Kamen Rider Gaim 23: The Victorious Kachidoki Arms!!!

Realizing that he just murdered his friend, Kota gives up on being a Kamen Rider. Will this be the end of Kamen Rider Gaim?

Gaim 23 (1)

The episode starts with us learning more about Kaito’s mission. For those who don’t know Kaito has been reluctantly working with Yggdrasil to search for a mysterious red monster. Who is this red monster? Well apparently Ryoma, Minato & Sid knows that in Helheim, there are Inves who evolved and therefore managed to escape their feral minds. Ryoma dubs these Inveses Overlords. No, they’re not related to Kamen Rider Agito.

Apparently finding this Inves will play a pivotal role in the Invesion, in which Ryoma seeks to harness the Overlords’ power. Remember in the previous episodes that apparently him and his homies seems bent on destroying the world and potentially rise as its rulers. I guess by harnessing the Overlords’ energy, they could become god.

As for Kota, Yggdrasil just lets him go since he’s pretty much dead inside of his heart. While Mitch is not happy that Kota finally knew the truth about Yuuya, he is glad that Kota will never interfere with Yggdrasil’s work again. In other words, Mitch’s phase 1 betrayal is completed.

Gaim 23 (2)

He asks Kota to keep it cool and stops doing what he does, and most importantly don’t tell Mai the truth. If there is one thing about Kota is that he doesn’t like to keep the truths out from other people, but we have to learn that the truth hurts, and it’s best to keep it to ourself.

Back to Kaito, he lures the Red Overlord, Demushuu using a dictionary. Since the Inveses are evolved animals, and more accurately from another dimension/planet, they speaks their own language, and their language is similar to Grongi’s, it’s untranslatable at the moment. Speaking of their language, I love that TV-Nihon subs them and used a distinct font to make it look like they were speaking their own language.

Gaim 23 (3)

As for Kota, he is ‘visited’ by the mysterious woman, and again she gave a pretty confusing speech. I got a feeling that we will explore more about her in the show’s 4th arc. Kota also gets a visit from DJ Sagara, and at this point it’s obvious that DJ Sagara is not human or at least has supernatural powers. He talks with Kota and there’s nobody around, implying that he may transport Kota into a pocket dimension where the two could talk in private, or that he casts an illusion to Kota’s eyes.

He tells Kota about the Inves and that Yggdrasil is actually weak, which is why they seek to control the world, because they are weak and they’re afraid to admit it. Pussies. At the same time, Baron is having hard time fighting Demushuu. Even his Mango Arms couldn’t land a damage to Demushuu.

Through DJ Sagara we learn more about the Overlords. They could control the Helheim’s plants and despite their status as a ruler of the Inves, they’re pretty much like Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister, selfish as hell. But the difference is that the Overlords are smarter than that aforementioned Prime Minister.

Sagara notes that Kaito has a really strong will that the fate of the world rests in either the hands of him, or Kota. At the same time Sagara creates a Lockseed from an orange, an Earth’s fruit! This makes me theorize that Sagara may be an Overlord himself, or simply the god of Helheim.

Gaim 23 (4)

DJ Sagara’s words motivate Kota, and he once again sets out to destroy the Scalar System, but not before paying at Druper’s for the first time! I didn’t realize that Kota never paid at Druper’s! I guess it’s because he’s got a bad luck at finding jobs Bando lets him off.

Anyways this is where the episode gets really really epic, if it weren’t already. Gaim use the Dandelier to go directly on top of Yggdrasill Tower and the scene where he access the new Arms from the newly-created Kachidoki Lockseed mid-air is just so, so epic!

Let’s talk about Kachidoki Arms. It translates to “victory” or “triumph”. I honestly wanted to call him Victory Arms. What do you think, should I just use Kachidoki Arms or Victory Arms? Either way, the design itself is so fucking badass. The design alone is enough to make us think that it’s his final form. And guess what? It’s not even his final form, it’s the official mid season upgrade! I just love the fact that this form acts as an upgrade to the main form, as I love that style ever since Double did it with CycloneJokerXtreme. And the flags at his back, while they are weird, I love it because it reflects the samurai armor more.

Gaim 23 (5)

Kachidoki/Victory Arms’ main weapon is the DJ Gun, which is a shot gun with DJ elements as the main gimmick. I absolutely love the gun. First, its design is similar to Batman Arkham series’ Grapnel Gun (albeit obviously bigger), and the DJ gimmick is just pure win. I love that every time that he needs to blow shit up, Gaim scratches the disk and depending on the pitch, each shot is displays a different power.

Usually a new form is debuted for the Rider to fight the kaijins, but keeping in the nature of this show being primarily Rider VS Rider, Gaim’s Kachidoki/Victory Arms’ first fight is against the Kurokage Troopers with Zangetsu Shin as the ‘MotW’!

The scene itself is epic, needless to say. I just love that the Kurokage Troopers shoots Gaim, but he’s just standing there due to his enhanced armor protecting him, and he fires back ala Rambo! I really, really, really love that scene.

Meanwhile, Sagara was watching the battle from far,where he is approached by the mysterious woman. They seen to know each other, and Sagara refers to the woman as the ‘first lady’. What is she, Michelle Obama?

Gaim 23 (6)

After helling out the Kurokage Troopers, Gaim faces Zangetsu Shin, but not before utilizing the flags on his back as weapons. Like how Beast Hyper used his tassels as whips, Kachidoki/Victory Arms can be used as rods. This is why I love Kamen Rider, they always find a way to use a detail on the suit as a weapon and makes it cool. Nevertheless, I prefer the suit without the flags.

When he battle Zangetsu, Gaim used the Mosou Saber, which somehow fits naturally with him in this form. Before I didn’t really like Mousou Saber because Gaim already has another sword via Daidaimaru, so the sword is redundant, and Gain rarely double wields it. Also, while I know that Shin is his upgrade, I wished that Zangetsu used his Armored Rider version. We didn’t see enough of that suit in action, and I missed it. Although for some reason I think it will return in the future. Whatever as far as this episode goes, it’s more of a nitpick.

Instead of finishing Zangetsu, Gaim takes off to resume his real mission: destroy the Scalar System. He succeeds in doing so, and tells Yggdrasill if they really wanted to protect the world they should literally protect it, and not become assholes and obliterates Zawame should the Invesion goes out of control.

Gaim 23 (7)

Prof. Ryoma & Mitch witnessed Gaim’s Kachidoki/Victory Arms’ fight, with the former obviously not happy that there’s another Lockseed that wasn’t his creation. As for Mitch, he is pissed that Kota didn’t act accordingly to the way he wants. Ryoma instructs Mitch to find out who’s backing Kota, and considering how pissed Mitch is, he agrees to do the job. Looks like Mitch is finally turning into a proper antagonist huh?

Overall, this is the best episode so far in the series. It has great moments, great character development for Kota, absolutely great progress in the plot and the most importantly, the Kachidoki/Victory Arms’ debut is gold. For fans, it’s a sin if you didn’ watch this episode. Forget about what I said in reaching episode 32, this episode proves that Gaim is one of the best Kamen Rider series of all time!


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