Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

The First Avenger returns in Phase 2, this time reluctantly working with SHIELD to ensure peace of the world. However, after the mysterious Winter Soldier attacks Nick Fury, Captain America must work with Black Widow and Falcon to investigate more about this new threat, and the secrets of SHIELD.


First thing you have to know about this movie is that thanks to the modern setting, it’s extremely different than Cap’s first movie in terms of tone. The first movie is more like war movie or something like that. This movie is billed as a direct sequel for the Avengers, yet it’s way different than the Avengers. In terms of plot it’s more about the secrets of SHIELD and in terms of tone, this movie is treated like a political thriller rather than an average superhero movie.

The funny thing is that I realized that the movie’s plot is somewhat similar to G.I.Joe Retaliation. I’m not gonna spoil anything but here’s a little bit of it. Cap is been put on a manhunt and he has to work with very few people that he can trust to take the bad guys down. It’s basically a superhero version and a way better version than G.I.Joe Retaliation.


The movie’s subtitle is Winter Soldier, so he is definitely the main villain of this movie. However, the movie pulls off another Mandarin technique, and by that, I don’t mean that the Winter Soldier is a fake, but rather there’s a bigger villain in this movie. Winter Soldier himself is more like an action villain while the real villain is the mastermind. More about the Winter Soldier, he doesn’t have many lines because he’s a cold hearted killer. Also, the movie focuses too much on SHIELD to the point that Winter Soldier is somewhat like Deathstroke was in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Aside from Captain America and the Winter Soldier, the movie also focuses on Black Widow. She is treated much more than she was in Iron Man 2 & Avengers, it’s sorta like this movie is actually titled Captain America & Black Widow. With the way they handled her and she’s reportedly having a big role in Age of Ultron, I guess it’s safe to say that her own movie will be green-lighted. What’s also interesting is that they focused on her relationship with Cap. While Black Widow was known to have relationships with several Marvel characters, Captain America is also one of them. I’m gonna spoil a bit here, Widow flirts with Cap and even kissed him, but Cap insists that they stay friends. Truth to be honest, I would love to see if these two ended up together, but like I said, Black Widow had several relationships, Iron Man included. We’ll see who will she ended up with in the future.


A new superhero movie making his debut in this movie is Sam Wilson a.k.a Falcon. Unlike his comic counterparts however, Falcon doesn’t have the ability to communicate with birds (I guess it would look cheesy, especially with this movie being serious-toned) and looking at his costume, He doesn’t really look like he’s going to be a superhero yet. But I’m pretty sure he will. Anthony Mackie did a great job in portraying Falcon and I love his chemistry with Cap, since in the comics he is Cap’s sidekick.

Now for the other cast, Emily VanCamp portrays Agent 13, who in the comics is a niece to Peggy Carter, Cap’s love interest in WW2. This movie however makes no indication that she’s related to her, although due to her secretive nature, I guess it will be revealed in the next Cap movie. Plus, she didn’t really do much in this movie, it’s a little bit disappointing. Also, speaking of Peggy, Hayley Atwell cameos in this movie both old and young Peggy. I really love that one scene where Cap visits her, as it really shows the emotional side on Cap.

Robert Redford plays Alexander Pierce, a senior leader in SHIELD. For those who know the character, you know exactly what’s his role is in this movie, but for those who don’t, watch the movie as I don’t want to say anything about it.


Previous Marvel movies makes heavy use of CGI, and this time due to being a political thriller, directors Anthony and Joe Russo did a great job in utilizing lesser CGIs in favor of using real effects and miniatures. It just looks so fantastic and I really like it when they wanted to use less CGI as possible, because if there’s too much CGI the movie will look cartoony, if it’s not science fiction or fantasy. As for the directors, they did a good job and now they are signed on to direct the third Captain America movie, and I am honestly excited.

The action scenes, at first I gotta admit the first action scene is annoying due to shaky cams and such. But in the later action scenes, it gets better and better. The best action scenes has got to be the ones where Cap fights the Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier is a deadly foe and I really like it when he keeps punching Cap’s shield and when it comes to CQC, he spams his knife to strike Cap. With the exception of the first action scene, I am very impressed with the choreographies and the camera work.


In a nutshell, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a solid entry to Phase 2 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, and keeps us entertained while waiting for the main dish that is Avengers: Age of Ultron. While in Phase 1 Cap’s movie was an origin story as well as to set up the Avengers, this movie doesn’t really seem to look like it was made to set up for Age of Ultron. It’s more of a story that’s focused on Cap while he is struggling with the modern age. Speaking of Age of Ultron, watch the mid-credits scene, you’ll be amazed.

Overall, I Want to Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier Again and Again and Again!!!


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