ToQger 7th Station: ToQgers on Strike!!! (At least Wagon is……)

After getting too emotionally involved in a ninja movie, Kagura accidentally breaks Hikari’s kendama toy, and thinks that he won’t forgive her. But when Raito, Tokacchi and Mio fell under the spell, will these two set aside their problems to save the day?

ToQ 7 (1)

This episode is billed as the seventh episode, not the eighth, as ToQger VS Gaim special is a special. For those wondering if it’s canon or not, I believe it is, since ToQger‘s episode formula involving the ToQgers entering and leaving a new station is easy to make the special canon.

Nevertheless, let’s get to the episode. I noticed that ToQger has a habit of focusing on two ToQgers per episode, with one as the main protagonist and the other as the support, or sometimes both are the protagonist. In this case, Kagura is the main protagonist while Hikari is the deuteragonist.

The episode’s plot is about Hikari being pissed at Kagura for breaking his kendama toy. To be honest, I liked this approach. They are childhood friends, and there are times that us friends had moments like this. It’s great that they took this concept and make it a plot, as it helps some people who are having trouble reconciling with their friend.

Kagura broke the kendama because she was pretending to be a ninja. There’s two things I like about this. First is that Kagura loves to play pretend, which explains why she has the strongest imagination out of the five. Second, Tokacchi suggested that she study some ninja moves in order to expand her imagination abilities. Like I said in my Young Justice review, I love it when they need to train to hone their skills more.

ToQ 7 (2)

From Hikari’s point of view I understand. In fact, I understand both of their situation. Hikari is really mad, and Kagura is afraid to apologize to him in fear of him not accepting it. I’m sure that you all went through this part in your life, where you felt guilty for making someone angry, or you’re the one who’s angry at someone that they’re afraid to apologize to you.

Raito, Tokacchi and Mio decides to help Kagura apologize to Hikari, but before that can happen a new Shadow attack happens. This time, the MoTW has the ability to stamp people, that when inflicted, the said people will turn lazy. This part of plot is recycled from Gokaiger episode 19.

For the first fight, it’s clear that these scene are meant for comedic purposes, and I liked it. I loved the way ToQ 5 was being chased by the Crows in circles, and when ToQ 1 becomes Hanko Shadow’s victim. Oh, and remember in the previous episode that Raito said every one of them is a leader? They played it a bit here in the episode. ToQ 2 is the ‘support leader’ and he’s really good at giving support for his teammates, such as creating openings for them to attack. ToQ 3, she’s more like the 2nd in command of the team, hence why she gets the title ‘pushy leader’. Obviously ToQ 4 is the tactical leader here, there’s not much to say other than the obvious.

ToQ 7 (3)

However, Hanko Shadow stamps ToQ 2 & 3, leaving only 4 & 5 left as he retreats due to injuries inflicted by ToQ 3. With ToQ 1, 2, 3 out of commission, it’s up to Hikari and Kagura to defeat Hanko Shadow and return everyone to normal. The problem is they are still ‘fighting’ each other, so how are they going to defeat Shadow now?

This episode also gave Wagon some time to shine, as she becomes the comic relief of the episode, getting into a fight with Ticket. Unlike Naomi from Den-O, Wagon here is a bimbo, and I don’t mean to disrespect her, it’s just the way she is.

ToQ 7 (4)

Her fight with Ticket caused Wagon to initiate a strike against the Rainbow Line, which is similar to the BuddyRoids strike back in Go-Busters. However this one is just for laughs, and it has nothing significant within the plot. But one thing though. Wagon asked for a raise and bonus, which made me wonder, what is her source of income? In fact, she’s a robot, what does she need money for?!

Back to Kagura, she finally decides to apologize to Hikari, only for him to apologize to her instead for being really cold and ‘childish’ to be angry that she broke his toy. Their conflict was solved quickly and maturely, I like it. It shows that they are adults.

ToQ 7 (5)

For the second fight, ToQ 4 &5 takes the spotlight (since they were the only ones who were fighting duh……) and again they showed Hikari’s intelligence. ToQ 4’s plan involves both of their specialilties: ToQ 4 is good at playing with his kendama, and ToQ 5 is good at imagination. So how will these two aspects help the two in battle?

Simple, ToQ 4 used his Tunnel Ax as a large kendama with ToQ 5 imagining herself as a hard ball. This is a very, very awesome concept since we don’t see this kind of teamwork often. Although the bad CGI ruined it. What can I say, it’s a tv budget.

The two managed to destroy Hanko Shadow’s stamps, reverting those infected back to normal. ToQ 1, 2 & 3 joins the fray as they entered the MegaZord battle. Honestly the battle would’ve been boring if they went ahead and use the generic formula, but this time they added something special to it. If earlier in the episode ToQ 2, 3 , 4 gets to demonstrate their leadership skills, ToQ 5 gets the spot. She creates a variation of Car Carrier Shoot with shurikens, due to her experienced in pretending to be a ninja earlier.

ToQ 7 (6)

Later, at the Ressha, Wagon apparently gets a raise thanks to the strike earlier, which still confused me about her personal life. Anyways we get another clue about the ToQgers’ past, this time about Hikari’s kendama. Kagura suspects that since the kendama meant so much to Hikari, he must’ve received it from someone important. Hikari agrees, although he can’t remember who it is. Well, it’s obviously his mother if you ask me.

The episode ends with Ticket announcing that they just found another Support Ressha. What kind of train would it be?

Overall, this is an okay episode, but what I liked the most is that they focused on Hikari & Kagura, arguably the underdogs of the ToQgers (Raito because he’s Red, Tokacchi because he’s the comic relief, Mio because she’s Mao Ichimichi ripoff). But other than that the episode is formulaic and didn’t have much to offer if it weren’t for the focus on those two.


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