Power Rangers Super MegaForce 5: Tribute to Samurai

Prince Vekar decides to take things seriously and descends to Earth to finish the invasion……… only to get injured. Even with that, the Rangers are having a hard time because of the Armada’s elite guard, Matacore, gave them a beating. Luckily, help arrives in the form of the previous Red Ranger, Jayden Shiba a.k.a Red Samurai Ranger!

SM 5 (1)

First off, I would like to talk about the scene in the beginning where Jake and Noah met Mentor Jii. There’s nothing wrong with that scene, except for why on Earth are those two buying groceries anyway? This is what happens when you carbon copied Sentai, Saban. In Gokaiger, the Rangers always bought some groceries for their ship, and now they’re incorporating it in Power Rangers as well? Unless they did an errand for Ernie, but I don’t recall Ernie ever serving foods, especially with vegetables.

Another trait that they carried over from Gokaiger is that the MegaForce Rangers are getting cocky. In Gokaiger, the Rangers are rude because they are pirates. However, I do like the way they carry this trait to the Rangers. The way Troy being rude to the enemy is just so fitting, and his acting looks good, thanks to his facial expression.

As far as the plot goes, it’s the same as its Sentai counterpart, but not quite. In Gokaiger, it’s about the Rangers trying to get Shinkenger’s Greater Power while the Zangyack attacks after they received backup from the empire. Also it’s a character development for GokaiBlue which he faced Barizorg, his former mentor. But in Super MegaForce, it’s much more simple. The Emperor sends backup for his son so that they can invade Earth quickly, and the Rangers need to find a way to beat these guys. I do like on how they did with Vekar trying to invade Earth quickly. This is because one of the flaws of the Gokaiger is that the enemies weren’t really that threatening for someone that gave 34 Sentai teams a hard time. Granted it’s because the commander this time is the Emperor’s bratty son, but it kinda bugged me of why did they just send the monsters one by one instead of fully invading them.

This makes Super MegaForce somewhat better. Back in the first episode, 75% of it are fight scenes, but they did a good job of showing that the Armada aren’t kidding around when they’re going to invade, they send as many monsters as they can during the initial invasion. And also, in episode 2, the Rangers takes the fight into space, destroying most of the Armada’s fleet, which makes sense why in episode 3 & 4 they only send monsters one by one.

SM 5 (2)

For the Legendary Mode of the first fight, we get to see the first appearance of the core team of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ suits after 17 years, right after Zeo ended (since the suits were featured in the background ala the Batsuits in Zeo). It’s really nice to see the Mighty Morphin suits in this modern times, even though it’s Sentai footage. Back then in Gokaiger, it was kinda disappointing to see such an iconic suits being used for the moment where the Rangers are losing.

Also featured are the Lost Galaxy suits. One thing that I don’t really understand is that when Super Mega Red says ‘Mane of Fire’. I don’t remember if Galaxy Red ever said that attack’s name, but if he did then it’s fine. But if he didn’t, then we got another dialogue carbon copy.

Since the footage is GokaiBlue’s focused episode, Super Mega Blue gets a spotlight for trying to attack the Armada head on. Also, since they are copying Gokaiger, Noah’spretty much formed a rivalry with Argus. I just love on how they are trying to make the ‘Black guy dies first’ trope as BlackNerd said. I’m not racist but to me it’s funny when Andre mentioned it. To me it’s more like they’re getting rid of Noah quickly because they can’t stand a nerd becomes a badass swordsman. 5 episodes and I still can’t accept it.

SM 5 (3)

After the Armada retreats, Jayden arrives at Ernie’s to give the MegaForce Rangers some advice. While I honestly want them to interact with Jayden more, I am fine with how Jayden’s cameo is executed. His cameo is exactly like how the cameos in Gokaiger did. Instead of the Legend Shifts, they used archived footage of Jayden in his Samurai days. I don’t think that this is their trend, they just use it because they have the footage. So I doubt it if they have more cameos they’re going to show the archived footage of the cameos.

One thing that I’m disappointed is that they didn’t explain if Jayden, to an extent every Power Rangers before MegaForce, lost their powers or something. We assumed that they didn’t lose their powers, but here Jayden acted like one. Also, he says that the previous Rangers are watching the MegaForce Rangers. I doubt that will ever be explained though. If Amit Bhaumik handles the series and John Tzachor didn’t exist, I’m sure he will incorporate some backstory for the past Rangers.

