ToQger 3rd Station Review: Homesick

I have to tell you guys something. Another hiatus may occur, seeing that I am bust with college. While I do have the specific time to do the reviews, I got depressed, again. It’s not because of college but rather personal life. So I may ended up having a hiatus because I’m not in the mood to do reviews while depressed, and my reviews may have a lower quality than usual. ANYWAYS, Kagura is desperate to return to their hometown despite remembering nothing of it. After Ticket warns the ToQgers that the Ressha trains will not wait for them, Kagura is left behind and despite her fears must take on Chain Shadow by herself!

ToQ 3 (1)

This episode is way darker than the previous episode, and it certainly feels like a typical Yasuko Kobayashi written episode thanks to the tone. Kobayashi is one of the best Sentai writers because she has contributed many times for the franchise, so having her write for this series is a safe bet.

Now more about the episode, we first get another clue about the ToQger’s past. First of all, we learn that the ToQgers got to the Rainbow Line because of their strong imagination drove them out from their city that has been swallowed into darkness. Also, they were flown at the same time, and Raito was flown so far away that he ended up in the Cryner back in Starting Station. With that, when the first 4 ToQgers fight Bag Shadow, it was actually their very first time donning the suit, hence why they are so ‘inexpereienced’!

Second is that why our heroes lost their memories. It’s not because they’re ‘dead’ or something, but rather because they boarded the Ressha trains. Yeah apparently riding on that train gave them amnesia. The Rangers theorize that maybe leaving the train would give them their memories back, meaning that they have to quit being a ToQger. To be honest, I liked this concept. You unwillingly sacrificed your memory to become heroes to protect the world.

ToQ 3 (2)

The ToQgers decided to continue their current path, except for Kagura, who is homesick and wanted to return to their hometown. After a slight shenanigan, she ends up being left alone at a station, and at the same time the Shadow Line arrives at their newest destination. Kagura is forced to fight the Chain Shadow alone.

The fight is really brief, mostly because it involves ToQ 5, the timid and weakest member, judging by her fighting ability. As mentioned before ToQ 5 specializes in spamming her imagination power to help her in battle, and with this she is able to finish the Crows quickly. However she is still weak, and gets captured by Chain Shadow in the process.

The next day the ToQgers realized that Kagura is gone, and they assumed that she got left at the last station. You know, the Ressha trains, or rather its conductor Ticket is quite a dick. I mean their last stop only lasts for a few seconds, and the station is not technically a Shadow Line station yet, so why did they need to depart quickly other than serving the plot? But using logic, it would be weird for a supertrain to park at a normal station, even if it’s midnight. And the ToQgers wear a different clothing this time. I really liked it, while still being a familiar design in style, but at least it’s good to see some variation, unlike Kyoryuger and MegaForce.

ToQ 3 (3)

The ToQgers begged Ticket to go back and retrieve their teammate, while Chain Shadow begins his mission by abducting children to have them spurting the negative energy due to having fear of death. I gotta say, the scene where he scared those children is really scary, and with this episode being dark already, it’s almost like a horror show for kids.

The rest of the ToQgers fight Chain Shadow while Raito went ahead to save Kagura and the kidnapped children. Kagura decides to do things by herself by using her own imagination to destroy the tombstone that trapped them in Chain Shadow’s coffin. They managed to free themselves from the coffin, thanks to Kagura being a ‘strongest girl’.

I gotta talk about the main protagonists’ chemistry in this episode, which is Raito and Kagura. Yes Raito is the secondary protagonist which is normal for them for having Red as the main focus for the first 4 episodes or something like that. Like Hikari, Raito also displayed a really good chemistry with Kagura, that they really looked like childhood friends. Like their douchebag predecessor, Raito & Kagura are like brother & sister. Now, I know what you’re thinking, they are going to ship these two right? Well if you’re familiar with Yasuko Kobayashi’s works, you’ll know that she tends to leave things like this ambiguous to the viewers. As far as I know the only case where Kobayashi shipped characters was Eiji & Hina in Kamen Rider OOO, even that their relationship is platonic, while we know that they care for each other and Hina has a crush on him, we don’t know if they ended up together in the end, at least they remained close friends. So unless the producer wants another King, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any shipping in this series.

ToQ 3 (4)

Raito & Kagura are freed, and Kagura decides to take on Chain Shadow by herself. This causes Raito to panic as Kagura has now initiate a stage where she got too deep into her imagination that it risks her life. For example, she imagines of being the strongest person on the planet, and now she is too strong that it could kill her for being reckless. Put simply, it’s BlueBuster all over again.

While it’s an interesting concept, the way ToQgers reacted to it looked like they were overreacting simply because ToQ 5 shows no sign of losing herself or anything, in fact she was winning. Maybe her sommersault attack is too dangerous for her that they blocked her out of it. Also instead of hogging all the action by herself, they decided to have the whole team finish Chain Shadow off, consisting of ToQ 1 & ToQ 5 doing Transfer Changes. Yeah the others were really useless in this episode.

ToQ 3 (5)

I gotta talk a bit about the Transfer Changes. Like I said before, I really hope that they gain an advantage by doing those changes, instead of using their respective color’s weapons. I mean logically, they could’ve just swapped weapons if they wanted it so bad. If the ToQgers are elemental-powered it would make more sense, but they’re not elemental-powered. Maybe the colors have some specific stats like Red being strong or Pink being fast, but they’re not stated.

And for the MegaZord battle, we learn that ToQ-Oh depends on an ‘imagination energy’ as fuel. When Chain Shadow drains the imagination I feel like it’s weird, because you can’t take away someone’s imagination even if you’re able to do so.

Oh and the best and weirdest thing of this episode has got to be the train dick move by ToQ-Oh. I wanted to use that picture as the cover pic, but then I’ll probably get banned or something. Still, it’s the weirdest boner ever. Other than that, same old shit.

ToQ 3 (6)

After the fight, the ToQgers got their second clue regarding their hometown, which is near the sea. I guess the future episodes will have them obtaining a clue about their hometown one by one. Now that she knows a little bit of their hometown, Kagura is happy and decides to move forward, hoping to get more clues and eventually return to their hometown.

Overall, I quite liked this episode, mostly because of the tone, and Kagura’s development. And the chemistry between Raito & Kagura is really good, one episode only and they have more chemistry than a certain Dino couple had a few weeks ago 😛


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