Kamen Rider Gaim 20: The Invesion

No, no, it’s not a typo. It’s a pun. Anyways, Kota & Kaito learns the truth about Yggdrasil, and this is the very first time Gaim & Zangetsu fought together side-by-side!!!

Gaim 20 (1)

While they didn’t actually teamup but rather fight a common enemy, it’s really AWESOME to see Gaim & Zangetsu fight together. While it may be a while before they actually worked together to defeat a common enemy, if it’s ever going to happen, I got a feeling that they will.

This episode is an exposition episode, where important plot points that’s being told is the main attraction of the episode, as such, the actions were mostly there because the show’s nature as a Tokusatsu, but I do feel if they didn’t have any action scenes it’s okay, although this episode still did a good job with Gain/Zangetsu portion.

Remember the huge tree where Kaito & Mai first met? Turns out the very location of that tree is where Yggdrasil’s base is located, where the tree is said to come from Helheim forest. It’s also where Yggdrasil creates the artificial Crack, which allows them to keep it open though modified means.

Gaim 20 (2)

Being an exposition episode, this is where we learn almost about everything that’s going on in this series. First is that Helheim may be an alien planet, or another dimension. Second, as promised from the previous episode, we finally get to see the very thing that made Mitch terrified to the point that he joined Yggdrasil. What he and Kota now see is a ghost town, which reveals that Helheim was once a populated place, but got abandoned.

This is because, they are invaded by mysterious plants which is the fruits that turn into Lockseeds, and when any lifeform eats it, they will turn into Inves. Basically, we now know that Gaim’s story is similar to Kabuto that they are fighting an alien invasion, but with plants as aliens.

Honestly I really liked the concept of plants being the invasive species, as I feel like they will use the cliche global warming lesson to tell children that plants are getting their revenge thanks to the pollution and such. While I obviously doesn’t know if they are going to use this trope, but having plants to be the destroyer of the world is really, really awesome. Great, now can somebody lift the blame on Decade please?

Gaim 20 (3)

Yggdrasil was originally a research group experimenting on Helheim, and now the reason why they are being dicks is because the plants of Helheim now spreads to out world, meaning that Earth has been targeted for the next invasion. And now that Kota knows that all of the Inves are former living things, he is shocked that he has committed dozens of murders. You know, when Kota takes a look at the abandoned living room, it really reminds me a lot of Pompeii. Wow, it would be really cool if they tie in the story of Pompeii with this!

Meanwhile, move on to the unnecessary part of the show, Kamen Rider Knuckle is busy fighting the Inveses, with Peko acting as his sidekick. Wow, Peko, being the douchebag comic relief, did a way better job as sidekicks than Shunpei did in Wizard! After the fight, Oren taunts them again, causing the citizens to begin changing their mind about the Beat Riders again. With this arc being focused on the upcoming Helheim invasion, I assume that the Beat Riders’ victory will be short-lived.

Gaim 20 (4)

Meanwhile, Mitch with the Kurokage troopers kill some Inveses in an area, and Ryugen really looks like Kamen Rider TheBee with Shadow troopers, mostly on how he’s in charge of giving the orders. Also, I really liked that Mitch has grown in terms of fighting style. Before he only relied on his gun, but now he knows how to deal melee attacks too.

But the best thing about Mitch in this episode is that he’s no longer Mitch we knew before. He now looks like a guy who is shaping up to become a proper antagonist of the series. I mean look at his face, the actor really did a great job at making Mitch a two-faced bastard! Can’t wait to see his proper betrayal in the future!

Gaim 20 (5)

Back to Kota & Kaito, the former asks why didn’t they just tell the whole world about this. The answer is simple, it will cause worldwide panic, and war between the nations ensues, and in the end the invasion will occur with the humans already destroyed themselves.

Let me elaborate it. First is the worldwide panic. Like Armageddon & 2012, the government hides the fact that the world is coming to an end, because they don’t want to cause the worldwide panic, even though we know that sooner or later it will be revealed to the public. Second, is the war part. This is going to be a long explanation. Now, not all people are like-minded. If Yggdrasil is trying to eliminate the Helheim’s threats, there is a possibility that another force will try to use Helheim to take over the world. Besides, this is a sad truth, but people from across the world are at with each other, so this is why the information needs to be kept secret.

Kota suggested that revealing to the public would get all of the people of the Earth to set aside their differences and work together, but he must’ve been watching a lot of movies. While everyone, literally everyone working together is a great concept, but here’s another sad truth: Is it actually possible? I’m not being cynical or anything, but look at the reality, is the world ready to set aside their differences together to fight a common threat? This is why aliens or predators have yet to visit our world, because we are so busy killing and hating on each other!

Gaim 20 (6)

Okay I’m exaggerating on that part but it is true, at this rate possibility is just so small. Anyways the Inveses ambushes Takatora & Kota, forcing them to fight. HOWEVER, knowing that all of the Inves are former lifeforms, Kota is now hesitating to fight. Serious he didn’t even attack the Inves, he just used his weapons to defend himself while Zangetsu takes care of it. I just love on seeing Zangetsu not treating Gaim as enemy. Oh I hope they’ll get to team up very soon. With that, Zangetsu kills the Inves without remorse, because the creatures is essentially a monstrous version of zombies.

As for Kaito, now that he knows the truth, Prof. Ryoma, Minato and Sid proposes him to lend his strength and work together with Yggdrasil to overcome the invasion. Kaito however, reveals that he has no intention whatsoever on saving humanity. Since this world is build with lies and propagandas, he thinks that it would be better to let it destroyed by the invasion! Guess my theory about him being the unsung hero is false after all. Kaito is still a jerk.

Gaim 20 (7)

Then the very best part of the episode comes. Instead of being shocked with what Kaito said, the three Energy Riders just laughed maniacally, revealing that they were expecting Kaito to say that, and now they know what kind of a man Kaito is. Prof. Ryoma says that Kaito is their brother, which tells me Yggdrasil is also not the unsung hero we thought they were in the beginning of the episode. The best part is that the way the trio laughed, it really, really sounded evil, and it almost seems like the three is not human at all. It’s that good. Even Prof. Ryoma, who’s been the anti villain, now looks truly evil. This is a SPOILER-ish theory, but I think that Yggdrasil is the very people who wanted to use the power of Helheim to destroy and conquer the world.

Overall, I really, really loved this episode. The acting is top notch, the actions are satisfying, but the best part is the episode’s nature of being an exposition episode. The ending just gets me excited even more than before for the next episode, and I can’t wait to see how this will turn up!


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