Kamen Rider Gaim 22: A Crack in the Public

A Crack has appeared in the public, forcing both the Beat Riders and Yggdrasil to act before a massive Invesion occurs. However, if all else fails, Yggdrasil is prepared to nuke Zawame via the Scalar System………

Gaim 22 (1)

Mitch is seriously pissed about Sid blabbing things to Kota, and from the looks of it, his ‘betrayal’ might be a futile effort after all, as Kota keeps learning more and more about Yggdrasill. Before he could do anything however, Mai calls them to tell about the Crack that has appeared in the public.

Yggdrasil also caught attention to this, and quickly contaminates the area. The main problem this time is that the Crack is suspected to have a massive Inves outbreak, forcing Takatora to use the Scalar System should it happens. Prof. Ryoma and Minato went ahead to guard the Crack on the Helheim side, not because to protect Zawame but rather to prevent people knowing about Helheim. As for Sid, he lost his Energy Lockseed to Kota in the previous episode, so I assume that he can’t transform, at least for a while.

Gaim 22 (2)

Kota and Mitch just can’t sit around and let Yggdrasill handle it (in Mitch’s case, he was acting like he’s following Kota all along, since he can’t blow his cover) and decides to fight the Inveses on Helheim’s side. They encountered Kaito who’s ignorant on the current events, and instead focused on searching the mysterious red creature. Mitch doesn’t seem to know about Kaito’s mission though, as apparently only Ryoma and co. knows about this. Regardless, he’s angry because Kaito knows a lot about Scalar System & Project Ark. I like it when he tried to convince Kaito that Ryoma may be lying.

Kaito takes his leave, and the two can’t really do anything about it since they are preoccupied with the current problem. Upon arriving to the Crack’s site they encountered a bunch of Kurokages, with Malika and Ryoma waiting for the Inves.

Mitch decides to leave Kota with Yggdrasill while he goes to protect the Beat Riders. I think he doesn’t really want to work with Yggdrasill in front of Kota, plus he has a crush on Mai right? It’s his priority to keep her safe.

Gaim 22 (3)

Kota was forced to work with Yggdrasil, however there are obvious tensions between them. And since at this rate we know that Ryoma is indeed evil, he acted like one hell of a mad scientist and being a jerk to Kota.

We also learn another thing about Yggdrasil, this time it’s about Projeck Ark. While it’s not revealed fully, Ryoma explains that a Project Ark involves a mass production of the Sengoku Drivers to be given to the citizens, should the Invesion cannot be contained, the survivors can survive without risking themselves turning into an Inves due the belts transforming Helheim’s fruits into Lockseeds.

The problem is, only 1 billion drivers can be produced at max. The world has 7 billion citizens, so 6 billion people will die. Moreover, with the recent outbreaks of the Inveses, people will die or turn into Inveses, so it really depends on luck if you ever get a Sengoku Driver. At the very least all of the Armored and Energy Riders are confirmed to survive, unless they ended up getting killed.

Gaim 22 (4)

During the fight against the Inves horde, Gaim makes no effort of teaming up with Malika, instead using Sigurd’s Cherry Energy Lockseed to turn into Jimber Cherry Arms. I get it now. Jimber Arms is not his mid season upgrade, but rather a similar style to Wizard’s Dragon Styles. Anyways Jimber Cherry increases Gaim’s speed, which I’m glad that each Jimber Arms have their own unique abilities. Although I don’t recall Sigurd having super speed.

Meanwhile on Earth, Mitch evacuates the Beat Riders to Yggdrasil’s bunker. First, it’s funny that the citizens are given mandatory curfews, and Takatora had to prepare to push the Scalar System button. I just find it funny that they had to make it look like a crisis, even though I don’t really consider it to be a crisis. I mean the Crack isn’t that large, yet the people are treating it like it’s the biggest Crack ever and will bring thousands of Inveses. Second, the majority of the citizens still hates the Beat Riders, as evidenced by how awkward the Beat Riders are when they entered the bunker full of Zawame’s citizens.

Luckily, the Helheim side manages to hold off long enough for the Crack to close down. Ryoma thanked Gaim for helping them, even stating that Gaim’s presence prevented the Inveses from breaking through. However, much to everyone’s surprise,  Kota suddenly molests Minato!!!!…………. Actually he was aiming for her belt to steal off her Peach Energy Lockseed. Had he aimed it wrong, Kota would’ve gotten a pervert slap.

Gaim 22 (5)

Gaim escapes and went through Yggdrasil’s Crack den, in order to sabotage the Scalar System so that Yggdrasill won’t be able to use it again. For the first time ever Gaim fights with his bare hands, as he didn’t even use his sword!

However, Takatora appears before him. Gaim says that he wants to stop Project Ark as well, in which Takatora berates Ryoma for being a blabbermouth. I liked that both Kureshima brothers think the same about their colleagues. Regardless, Takatora transforms into Zangetsu and fights Gaim, again. It’s a little bummed considering that these two ‘teamed up’ before and now they’re back to fighting each other. Well, they are mutual enemies.

My problem with this fight scene is that Gaim used Jimber Lemon. He just accessed Jimber Cherry, and it clearly gives him advantage with the super speed, why didn’t he just use it? I guess he’s accustomed to Jimber Lemon, as while he is adaptable to upgrades, he needs some time to master his new abilities.

Gaim 22 (6)

Zangetsu is aware that Gaim will never stop bothering Yggdrasill, and decides to bring Gaim to despair, by revealing to him about Yuuya’s fate. As expected, Kota is horrified by this revelation, and pretty much acts like a despaired Gate, without the purple cracks. Guess he’s not a Gate then. Moreover, Mitch’s involvement with Yggdrasill is just a waste considering that Kota knows all about Yggdrasill, except Ryoma’s betrayal, in which even Mitch doesn’t know.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with this episode. It’s not great as the previous episodes, but certainly better than the last episode. I’m guessing that the next two or three episodes will be explosive, since we get more and more exposition. 10 episodes left to judge, and if they keep it this way and improve better, then it’s safe to say Gaim is one of the best Kamen Rider series ever.

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