Kamen Rider Gaim 21: Keeping Things a Secret

After learning the secrets of Helheim, Kota wonders if he can let Yggdrasill do what they want. Yggdrasil on the other hand, wants to eliminate Kota, seeing him as an obstacle………

Gaim 21 (1)

Mitch confronts Kota to see how much he learned from Yggdrasil, and is relieved that Kota still doesn’t know what happened to Yuuya. Also, while Kota thinks that what Yggdrasil’s doing is wrong, Mitch instead asks him to follow what Yggdrasil told him to.

Even though Mitch is relieved about the Yuuya thing, he is worried if Kota knows anything else about Yggdrasill, so he confronts his brother about it. Turns out, there are other plans that Kota doesn’t know, such as the ‘Scalar System’ and ‘Project Ark’, which will be revealed soon. We also learn that Takatora actually desires to see Kota defeated, which is funny because they way he describes it makes it look like as if he had a grudge on the boy, even though Kota is just a kid.

Meanwhile, Kaito searches the ruins in Helheim for something, and he is watched by a mysterious being in red. When Kaito spots him, the creature summons the Inveses, forcing Baron to fight it.

Gaim 21 (2)

Meanwhile, we also learn that Prof. Ryoma, Sid and Minato plans to do something behind Takatora’s back, and judging by their conversation, it’s possible that they’re intending to betray Takatora. This is interesting. Should this happen, maybe Takatora will aid the Armored Riders in the future?

Back to Kota, he’s still devastated about the revelation of the end of the world by alien plants, but his sister calms him by telling him to keep it cool even though the world is ending.

As for Kaito, Prof.Ryoma asks him to track down something which he did earlier, and at this point he is reluctantly on Yggdrasill’s side. He seems to be their pawn, which I imagined that the trio revealed something to Kaito that makes him bow down to them, unwillingly. And holy shit Minato wears a see through. Can’t see her panties though 😛

Gaim 21 (3)

The next day, Bandou tells Kota to be aware of people that has secrets. His words suggest that Yggdrasill may be evil after all. Kota gets a call from Zack, who informs him that the Inveses are…… stealing money?

Turns out that Sid sold some Lockseed to assholes who uses them to rob banks, all because they wanted the Beat Riders to blame, or else people will start suspecting on Yggdrasill and eventually learn about Helheim.

He also reveals to Kota about Scalar System. Remember the rings on Yggdrasil’s tower? And the beam turrets? Turns out that the Tower itself is a weapon, and it was prepared to obliterate Zawame City should the Invesion can’t be stopped or simply if the wanted to get rid of Zawame.

Gaim 21 (4)

Kota, pissed off about this, declares that Yggdrasil is truly evil and will fight them, starting with kicking Sid’s ass. I just love the tension between Kota and Sid. Kota is pissed at him for being evil, while Sid wants to get rid of him because he is annoyed by him. Anyways, this episode marks the climax of Gaim VS Sigurd rivalry.

Meanwhile, Ryugen & Knuckle deals with the Inveses, and they executed a Double Rider Kick. Knuckle’s Rider Kick is unnamed but I would name it Walnut Smash, and Ryugen’s is Ryugen Kyaku, which I would nickname it to Dynasty Grapette Kick. Kyaku….. doesn’t it sounded like ‘kick”?Judging by the effects, I assume that this is weaker than Gaim’s Sengoku Fanta Kick.

Gaim 21 (5)

Back to Gaim VS Sigurd, the former gets even better in his Jimber Lemon Arms as he is now able to retaliate Sigurd’s attacks. It’s just amazing to see how he’s grown from a loser to a winner. He finishes Sigurd by using a Jimber-powered Sengoku Fanta Kick, which I would nickname it to Sengoku Lemonade Kick. Sigurd detransforms and Gaim gains the Cherry Energy Lockseed. LOL, it feels like Blade/Decade/OOO when he gets the Energy Lockseed.

Ryugen arrives to the site, and instead of letting Gaim finish Sid, he sends out and Inves to occupy Gaim while Sid makes his escape. It’s possibly because he doesn’t want Gaim to interrogate Sid about Yggdrasill. However his efforts are futile, as Sid already tells Gaim about Scalar System. Now Kota is even more willing to take Yggdrasill down.

Gaim 21 (6)

Meanwhile, Kaito wonders about the picture he’s been holding throughout the episode, which is an image of a mysterious red creature that he spotted earlier. Who could he be?…………..

Overall, I find that this episode is a little bit weaker and not as exciting as the previous two episodes. But it’s still an awesome episode. It’s just a little weak compare to the excitements that we’ve got previously.


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