ToQger 4th Station: Clumsy Tokacchi

Being a ToQger grants you a Rainbow Pass, a universal pass that can be used as credit cards, tickets, accessing the Rainbow Line, etc, but the best thing is that it has unlimited credits, which means that you can literally buy anything! But what happens when you lose it?

ToQ 4 (1)

Remember when Hikari said the ToQgers are ghosts riding on a ghost train? Apparently they are. They’re not dead, but rather the Rainbow Line and Shadow Line are hidden in the plain sight, with only children or any person who has high imagination can see them. This makes me wonder though. If the ToQgers are boarding the Resshas, civilians would’ve noticed that they are disappearing, since the train doesn’t exist in front of them. No, the ToQgers are not invisible, they clearly can interact with other people. Speaking of imagination, wonder if Nobuo Akagi can see those trains?

Since the Rainbow Pass grants them infinite money, everybody uses them for their own benefits,with Raito & Tokacchi spend on it the most. Mio meanwhile decides to take the time off to jog. I just love on how shopaholic Tokacchii is when he ‘abuses’ the Pass. I mean if I get that pass I would’ve done the same, except I would use it on FiguArts.

Of course, the term infinite money is too good to be true, and the Rainbow Pass is essentially a glorified credit card, in which those who spend on it must pay back later. Man, Tokacchi’s in a big debt.

ToQ 4 (2)

After he returns from returning the goods, Tokacchi realizes that he lost his Pass, and at the same time a new Shadow attacks the city. Since he can’t board the Ressha, Mio volunteers to go with him to the Shadow’s location via normal transport.

Honestly it’s interesting to see Tokacchii and Mio ride a cab just to go to save the day. In Sentai the Rangers usually gets there quickly for dramatic effect, or in Power Rangers they teleport for specialized effects. But here we get to see a realistic way to show what would happen if the heroes are far from the target.

ToQ 4 (3)

Stove Shadow retreats to another location forcing Tokacchi and Mio to again chase after them on foot. While the other 3 fights Stove Shadow because they arrived quickly, Tokacchi and Mio had to take the shortcut through the mountain.

This is where we learn more about Tokacchi. Aside from being a nerd, Tokacchi is essentially the weakest of the ToQgers since he has no speciality whatsoever. Raito & Mio are good in fights, Hikari is smarter than Tokacchi, and Kagura can be strong in a pinch. Put simply, Tokacchi technically has no talent. Poor guy.

But Mio assures him that he is special, and he is not weak. While Tokacchi may lack in strength and intelligence, he has a good heart. He is probably the kindest out of the five, as evidenced when he reaches for Mio when she accidentally falls off a cliff. Mio assures him that nobody is perfect, and they both have to work hard to overcome their problems.

ToQ 4 (4)

Suddenly, the Ressha arrives at the mountain, where Wagon reveals that Tokacchi actually lost his Pass inside the train! With that, the two joined the other three in battle.

For this battle, the main highlight is that ToQ 2 & ToQ 3 switched colors. I liked the fact that when they change, we get to see a male Yellow Ranger & female Blue Ranger after a long time, excluding the Gokai Changes.

It’s been 4 episodes and from what I’ve seen, ToQ 1 loves to change into Pink color the most. Great, some people have been dissing him for being like Alata, a.k.a flamboyant, and this proves it. Speaking of a male Pink Ranger, why do I got a feeling that soon we will have a real male Pink Ranger?

ToQ 4 (5)

Anyways for the MegaZord battle, This episode debuts two things: First is that the Cryners can transform into minion-Zords. Unlike ToQ-Oh, these guys doesn’t look train-like whatsoever, so I doubt if they ever going to release a transformable Cryner toy.

Second, the first auxiliary Zord: the Shield Ressha. As its name suggest, it gives ToQ-Oh a shield. It doesn’t have its own finisher, but it does have its own attack, which is Signal Shield, giving them extra defense, and Signal Shield Beam, an offensive attack.

After the fight, the ToQgers are ambushed by General Schwartz, marking the first meeting between the heroes and the main villains. He doesn’t fight however, merely warning them that they will fight in the future. This is a brilliant move I say, as he first observes ToQ-Oh’s moves before planning to strike its weakspot in the future.

ToQ 4 (6)

After the day is saved, it’s revealed that the payback part of the Pass is that the person must do chores in the Ressha, such as cleaning the compartment. Truth to be honest I find nothing wrong with this. Hell, give me infinite money and I’ll clean up the whole train, I’ll take chores over loans any day. Also, why did Mio must work too? She didn’t really use that Pass. I guess it’s because she’s the big sister, so she tries to help lessen the burden. Oh, remember that I said she’s the Mao Ichimichi of the series? In the end she got ‘sexually harassed’ by Tokacchi. Of course, a bitch slap is involved.

Overall, a nice episode focusing on Tokacchi and Mio. It’s actually refreshing to see them focus on Blue and Yellow and not Red. Raito gets pushed to the sidelines but they are still Mary Sue-fying him. It’s not the best episode, but it doesn’t disappoint.


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