Power Rangers Super MegaForce 4: Hunt for the Lion

Gosei tells the Rangers that they can gain yet another new power in the form of a new Zord which is the Red Lion Zord, which belonged to the Wild Force team. Will Cole appear and aid them? NO.

SM 4 (1)

Now this is what I wanted from Saban, an episode that makes me enjoyed watching Power Rangers. While the plot and the dialogue is a carbon copy of Gokaiger episode 9, this episode has a lot to offer us to make up for their laziness of not casting Rick Medina as Cole. About that, while I know that he’s probably back at the US, he was a series regular in Samurai, so when Super MegaForce is announced, the very first cast member I’ve expected to return other than Tommy is him. It would be really good to see Cole again, especially since how Rick Medina has improved in Samurai.

What makes me like this episode is the amount of the original footage used in this episode. 50% of the costumed scenes are composed of original footage, while 60% of that original footage consists of running and talking, I’m still very satisfied with what they gave us.

I would like to talk about the helmetless Rangers on the SkyShip Zord. The girls fits the suit naturally, while the boys……. not at all. Jake is okay, but I’m used to seeing him wear black that when he wears green, especially that shade of green, is really weird. And don’t get me started on Noah. He’s not worthy of wearing that suit at all I tell you. Maybe it’s because 1) Nerd wearing pirate-based suit? What is this, Halloween? 2) GET RID OF THE GODDAMN GLASSES!!!! Also, Troy’s ‘human form’ only makes a cameo in this episode, as he mostly appeared in suit.

SM 4 (2)

While the episode is a carbon copy of episode 9 of Gokaiger, they managed to include scenes from the unadapted Gokaiger episode 3, and they fit it really well here. This is the kind of editing I like, unlike episode 1 where it feels like two episodes squished into one.

Since the also adapted episode 3, we get to see the Legendary Black Ranger Mode accessed by Super Mega Blue, Super Mega Yellow & Super Mega Pink. However this is the worst part of the episode. Unique changes like this is really, really unique, but the Black Rangers’ screen time lasts only seconds and we didn’t get to see them finishing their fight. While I do feel like they should’ve just included the fights, but they make it up with the original scenes, so I’m okay with it.

SM 4 (3)

Even the fight in the forest consists of original footage on the first half of it. Also, I noticed that the suit actors acted like the Gokaigers’ personality instead of the Super MegaForce’s (kinda invalid, since they hardly have any personality, just generic ones). Watch closely when Super Mega Red talks to the MoTW, his stance is just like GokaiRed’s. Or maybe its because of the suit. Oh, and the MoTW is voiced by James Gaylyn, who voiced Zeltrax as well as playing RPM Red’s father!

Now comes the best part of the episode, the use of Wild Force Mode replacing TurboRanger Gokai Change. I am really impressed with the fight scenes, even though the wire fu is weaker than Koichi Sakamoto’s style, it’s still impressive. And they used explosions too! Well not Kalishplosions but that’s what makes it great, I love that kind of small explosion. My only complaint is the lack of weapon usage, that is a common problem in Gokaiger, since they depended on animal moves and claws instead of weapons while changing to GaoRanger.

While the Super Mega Rangers are busy fighting, Red Lion appears, and knocks both factions out of Animarium. I forgot to talk about Animarium. Gosei keeps pronouncing it as ‘Animaria’. As I can remember they did mispronounce it that way in Wild Force, so I’m sure it’s just a typo error that caused the voice actor to say Animaria instead of Animarium.

SM 4 (4)

The Rangers fell from Animarium, reverting back to MegaForce mode. The mode never really did any fighting, as it they only talked while in the scene. To be honest, I liked this scene, since I guessed that the actors are unavailable, they used the MegaForce suits instead! Plus it really shows that the Super Mega Mode is an upgrade to MegaForce, and when they receive too much damage they will revert back to MegaForce.

The villains shifts their attention from capturing Red Lion to attack the civilians, and the Rangers engages them in a fight for the third time. The Rangers realized that the reason Red Lion threw them off is because he, or it still does not accept them as worthy to hold the power. So in order to impress the cat, they decided to morph into Wild Force again!

SM 4 (5)

The use of Wild Force change twice in a row is actually really good, something that Gokaiger never does. But there’s not much to say about this scene, since it’s comprised of Gokaiger’s footage.

For the MegaZord fight, since I didn’t review Gokaiger (and I regretted it), I would like to talk about the use of Red Lion and its combinations with the Legendary MegaZord. Red Lion is probably the best Legendary Zord out of them simply because its design is really faithful to the original GaoLion, unlike the others where there’s obvious change in color. And I love the two combinations that this Zord gives, one which take place in the next episode. Now for the Legendary Wild Force MegaZord, it along with SPD is the most faithful representation to their series’ MegaZords, mostly because it’s Legendary MegaZord riding on top of Red Lion as a centaur, and it really looks like a ‘weaker’ version of Pegasus MegaZord (since the Pegasus MegaZord is the last combination in Wild Force).

SM 4 (6)

After the fight, the Rangers bid farewell to Red Lion for the day, with Jake making a corny joke about having to have a bigger litter box if they wanted to take Red Lion as a pet. Speaking of Jake, he still have his crush on Gia, and now Gia is well aware of it, and it looks like she’s interested in him as well. I guess in the finale they will confess to each other huh?

Overall, I really love this episode, so much that I consider this the best episode so far in Super MegaForce. Blame the original footage. I really hope they keep it up or improve it even further, and the next episode may even be better, since we may get the very tribute episode that we wanted. Truth to be honest, Super MegaForce didn’t really use the ‘tributes’ stuff very much, it was like the Rangers needed to master their new powers instead of meeting past Rangers.


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