Need for Speed (Movie) Review

Or rather Jesse Pinkman Racing Movie. Yeah cars, bitch! Need for Speed is another video game movie, and most of the time these movies failed in the eyes of critics. Now that they got Heisenberg’s sidekick leading the movie, will video game movies finally be good?


If you’re looking for an action-packed movie with extremely awesome plots and complex characters, then keep looking. Need for Speed is a movie mainly about cars, cars, cars, and cars. You know, this is why video game movies fail, because they tend to be 2 dimensional. Personally, I have no problem with Need for Speed at all, since it’s a movie adaptation of a racing game, so it’s natural if it feels two dimensional.

I’m not saying that the movie is terrible. It’s far from it. In fact it’s enjoyable as hell, but then people decided to be all smart and starts to compare the stunts with actual physics. I’m saying this because the movie has a lot of action scenes, and most of them are intended to be mindless action scenes that are meant to pleasure our eyes, shutting down our mind and let us enjoy what they’re showing.

The main complaint of this movie is the plot. The plot is just too simple, people complain about it. I find it nothing wrong, since this is a video game movie, and it’s a racing movie as well, so having a generic and simplistic plot is fine by me.


Another complaint about the movie is the characters. Now, I do feel like the characters are stock characters, but like I said, this is a movie about cars, so having stock characters is fine. That being said though the acting is good, and the dialogues are okay even though some seems to be a little bit cliche.

Aaron Paul did an okay job leading the movie as Tobey. He manages to stay away from his Jesse Pinkman persona while still looking like Jesse Pinkman but not Jesse Pinkman. Dominic Cooper, who is Tony Stark’s father played a pretty cliche jerk-style antagonist Dino, and honestly it’s just not much to say about him since he’s really your typical jerks. Aaron Paul’s crew members in this movie is good as well, and while they are stock characters, you warmed up to them real quick. One of them is played by Rami Malek, whom I swear I thought he was Bruno Mars. I bet that people who didn’t know him think that Bruno Mars was in the movie. The female lead is a British girl named Imogen Poots, and while she is also a stock character, her chemistry with Aaron Paul is really good, and I bought their love story in the movie, while it’s unecessary, it’s nice to be included. After all, it’s a miles better love story than Twilight. Also Michael Keaton is in this movie, playing a role somewhat similar to Samuel L.Jackson in RoboCop.


My only problem with the movies is that the way it started. I could really use some flashbacks showing that Tobey is really good at driving and how he established his rivalry with Dino, but all of that was narrated by Michael Keaton. You don’t use narration for exposition man. Also, I find a very weak character in the form of Anita, Dino’s girlfriend and an old flame to Tobey, also, had they started the movie with a prologue to the prologue of the movie, I would buy their relationship more, but she’s just a character that’s affiliated with both sides in the movie, which is boring.

And the soundtrack. While the score is fitting for the movie, but for Need for Speed, it’s just too bizarre for me. The soundtrack is emotional, but I do give it credit from staying away from those kinds of soundtrack that makes racing movies feel like generic racing movies.

That’s about my problem with the movie. The beginning takes some time to get used to, but 30 minutes in, and it gets better and better and you will enjoy the movie very much. And the jokes, while not universal or anything, works surprisingly well with the movie. While there’s this one joke involving a naked discount Bruno Mars is really unecessary, it’s okay with the movie.


Overall, Need for Speed may not be the video game movie we’ve been waiting for (I’m worried about Assassin’s Creed), I walked out of the movie feeling satisfied with what they offered. This is because I came to see Aaron Paul driving fast cars, and I turned off my logic, so that’s why I enjoyed it. Plus, I wouldn’t worry about this movie not being a box office bomb or anything. It’s a video game movie. And people will watch it regardless of it’s bad or not. Hell, people will watch any movie so long it has actions in it, which is why Michael Bay still exists. So my advice is, turn off your logic when watching this movie and you’ll enjoy it. But if you’re looking for a meaningful movie with rich characters, plots and everything, buy another ticket.

Need for Speed may not be a bad movie, but it’s not great either. I feel like they could improve it more. So, Need for Speed is Meh, Could’ve Been Better.


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