Kamen Rider Gaim VS Ressha Sentai ToQger: Mega Review!!!

The ToQgers arrive at Zawame City, where there’s no sign of Shadow activities. Instead, they encountered Badan Empire who’s been summoning Cracks and released the Inveses! But the city has its own protectors, which is Kamen Rider Gaim!

ToQ VS Gaim (1)

I am so excited to review this. Mainly because this is the first time I’ve reviewed something that’s an hour long and  not a movie. As a result, this review has a lot of pictures than usual and it will be one long ass review!

The best thing about this special teamup is that it’s what a dream crossover should’ve been instead of the Super Hero Taisen movies. First off, this crossover is about both ToQger and Kamen Rider Gaim. Usually in Tokusatsu crossovers it shows the current season teaming up with the previous season, so the current season will have that center spotlight. But both Gaim & ToQger are the current series. So, they pulled in a manner similar to The Avengers, where both teams receive the same focus.

Oddly enough, the beginning kinda look like it’s a normal ToQger episode with the cast of Gaim as guests, but later on that’s not the case. And I actually wonder if this special is canon to both series? It does look like one from ToQger‘s perspective, but from Gaim, I’ve watched the 24th episode and was confused. Oh, what the heck.

ToQ VS Gaim (2)

The main villain of the special is the Badan Empire, which was featured in Kamen Rider Taisen. As such this movie acts as a prequel to the movie, and I wonder when the ToQgers shows up in that movie, will Gaim recognize these guys?

That being said let’s get down to the episode. I love the introduction of the two shows’ characters and their reaction upon meeting with each other. Gaim mostly gets into chemistry with ToQ 1, while Ryugen communicates the most with ToQ 2 & 4, with the girls befriending Mai. Also, it’s funny to see that Mitch is still acting as a good guy, since in Gaim‘s previous episode he’s starting to officially turn antagonistic.

Also what’s great about this special is that they covered up the basics of ToQger and Gaim‘s plot, for those who doesn’t watch one of the said shows. As such this somewhat explains why in Zawame everything looks peaceful while in the series proper, everything is starting to go dark.

ToQ VS Gaim (3)

Out of all, I love the ‘chemistry’ between Mitch and Hikari. I put the quotation mark because they didn’t bond or anything, but they did communicate with each other the most. Both Hikari and Mitch are the smartest of their respective groups, and the fact that they expanded this aspect on Hikari makes me like it more. Back in ToQger, Tokacchi said that Hikari is smarter than him, and they really showed it in here.

As for Kota and Raito, the former explains about what the hell’s going on in this city, and Raito takes Kota into the Rainbow Line, and apparently Kota has a high imagination to be able to see the Resshas. Yeah right. Put simply every heroes can see the Resshas. A little off topic, we know that the ToQgers will appear in KR Taisen and will share a spotlight with Den-O, I wonder if Den-O would bring about the term ‘Imagin’ and ‘imagination’?

But Kota can’t board the train because he doesn’t have a Rainbow Pass. Suddenly, Narutaki appears, and says that once again the worlds are connected. This makes me assume that the ToQgers are simply crossing over into the Kamen Rider no Sekai. Regardless, being a character from Decade, all Narutaki did was to create plot holes. He gave Kota a Rainbow Pass and departs. ONORE NARUTAKI!!!!!!

A little off topic again, I still believe that they are trying to resurrect Decade through the movies. Reportedly Decade himself has the second biggest role with Gaim and Ichigo at first, and if it is successful enough maybe the next Taisen movie will be completely about Decade.

ToQ VS Gaim (4)

Once they’re inside the Resshas, Raito told Conductor and Ticket about Narutaki, and they appear to know him as well. Don’t expect any explanation from that though, you won’t get it. Besides I imagined that the Ressha’s are actually the descendants of the Den-Liner, and Conductor definitely knew Owner. Great. Now I want a full ToQger and Den-O crossover. But I don’t want another Den-O, he’s the one who actually ruined things, not Decade goddammit!

Raito explains to Kota about the ToQger‘s plot and how the ToQgers are amnesiac and such. Raito offers to aid Kota in his problems, but Kota refused, with Hikari agreeing since they were just simply barging into other people’s matters. In Kota’s case though, he’s just too humble to ask for an outsider’s help, which kinda makes sense why the other Riders won’t even help Kota in his crusade, implying that they share in the same universe, which happened since Kamen Rider W.

