Power Rangers Super MegaForce 7: Silver Lining (Without Jennifer Lawrence)

Prince Vekar sends in a horde of X-Borgs one at a time, and each of them gets defeated without any interference of the MegaForce Rangers. Who defeated these guys? Could he be a new enemy or a new Ranger?

SM 7 (1)

This is the most original episode in the series so far. Comparing the plot to the Gokaiger counterpart, it’s totally different, save for the second half of the episode with Gorgax’s collar thing. What surprised me is that this episode is written by Seth Walther, the guy who will wrote the last episode of the series. This episode has stored some faith in me and I think the final episode will mostly be original. That being said though, the lines are still corny as ever. I also noticed that when they wrote scripts, they tend to use formal grammar. For example, Gia said “Who is doing this?”. I’ve never seen people talked like that, since they would mostly used “Who’s” instead of “Who is”.

I gotta talk about the classroom scene. It’s nothing much other than “We stand & work together” bullshit, but I do want to talk about Troy. If you noticed during his speech, his face seriously looked like he was posing for a photo shoot. I can’t help but to laugh at him when he’s doing that face, while his voice is extremely gentle for someone that looked like he was pissed or trying to look macho.

This episode debuts the Silver Ranger, and he is obviously a human from another planet, judging by his lines. I liked the fact that they completely reversed the Gokaiger counterpart with Super MegaForce. The core 5 is Earthlings, and the 6th is an alien.

SM 7 (2)

Since this episode is a two-parter, the Silver Ranger acts mostly as a mysterious guy in the episode. Put simply, you won’t get anything out of him until the next episode. I gotta say, when they first casted Cameron Jebo, I thought “Oh God no, not another pretty boy,”. That’s because we already got Jayden and Troy, and we know that they’re not the best actors in PR. That being said I was actually surprised by Cameron Jebo. The guy can act, and he’s a decent actor. Although he still suffered from childish script and poor directors.

There’s a lot of original scenes in this episode, and one of them is the usage of the MegaForce suits. I’ve noticed before that when they fought in MegaForce forms, they barely used their weapons, just martial arts (or rather acrobatics). This makes me assume that they are still not really that pro but good job for doing those stunts. And to cover that in this episode, the MegaForce segments is treated like a joke. The Rangers had to disarm the bomb and the X-Borgs played with them like children and the Rangers got annoyed.

When they changed into Super MegaForce, it’s mostly Gokaiger footage, but I do have to comment that in one scene, Super Mega Blue fights the X-Borgs with American footage, and then it quickly transits to the Japanese footage. The problem is that the backgrounds are vastly different. You know, kids may not care much, but to us adults who can think, we’re like “Dafuq?”

SM 7 (3)

In the midst of the fight, the Silver Ranger came and fights the X-Borgs, with the core 5 watching in shock. I’m glad that they used original footage first for his debut. Oh and his weapon is called “Super Silver Spear”. Yeahhh in my own version of Super MegaForce (called Legendary Pirates), I retained the Silver Spear (and the core 5 weapons’ are called SagaSaber & MegaMagnum). So adding ‘Super’ to it was totally lame, but I guess they wanted to keep it in them of Super Mega-based names.

More about the original footage, again the stunt teams specializes in martial arts move or acrobatics. I guess the action director doesn’t want them to showcase the weapons, or that they are actually poor enough not to have a Silver Spear prop. Nah, that’s impossible.

SM 7 (4)

The Silver Ranger quickly leaves while Prince Vekar finally decides to send in a commander named Gorgax to lead the X-Borgs so that they can’t screw up the job. This brings us to the only Legendary Mode change of the episode: not the 6th Rangers like in Gokaiger but rather an original footage of Lost Galaxy team!

Why Lost Galaxy? I guess it’s a subtle reference to the Silver Ranger’s identity. His name is Orion and in Lost Galaxy, the Rangers’ power up is called ‘Lights of Orion’.

The best thing is that they stayed in Lost Galaxy mode longer than the usual Legendary Mode change, and it’s truly awesome. Again, they did nothing but martial arts, but I’m actually surprised that they actually have the Transdaggers prop to use! The Quasar Saber is compulsory since it’s on their holster. But even with that, they showed minimal use of their weapons and even when Lost Galaxy Green uses the Quasar Saber. I just hope that they expertise in weapons usage because what I hated the most in MMPR season 2 & 3 is that they had the Power Weapons prop, but they never used it safe for a few times. Just martial arts isn’t enough for me I guess.

SM 7 (5)

Later on, the Rangers hang out at Ernie’s and Gia takes interest in the new waiter whom she bumped into earlier. We all know who that is, and I wonder if they are going to ship him with Gia, to make Jake jealous?

For the next fight, I won’t really talk much since it’s all Gokaiger footage. Not that I reviewed Gokaiger before save for the series review, but it’s just that it’s not original. That being said it’s nice to see the Silver Ranger interfered because of Gorgax’s collar is modelled into a bomb.

Silver Ranger finishes Gorgax, and Super Mega Blue is shocked to see that he has a Ranger Key as well. I call bullshit on that. I mean his design is strikingly similar to the Super Mega Modes, and you didn’t expect that he has a Ranger Key? I’m beginning to officially hate you Noah.

SM 7 (6)

With Gorgax destroyed, the Rangers asks who is the Silver Ranger. He reveals that he is the waiter that Gia bumped into earlier, and this is the first time we see his face in the episode. The episode ends with a cliffhanger.

Overall, I do like this episode so much for being original, although the previous episode is still the best. Also, this episode didn’t have any MegaZord battles at all. As for the Silver Ranger, I actually liked him and I found him better than expected, so I’m excited to see what’s coming up next. And the fact that his design is similar to the Super Mega Modes, we may get an explanation of where those powers came from. And you know, I actually wanted them to call Silver Ranger ‘Chromium Ranger’. I really like it when they gave special names for the 6th Rangers such as Titanium Ranger and Solaris Knight.


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