SM 5 (4)

For the next fight, we are treated to a pretty nice out of suit fights and original MegaForce fight scenes. First the untransformed fights. I just love on how the actors are doing their own stunts. While granted it’s just choreography moves, it satisfied me. And the MegaForce suits? I really like it. They seem to get better and better with incorporating the original fight scenes, and the episode gets really, really good…..

………Until the controversial Legendary Ranger modes scene. First of all, I’ve complained about it so many times so I’m just gonna say something different about it. Saban did a VERY POOR job with introducing the Sentai-exclusive suits. If they really wanted to show it, why can’t they just show it when all 5 Rangers are transforming into the Sentai-exclusive teams? That way we can support the theory of the Rangers being from another planet. But no, we get 3 different Sentai suits, and I doubt they will even explain where did it come from. And no, I don’t like the ‘New powers never before seen in this planet’ idea. It’s like they were stupid enough to take someone’s fanfiction and make it canon.

SM 5 (5)

Also, what’s the point of showing these Sentai suits anyway? To please the US Sentai fans? All of them have already seen this footage, and please them? You barely please the Power Rangers fans! You see Saban, Gokaiger is a season that’s a tribute to the previous 34 Sentai teams. So when you adapted Gokaiger into Super MegaForce, it’s compulsory for you to make it tribute season for 20 years of Power Rangers. But to me, Super MegaForce is like where the Rangers gains new powers as well as the ability to transform into past Rangers for extra power, with no tribute whatsoever. This is why fans whine. They wanted to see a tribute to Power Rangers, not a carbon copy of Gokaiger, tributing even the Sentai.

And the Legendary Mode combos are done poorly too, in Gokaiger, the Rangers Gokai Changes into 3 different Sentai each, but here, Super Mega Red & Yellow gets three, Pink gets two, and Green and Blue gets one. What’s confusing is that Blue suddenly is in his MegaForce mode. This could mean he get de-transformed offscreen, or that they just wanted to show 5 different suits in one scene.

SM 5 (6)

For the Samurai Legendary Mode Change, I’m glad that they didn’t use the morph call “Go, Go Samurai!” because it is the lamest morph call ever. The same with “Go, Go MegaForce!” and to some “Super Mega Mode!”  They did. UUGGHHHHH!!! Also, they use the Gokaiger’s Shinkenger henshin scene. While hoping for PR-exclusive morphs is hopeless now, I still wished for them to use it though.

Now for the fight, while it’s Sentai footage, I gotta say Koichi Sakamoto did go full Michael Bay on the Shinkengers. He makes GokaiRed spins in the air while swinging the Rekka Daizanto/Fire Smasher, which is really crazy if you ask me!

SM 5 (7)

For the MegaZord fights, Jayden and Mentor watches the Rangers battle, and I hate on how poorly they make the cameo characters give them new powers. The way Jayden & Jii watched is like the are giving commentary to the fights, and they didn’t even show Jayden talking to the Rangers, and yet, the Rangers, via Gosei knows how to access Samurai’s powers because Jayden told them to.

As for the Legendary Samurai MegaZord, I love on how it’s a hybrid of Legendary MegaZord & Samurai MegaZord. Previous combinations makes it look like Legendary MegaZord was just donning the armors that resembles the previous MegaZords, but thanks to Legendary Samurai’s helmet, it makes it look like it’s a really cool hybrid.

SM 5 (8)

After the fight, Jayden and Jii talks about the MegaForce protecting the Earth is a good thing. This brings back my earlier question about Jayden losing his powers or not. Seriously they better explain this, even though it’s very likely they won’t.

Overall, problems aside, I do love this episode, thanks to the original fight scenes and Jayden and Jii’s cameo. Their cameos should’ve just been implemented to every episodes. They should’ve got SPD and Mystic Force actors. Yeah budget reasons. But when you only bring back 12 cameos and  only 7 teams to be represented, it makes you look very poor. Now the Sentai problem. In YouTube one guy said that we shouldn’t be complaining because Power Rangers creates plotholes all the time. But the problem is, they already have a ton of it, and they created even more. Are you trying to create a black hole Saban? There’s nothing wrong with making a sensible story without plot holes, or at least small plot holes!


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