of Sigurd in this episode. I mean, why don’t they just use Kamen Rider Duke instead? His suit is the least seen out of the Energy Riders, plus it would be fun to see him fight Gaim, making it look like he wanted to see Kachidoki Arms’ abilities in front of his eyes. Seriously man, Duke’s design is cool, but it sucks that it doesn’t get utilized often.

Anyways, Sigurd activates the S Lockseed. This Lockseed would be pretty much useless if Sigurd doesn’t have any other Lockseeds on him, as when used, it will cause other Lockseeds, particularly the Lockvehicles and Watermelon Arms to be autopiloted. 

Since Gaim gained Kachidoki Arms in the previous episode, it would be very obvious that he would beat Sigurd easily with that form. Oh, I wanted to talk about Kachidoki Arms’ theme song. While I do appreciate that Gaku Sano sing it and it has catchy tunes, I hated the fact that it utilizes heavy autotune. I’m not a music critic or anything, in fact I’m pretty much deaf when it comes to musical talents, but the song is one of the most autotune-heavy in Toku songs.

Gaim 24 (6)

Gaim finally meets the Overlords, only to get beaten by Demushuu, while Redyue comments that he only sees Gaim as a toy. Like Baron, Gaim was defeated quickly as the Overlords retreat due to being disappointed that Gaim could not be a proper toy for them.

Overall, it was a good episode, and the plot just keeps on getting darker. The use ofJinba Peach Arms, being suited for tracking and not fighting, was a really nice touch. My biggest complaint about the episode is they don’t use Duke in place of Sigurd during the fight with Gaim. Other than that it’s you usual Gaim delicacy.


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