ToQger 5th Station: Starvation

Rainbow Line’s next destination is a dead end, as the station itself has Shadow’s influence that’s too strong for them to make a stop. Luckily with the help of a new Support Ressha called Car Carrier Ressha, the ToQgers sets out to find what’s wrong with the city!

ToQ 5 (1)

The Car Carrier Ressha is unique due to the fact that it has 5 cars that is drivable by the ToQgers. About the cars, I can’t help but to think of how stupid it looks. Yeah, it was meant to be toy accurate but man, I can’t take it seriously if they were driving that! Unlike normal cars however, these cars have limited mobility, and their only function is to take a passenger to point A to B, literally. It’s basically like the teleporting system in Power Rangers, only that you will end up crash landing.

As for the infected area, the Shadow Kaijin in charge creates despair by stealing the foods from the citizens, and purposely let them starve so that they’ll be sad. What’s interesting that they didn’t bring up the starved to death idea. I guess it was too dark, even by Japan’s standards.

ToQ 5 (2)

Anyways, Raito accidentally spills a group of campers’ last ramen, due to not having any breakfast earlier because of the whole thing going on. See kids, breakfast is important! This episode is a focus episode on Raito, and we get to learn more and more about him.

First off, he is a positive guy even when things seem dark. As evidenced here, all of the campers are hungry due to the lack of food, but Raito stayed cheerful, even thanking the campers for treating his wounds, despite them being harsh to him because of the ramen.

Meanwhile, I wanted to talk about the Shadow Line’s generals. I haven’t really talked about them since they seem so generic for a group of villains. What I want to talk about is that these guys didn’t really get along. Madame Noa is fascinated about getting her ugly daughter to the Emperor’s wife. Baron Nero is very loyal towards his unseen master and is focused on spreading the shadows. General Shwartz is treated like the ‘freak’ of the group due to him prefer being alone and lately, he seems fixated on hearing things on his telephone.

ToQ 5 (3)

Back to Raito, he decides to help the campers by scavanging some food. Man, when he mentions the yamame, it brings back the fond memories of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. The second thing we learn about Raito is that he is childish. Yes, he has a baby face and he’s childish. Yet he gets to be the leader.

The reason why he’s being childish is that he gets pretty pissed off with the Shadow for stealing the citizens’ food. While the idea of getting pissed off over small things is interesting, I can’t help but to critic that Raito did it poorly. I mean, if he was angry, he was supposed to be extremly pissed off. But instead he acted like he was trying to tickle a naughty kid. You know that kind of expression.

Still, I love it when he plays with the Shadow, with tricking to give him the fish. And I just love it when he had to detransform just to eat his meal because his helmet can’t do it. Why didn’t he just take his helmet off?

ToQ 5 (4)

For the Transfer Changes, this is the first time ToQ 1 doesn’t use the Pink power, instead relying on Green and Yellow’s, without his teammates’ premission. Sadly ToQ 1’s hogging all the action. I wanna see some female Green Ranger action.

When the Shadow grows giant, Car Carrier reveals that it can create an extended rail for the Resshas to go to the station, enabling the ToQgers to access ToQ-Oh. And since it’s there, they decide to combine it with Car Carrier to form ToQ-Oh Car Carrier.

ToQ 5 (5)

To be honest, I don’t really understand what Car Carrier’s additional power does. I mean take ParasaGun from Kyoryuger as an example. It gives KyoRyuZin firepower. Car Carrier has the ability to extend its rail or whatever, but it’s not necessarily means that ToQ -Oh Car Carrier can extend its arms ala Go-Buster Beet, just giving it long arms and nothing else.

The finisher is Car Carrier Dash, in which ToQ-Oh Car Carrier uses the mini cars as projectiles. Thanks to the recycled sound effect, I’m beginning to confuse if I’m watching ToQger or Go-Onger đŸ˜›

ToQ 5 (6)

After the fight and the station is returned to normal, Ticket reveals that the Shield Ressha and Car Carrier Ressha are the only Support Ressha they have left, as the other Support Resshas are missing. Raito realized that he found one, during his search for food. And thus the ToQgers are assigned to new side mission to retrieve the missing Resshas.

However, it’s revealed that General Shwartz have been spying on them via his telephone, and since he’s fixated on obtaining the Rainbow Line Resshas, the ToQgers are unknowingly racing against time to retrieve the mysterious cyan Ressha……..

Overall, I honestly gotta say that this episode is mediocre. I wasn’t really impressed by it but it’s not a bad episode either. It’s expected from a Yasuko Kobayashi-written series that you’ll get a mediocre or flat out boring episode. Even Go-Busters did. And from the looks of it, looks like Raito will get a focus in the next episode as well. I just hope he doesn’t end up being like Daigo or else I’m leaving this show early.


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