ToQger 6th Station: Leadership

The ToQgers are instructed to find a Support Ressha that Raito spotted in the previous episode. However, General Shwartz, who has been spying on them, wants the Support Ressha for himself………

ToQ 6 (1)

Why did I name this episode “Leadership”? Well it’s because the side plot of this episode is about choosing the leader for ToQgers. Yeah, 5 episodes and they still weren’t aware who’s leading even though it’s obviously Raito. The best thing about this leadership concept is that they established that each of the ToQgers are leaders.

The first one is Raito, who is the natural leader and he actually doesn’t care who’s the leader. But for a leader, he’s a pretty dumb one, for example when General Shwartz thinks that he purposely walk in circles because he knew the Shadow is spying on them, Raito claims it’s true, even though the real reason is that he doesn’t even remember where is that Support Ressha.

Next one is Hikari, who has been ignored previously, gets the title ‘shadow leader’ . By that it means that Hikari is actually the tactical leader of the group. Remember when Tokacchi said that Hikari is smarter than him? This episode demonstrated it.

The episode is another Tokacchi-focused episode, but this time he is paired with Raito. instead of saying that this is another Red porn, I see that this episode makes it clear that all of the team members are important. They focused on Blue and Red but also makes others feel like they’re not just there for the sake of it. This is a huge step up from Kyoryuger, whom I hated because they make KyoryuRed a god and the others was just useless.

ToQ 6 (2)

This is also the first episode where there’s no MoTW, but instead have General Shwartz as the enemy. For their first fight against the general, it’s obvious that the ToQgers will lose and is in no hope whatsoever to best Shwartz. I like the fact that he is so skilled that he attacks the ToQgers in a blink of an eye. I honestly hope that when they get to beat him in the future, speed will play a pivotal role.

Shwartz targets ToQ 1 to force him the Support Ressha’s location. ToQ 2, at the time thinking that he’s been appointed leader, decides to save his teammate, only to be held hostage by Shwartz instead. ToQ 1 has no choice but to follow Shwartz orders.

ToQ 6 (3)

However, thanks to Hikari being the tactical leader of the group, he and the girls decides to find the Support Ressha first since Raito unknowingly buying their time. It’s really awesome that Hikari takes the spotlight here, I was hoping Mio would lead but they need to show that Hikari is not useless.

Back on Raito, Tokacchi again berates himself for failing the team. I love the take on Tokacchi’s character. There are people with low self esteem and will think negatively just when things don’t go according to plan. It’s truly unfair but what the hell, the world is unfair.

Continuing their search, Raito stops at the bamboo forest, only to remember that this is the place where he spotted the Support Ressha. He tries to fool Shwartz that this is not the place, but Shwartz knew that he’s lying, and now that he has the Support Ressha’s location, Raito and Tokacchi are useless to him.

ToQ 6 (4)

However, ToQ 4 accesses the Support Ressha first, thanks to the Raito’s hint that it was located around the bamboo forest (in the previous episode, Raito gets a yamame & bamboo grove, so he must saw it at a river or the bamboo forest).

Raito & Tokachii escapes Shwartz’s clutch by performing a really awesome co-op moves, and it even continues in their ToQger forms. Shwartz leaves in order to chase the Tank Ressha, leaving ToQ 1 & 2 to deal with the Crows.

Since there’s no MoTW in this episode, they didn’t use the Link-up Bazooka, instead ToQ 1 & 2 uses the Scope Ressha to finish the Crows off. It’s a great way to utilize the Scope Ressha, since it will be automatically forgotten later in the show.

ToQ 6 (5)

After finishing the Crows, Raito tells Tokacchi that he doesn’t care who is the leader, since they are all leaders. Tokacchi may not be a natural leader, but he’s a great support leader, and by that I think he is good at giving other support. What’s interesting is that Raito mentions that why don’t they become leaders when the situation demands it? It would be cool if each of them take turns on being the leader, as it is a unique trope to use and definitely make the other ToQger shines as well. I hope they actually did this.

The two of them board the Rainbow Line to protect Tank Ressha from Shwartz’s personal Cryner, and since it’s his personal Cryner, it also means that the Cryner is way more powerful, leaving the Resshas at a disadvantage. ToQ 2 realizes that Tank Ressha can give the other Resshas fuels as energy boost. They used this as an advantage, easily powers Shwartz over.

I gotta say that I really enjoy the fuel scene. It reminds me a lot of this year’s Need for Speed. Whether or not this scene is intentionally coincidental or not I don’t know, but it’s funny that it’s there.

ToQ 6 (6)

For the MegaZord fight, ToQ-Oh Tank is boxer, and I absolutely love it when they have a boxing-based MegaZord. This is because the MegaZord is suddenly faster and more aggressive, the same applies to ToQ-Oh Tank. Really, the way he punches Cryner Robo is reminiscent of Power Rangers Zeo‘s Red BattleZord fights, which is my favorite MegaZord of all time.

ToQ-Oh Tank’s finisher is Tank Upper, which a simple uppercut. I would’ve prefer a barrage of punches, but the uppercut is okay since it stays true to the boxing motif. Plus, the uppercut sends the enemy flying and exploding in the sky. If you want to put it scientifically, it’s much safer for it to be exploded on the sky instead of the ground.

General Shwartz walks back into his base where Gritta calms him down. Instead of shrugging Gritta off, Shwartz instead claims that a defeated General doesn’t deserve pity. He receives a message from the ToQgers via his listening device that they warned him not to fuck with the ToQgers or else he will get fucked. Damn.

ToQ 6 (7)

After that, both Raito & Tokacchi talks about each of the TOQgers being a leader: Raito is a self-proclaimed bento leader, Tokacchi is a support leader, Hikari is the shadow/tactical leader, Kagura is the imagination expert leader and Mio is the pushy leader. I just love their chemistry here. The way Raito & Tokacchi jokes about Mio being pushy like an old lady is just like what conversation friends would have. Speaking of Mio, she caught them mocking her and goes off on a rage.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this episode. The best thing is that I thought this episode would be another Red-focused but instead it focuses on both ToQ 1 & ToQ 2, but also makes others feel important, thanks to their leadership skills. Also, this episode manages to make ToQ 4 important, as the previous episodes he was just there and being ignored for most of the episodes.


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