Meanwhile Mitch talks to Takatora about Badan, which Takatora doesn’t believe and thinks that Mitch is tired to the point that he started to think nonsense. Funny thing about Takatora is that this is the first time the character is treated in a comedic way yet fitting for his character. He doesn’t even fight in this episode, and remain in denial of the events in the special. It’s funny considering that in all of his appearances before, he’s been the most serious character in Gaim, so it’s nice to see him get a comedic treatment that doesn’t ruin his character whatsoever.

ToQ VS Gaim (5)

The ToQgers fights a Lion Inves summoned by MoleRoid, who for a comedic villain was truly well done. His mission is to summon dead monsters to add in his army, and everytime he dugs up the portal that seemed to be like the Underworld from Wizard, and Inves came out. Also another interesting thing is that due to the feral nature of the Inveses, they didn’t work well with the other enemy factions.

We get to see a very funny but unique choreography of the ToQgers. The way they lined up together and push the Lion Inves is just too funny. I thought it was crappy, but it wasn’t. Also, the special makes a really good use of the Scope Ressha, in this case they used it in ToQ Blaster’s sword mode, and the finisher is really cool. It basically locks on the enemy and freezes them before the Rangers slash the mofos.

The Lion Inves ate some Helheim fruits, turning him into a giant kaijin instead of evolving him. While this was done because it’s a crossover and Decade’s to be blame, I think different Inves will have a different effect when eating the fruit, regardless of they are the same species or not.

ToQ VS Gaim (6)

ToQ-Oh fights the Lion Inves using both Car Carrier and Tank armaments. I find this combination to be awesome, as they did justice to the Car Carrier Ressha, which is my least favorite Support Ressha. On top of that the finisher itself, Car Carrier Tank Shoot is really deadly. Basically if the normal Car Carrier Shoot shoots bullets, this one essentially launches cannon.

As this happens, Takatora is alerted about a sudden appearance of a giant robot in Zawame. He doesn’t believe it at all, while the action is clearly happening behind him. He even thinks that everybody is fatigued and starts to think nonsense. I really love his treatment in this special.

ToQ VS Gaim (7)

It’s funny that after Lion Inves is defeated, they treated it like it was the ending of the special, since they already passed the 22-minute mark. Regardless, Kota asks Raito to take Mai away from Zawame using the Resshas, in hopes of keeping her away from the Invesion, which Raito agrees and asks his teammates to keep it a secret.

Gaim left to fight MoleRoid with Ryugen’s aid, and Kaito appears for the first time in this special, and transforms into Baron and aids the two Riders. MoleRoid retreats again, and Kota explains to Kaito about the Badan Empire. He asked Kaito for help, only to be turned down as Kaito has another mission.

ToQ VS Gaim (8)

MoleRoid decides to kidnap Mai in order to threaten the Riders that he will kill her if they interfered in his work again, forcing Gaim to work with  the ToQgers again. By ToQger I mean Raito. As of this point he is the only one who appears while the rest are doing something back at the train.

To be honest, I find that MoleRoid’s plan is rather immature. I mean he kidnapped Mai to force the Riders out of his business, but we all know that they will try to get her back no matter what. I guess they did this to add some relevance to Mai’s character and expand on her love story with Kota. Yes they are shipped together, it’s just forgotten because the show’s getting darker. It’s not really forgotten, I mean Mai is pretty much the driving force behind Kota and Mitch’s respective actions, so yeah.

Mitch, having a crush on Mai is seriously pissed off about Mai’s kidnapping, and he asked his brother’s help to find MoleRoid’s location. Kaito even offered his help, saying that he has free time, but I guess it’s because Mai is his childhood friend, and even though Kaito is a jerk he cared about his friends.

ToQ VS Gaim (9)

Mitch has a plan, and it involves him and Kaito faking a plan involving Baron fighting Ryugen for making a stupid plan. MoleRoid hears this and upon seeing them fighting each other, decides it would be worthwhile to defeat them at once. It’s a trap and Kota & Raito went ahead to save Mai while Baron & Ryugen fights the MoleRoid.

However, Kota and Raito finds that there’s another MoleRoid, having been summoned by his brother who’s fighting Baron & Ryugen. Regardless, Raito transforms into ToQ 1 and fights him, giving Kota a chance to rescue and apologize to Mai, and expand on their chemistry.

