Power Rangers Super MegaForce 6: The Tiger Master Returns……… As a Zookeeper

The Armada’s new MoTW gave the Rangers a hard time with its magnetic powers preventing  the Rangers from using their weapons. Jake & Emma decided to seek tutelage from a zookeeper named Casey, who happened to be a Phai Zhuq master.

SM 6 (1)

Remember back when that I used to say I’m going to review the first 5 episodes and if the series is getting better I’ll review the whole series? Well I decided to. Not only that this episode is really good, but it’s only 20 episodes, I can do that. Currently we don’t know if Super MegaForce has those Halloween and Christmas specials, but if they do I’m not gonna review them since it’s mostly clip shows. Tell you what, I’m going to do the same with Dino Charge, but if the series suck so bad I’ll drop it.

As for the episode, again it’s the same episode as the Japanese counterpart but nevertheless it feels really, really AWESOME thanks to Jason Smith’s guest appearance, not cameo. Before I talk more about him, I noticed that fans said that this is how Jayden’s appearance is supposed to be, giving input and interacting with the Rangers more. I personally am fine with Jayden’s appearance, since in Gokaiger the Legends tend to have minimal screen time sometimes. Take AbareKiller in episode 18 for example. Other fans have said that this is how every episode should’ve been, featuring guest appearance of the past Rangers. I extremely agree, and while I love this episode, I still hate Saban for being poor and stupid.

This episode is also strangely cool because they 40% of the episode is filmed at a zoo, a rare location for Power Rangers. I have to give props to them for being able to film at such a place, and not rely on the sets alone.

SM 6 (2)

In Gokaiger, this episode is about Green & Pink trying to be good as the rest of the team since they are the weakest, but here, Jake and Emma try to find a way to defeat Pacha Chamak without relying on their weapons. I like it that they didn’t portray these two as weaklings, since the are an experienced fighters thanks to their tenure as MegaForce Rangers. Also, Pacha Chamak, really? Granted, I would prefer these name than some toned downed Americanized names, but even that they didn’t pronounce it right.

For the battle against Pacha Chamak, Super Mega Red, Blue and Yellow used the only other Legendary Mode for this episode, Wild Force again. Back in Gokaiger, there are so many teams that a some of them were lucky to be used repeatedly but here, Wild Force is used 4 times. While I do want them to at least feature another American-exclusive Legendary Mode (there’s a pic with the Rangers using Lost Galaxy Mode), I do appreciate that the use of Wild Force coincides with the tribute being an animal-based Rangers.

SM 6 (3)

After the fight, Troy is pissed because they lost the fight and Gia and Noah followed him while Jake & Emma seeks Casey for help, having met him personally earlier. Oh, Gia noticed that Casey is wearing a jacket with Jungle Fury logo on it, yet she didn’t even realize that it’s related to the team. At first I wanted to say it’s stupid because they changed into Jungle Fury but they didn’t even know the logo but then again, other than Noah, none of these Rangers knew about the past Rangers, so I understand.

Let’s talk about Casey. His voice is deeper than he was before, and I gotta say it really suits him. I mean in Jungle Fury‘s finale he became a Pai Zhuq master and having a deeper voice signifies his maturity. When Jake & Emma asked him to teach them, I’m expecting that he will be all jerky and such but no, he just said okay. It’s mostly because in Gokaiger, GekiRed agrees to teach Green & Pink willingly while previous Legends had to put them on a test to see if they are worthy.

It’s really cool to see Casey returns, mostly because Jungle Fury is the only Power Rangers series that has no crossover with other Rangers at all, until now. What’s sad is that he is probably the only Disney-era Ranger to appear in this series (I said maybe because for some reason I think they still wanted to surprise us, but at the same time I know that Saban Brands are poor and stupid) but at the same time it’s cool they chose to pick the season that has no teamup to be represented with a guest appearance. Although I think they don’t want to include because Tzachor is such a dick and he hates Disney seasons, they just had to because Jason Smith happens to be the writer, so they thought why not include him.

SM 6 (4)

Funny thing is that Casey probably has the most screen time out of all the Legendary Rangers, because *SPOILER ALERT* from what I’ve gathered, the upcoming cameos have only two scenes in the final episodes, first they are in civilian forms and second in their Ranger forms, and Jason Faunt said he only had four lines *END OF SPOILER*. Again, it’s because he is the writer of the show, a staff of the show, so that’s why he’s able to be in the episode as much as possible.

