Power Rangers Super MegaForce 3 Review: From a Nerd to a Badass

Noah suffered from a crisis of confidence after a battle with Skatana, a master swordsman. This causes him to doubt whether he is worthy of being a Ranger or not.

SM 3 (1)

This episode is notable for being the first episode written by a Power Rangers alumni, Jason Smith who was Casey a.k.a Jungle Fury Red Ranger. And I gotta say………….. he could’ve done a better job. I never seen Smith’s previous writings but I do know that he saw Go-Busters & Kyoryuger, and I expected that he would at least make this episode more original. I guess he wanted to do that but thanks to that douchebag Tzachor, Smith was forced to carbon copy a Sentai episode.

As for the episode, like I said it’s a carbon copy of Gokaiger episode 4, and for those of you who only came here for originality, you’ll be disappointed. I’m not saying that it’s bad though. If you watched this episode from the perspective of a person who never watched Sentai, they will say this episode is really good, mostly because it serves as a character development for Noah.

While I do appreciate the character development & focus, even though it’s a carbon copy to Sentai, I hated the fact that this is a Noah focused episode. My major gripe with this episode is that Noah’s acting. His actor is actually one of the good actors of the show, but here he is the weakest of them all. Even Emma was actually pretty good, except for the line “What honor is there in cheating?”. God she sounded like she was reading from a textbook!

SM 3 (2)

More about Noah, the reason why I said that he is at his worst in this episode is that when he trained in the woods, HE DIDN’T EVEN SHOWED ANY TENSION ON HIS FACE. If you watched it carefully, Noah was just like choreographing his moves instead of training to deflect the Blade of Infinity! Goddamn directors, tell him to show some tension goddammit!

I said that I hated this episode because it’s focused on Noah becoming a badass. While I do love the concept of a nerd becoming a badass, Noah is the least nerd I’ve ever expected him to be. I may be judging his appearance here but Noah has that face like a baby and a total nerd, so if he ever becomes a badass it would look totally weird. Unlike Billy, even though he’s a nerd, but at least he has looks and by the time he ditched the glasses, Billy looked like a badass that happened to be a genius.

Also, I know that this episode is a carbon copy, but can’t Smith added some originality in it? If I were to write this episode even if I was told to copy it, I would’ve made Noah trained his skills in swordfighting because he was never a swordfighter before. He was a gun slinger, and when a monster humiliated him, it should be because the monster thinks he’s a noob at swords. So Noah is depressed and decided to learn the art of sword fighting to become a better swordsman. That would at least make the episode more original, while at the same time being the same as the Sentai counterpart.

SM 3 (3)

This episode has gone back to where Power Rangers relied extremely heavy for the Sentai footage, that no original footage was around. No, original scene in this episode doesn’t count, as they were merely recreated scenes to substitute the PR actors and blend in the Sentai footage. One of the reasons why I preferred Disney more than Saban is that even though Disney did give a limited budget, at least they are able to create original scenes to show the Kalishplosions and such.

With that, I would like to talk about Saban for a while. They have been handling PR for over 3-4 years now, and they still looked like they were just fresh from the basics. It’s like they are an independent crew that don’t have enough money to hire more people to make PR a more quality product, know what I’m saying? I mean back then MMPR was the only one that relied heavily on the Sentai footage, but then the budget was increased and they can make original footage while utilizing the Sentai footage less. This is what makes Sentai purists said that PR ruined Sentai, because they can’t stand watching their scene got dubbed. You know dubs right? Most of them are bad. Another thing is, STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE MMPR. MMPR is classic and when you tried to remake it the same way it feels, it looks outdated. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with making PR grow up. Disney did make the show grow up, and while they failed, it was because of other things but I see that they succeed in making the show grow up and fit with the modern times. Even Sentai grows up as well.

SM 3 (4)

Okay back to the episode. Now fans are also complaining about Saban’s laziness towards the use of MegaForce keys. I am actually fine with it, because I keep thinking, they will ditch the MegaForce forms, and in turn the powers turn into keys, since they are now part of the Legendary Rangers or something. I will only complain if they are lazy and stupid enough to show the Rangers transforming into MegaForce, and then Super MegaForce, and then use the MegaForce keys to transform back. If that happens, hohoho prepare for a bunch of hate mails Saban!

Oh right, I forgot to talk about something. In case you don’t know, this is the closest thing we can get to a Mystic Force tribute episode. Sad huh? I’ll talk more about it later. The Mystic Dragon made its debut in this episode, and the MoTW, Skatana, is voiced by Nic Sampson, who is Mystic Force Yellow Ranger. Now, some of you may have wondered why they didn’t have Chip in this episode since they got the actor. Other than the fact that they are stupid and lazy, Lavender Ranger said that the ADR process was done way after the filming, so they couldn’t get Sampson because they’re poor, so they decided to have him voice the MoTW instead. As for the voice, he is sounded basically like an evil Sentinel Knight.

About the tribute episodes, yeah it is sad that we may not get proper tributes except for Samurai & Jungle Fury, but seriously that sucked. That was the major reason why people bash on Super MegaForce initially, and still bash it today, even me. I am tired of bashing Saban for being poor and stupid, but if he didn’t do something then fans wouldn’t stop bashing PR. You know even with the cameos of the 10 Rangers, I don’t really think it will be enough for Saban to redeem themselves. I hope I am wrong.

SM 3 (5)

For Legendary Mystic Force MegaZord, I liked that they have a very original name for the finisher. You know, I thanked Jason Smith for actually giving a good name to the finishers. We got the “Ultimate Ranger Saber Strike” for the Blue Slash, and “Ancient Power, Mystic Spell Seal” for Mystic Dragon. While it sounded somewhat weird, at least it’s better than SPD Final Strike or the generic Super Mega Slash or something. Kudos to Jason Smith. After the fight, they went to Noah and talk about how awesome he is, and I noticed that Troy is not that stiff as before. The acting in this episode is really good, save for one of Emma’s lines and Noah’s ‘tension’.

Overall, I have to say that I gave this episode a mixed opinion. I liked it because it’s a great focus on Noah, as well as more screen time for Emma, but I hated it for being a carbon copy of Gokaiger, as well as the usual Saban being poor and stupid problem.


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