It’s actually nice to see them expanding on these two’s love story. It wasn’t forced or anything, and it’s certainly better than the shitfest that is KyoryuRed & Pink’s love story.

ToQ VS Gaim (10)

The other ToQgers arrive to aid ToQ 1, Gaim, Ryugen & Baron. To be honest, while I liked the fight, I was a little bit disappointed. I was expecting Gaim would teamup with ToQ 1 while Ryugen & Baron would do so with the rest. But no, the ToQgers takes on the first MoleRoid, Gaim takes the second, and Ryugen & Baron takes on the minions.

But it’s nice to see that Baron & Ryugen accessed Mango & Kiwi Arms, Ryugen in particular since it’s been ages since we saw that form. However they didn’t even show them utilizing finishers, which is a disappointment but at the same time understandable since they’re just fighting the minions, there’s no need for finishers.

ToQ VS Gaim (11)

The ToQgers gets distracted by a black Kamen Rider called Kamen Rider Fifteen, who is the main antagonist of KR Taisen. Just as that happens Kamen Riders Ichigo, Nigo and V3 appears, with ToQ 3 commenting that V3 is not called Kamen Rider Sango. Heh nice.

Since I don’t know if I will review the movie (I never reviewed any Toku movies even though I originally planned it back in Go-Busters), I wanted to talk about Kamen Rider Fifteen’s design. I do like the fact that he’s based on skeleton, but what I don’t get is why the white hair. It kinda looks out of place to me. As for the face, it kinda looks like Hibiki.

Strangely, Tetsu Inada voices Kamen Rider Ichigo here, while in the movie he was portrayed by Hiroshi Fujioka. I guess it’s because this special was filmed after the movie, so they couldn’t get Fujioka to reprise his role for a cameo.

ToQ VS Gaim (12)

The ToQgers destroys the first MoleRoid with the Linkup Bazooka, destroying him by imagining a Whack-a-Mole hammer. While it’s silly, I do like it since it fits well with MoleRoid’s theme.

The Showa Riders fights Kamen Rider Fifteen, and he proves to be strong enough to withstand Nigo’s Rider Punch and Ichigo’s Rider Kick (although IMO those two were the weakest finisher ever since it was just a strong kick and punch and doesn’t have any special effect), although it forces him to retreat, mostly because he wants to reserve it for the movies.

The Showa Riders leave, making ToQ 1 question as why they didn’t help Gaim and the rest. Ichigo replies that they are Showa Riders, they don’t work with the Heisei Riders. Strange, they worked with Heisei Riders before. Something’s must’ve happened. This makes me want to watch the movie quickly, but too bad I live outside of Japan, forcing me to wait 6 months later for Blu-Rays.

ToQ VS Gaim (13)

Meanwhile, Gaim access Kachidoki Arms and pummels the second MoleRoid. What’s cool is that they showed the DJ Gun’s other function, which it combines with Mosou Saber to create a badass, looking sword. I really liked the design of Taiken Mode. So far his finisher has no name, but I would name it Kachidoki Victorious Clash.

Before he was destroyed, MoleRoid tells Gaim that Badan Empire’s crusade has just begun, forcing Gaim to hunt on them later……… in the movie.

With the fight over, the ToQgers embark on their next station, thanking the Riders. Raito tells Kota that it’s fun for him to have a city that he can protect, while the ToQgers are simply going around fighting Shadows. Kota tells him that it’s fun for him to have friends like that. As the ToQgers embark the train, Kagura realized that she hasn’t tried all of Zawame’s foods, which promps Wagon to serve Zawame foods.

ToQ VS Gaim (14)

However, Kamen Rider Fifteen watches the city, and that his plan will soon unveil itself, and his wish will come true, whatever it is. For those of you who lived in Japan, you’ve probably seen the movie. Gaaaahhhhhh I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray to come out!!!

Overall, it’s impossible for you fans to miss this special. Either you’re not a fan of Tokustasu, or you’re just stupid. That being said though this special is truly what Super Hero Taisen should’ve been. It’s also great that this special takes us away from the main plot for a while and play with the characters more before everything falls to shit. Also, this special is a perfect gateway for any fans who never watched either one of the shows or both.


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