Casey agrees to train Jake & Emma, in which the two skip school again (These two skip schools for noble reasons because they are LEARNING, unlike Troy who skipped because he wanted to pose at the beach and wondering about Robo Knight instead of actually using the opportunity to search for him. Well maybe he did and stopped at the beach). The best thing about the training is that Casey notes that Jake & Emma has the Spirit of the Snake and Phoenix, respectively. This is because the two, in their MegaForce, has Snake and Phoenix as Zords. Also Jake glows a purple aura, which signifies that he is a Black Ranger, and I’m glad that they didn’t just went ahead and use green.

Now, one of my favorite moments in the episode is the scene about Troy, Gia & Jake. I love this scene because first and foremost, they SHOWED what the other unfocused Rangers are doing. Previously, the unfocused Rangers just appear to fight and after the fight, they are gone. Take episode 3 for example. It’s all about Noah & Emma, and Troy, Jake & Gia only showed up to fight. This part makes the characters humans that have lives, instead of action heroes that only showed up when there’s trouble, which is one of the main problems in MegaForce, the Rangers are only there to fight, and have no background whatsoever. Even in MMPR they at least showed the Rangers in school when they’re not fighting.

Second, for the first time ever, Troy shows some emotions. As previously stated, he is pissed off about losing or rather, he seemed to be pissed because of his team failed. When Noah oversleeps in order to find the perfect weapon to counter Pacha Chamak, Troy told him to stop in a cold way and tells them to not let go of their weapons, literally. What’s good is that when he said that, his acting is good. This proves that Andrew Gray is actually a capable actor, the reason why he sucked so much is because of the directors telling him to act the way that kids would understand.

SM 6 (5)

Back to Jake & Emma, they mastered their animal spirits and when duty calls, Casey reveals that he is the Jungle Fury Red Ranger. At first I thought they wouldn’t show Jungle Fury‘s flashback but boy they did! If you look closely, the Jungle Fury flashback seems to have a low quality, this is because Jungle Fury wasn’t aired in HD. Nevertheless, I really like the use of the flashbacks, and I wonder what would the older clips would look like for the upcoming cameos.

Jake & Emma finds Super Mega Red, Blue & Yellow getting beaten by Pacha Chamak again despite them letting the foe use his magnet powers, causing them to be pulled as well because Red told them to never let go of their weapons. This is because Pacha Chamak was given an upgrade by Levira.

While the episode is really good in terms of plot and direction, the action scenes however are not. They have gone back to being relied on the Japanese footage instead of having an original fight scene. Also, I am disappointed that Jake & Emma didn’t use MegaForce Black & Pink forms. It would make even more sense to use it considering that they trained their animal spirits which are based on their MegaForce forms.

SM 6 (6)

For the Jungle Fury Mode, I will review it based on what I like and don’t like in Gokaiger as well. First is that in Gokaiger they didn’t use a special GekiRanger morph sequence. And here, since Saban is poor for not having them shooting new morph sequence, they don’t have it as well. Also in Gokaiger they didn’t feature GekiRanger’s instrumental, which is a disappointment since the theme song is badass, and the lack of that makes the GekiRanger tribute one of my least favorite tribute. As in Super MegaForce’s case, they didn’t even feature past Rangers’ theme song, because Saban is stupid.

Move on the Zord fight, this time the Legendary MegaZord doesn’t have any new combination, because Gokaiger doesn’t have a GekiRanger-based mecha. Instead they used the GekiRanger’s greater power as a finishing move. I got to admit, I do like the decision of having GekiRanger’s greater power involves them summoning 5 spirits, since it is their most common attack.

SM 6 (7)

After the fight, the Rangers visits Casey at the zoo, only to find out that Casey actually never worked at the zoo. I’m not gonna bother wondering about that since it’s just for fun while also being accurate to Casey being a kung-fu master, he must know how to do something like that. Or maybe he took a lesson from Morgan Freeman about posing as a local worker but in reality an extraordinary person 😛

Overall, this episode is hands down, the best episode in the series so far. Not only that it gives us a satisfying screen time of Casey, but also shows what the other Rangers are doing at school, and also making Troy an interesting character. Although, I do think that they will drop on that, since this episode is written by Jason Smith himself and when the other writers take over, it’s going to be the same old shit. Real shit. Man, this episode is so good, Jason Smith should’ve wrote the final episode!


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