Kamen Rider Gaim 19 Review: Attack on Yggdrasil

After being attacked by Energy Rider Duke, Armored Riders Gaim & Baron decides to go on and focus on their attack on Yggdrasil, now that the Beat Riders case has been solved and there’s no more Inves Games. But can two young men take down the city’s biggest corporations?

Gaim 19 (1)

Duke’s first fight shows us that he is the least brutal of the Energy Riders, due to his nature as a non fighter, which actually questions me why Ryoma was made a Rider after all. Because of his inexperience to battle, he tends to accidentally unleash the raw powers of the Lemon Energy Lockseed, which while seemed like 20% of his power is enough to de-transform Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms (yes, I’m changing Jinba to Jimber, damn you Wikipedia). Baron aids Gaim, but he too gets defeated.

More on Duke’s design, he has the best designs of all the Energy Riders. I love the blue color scheme, as it matches with the yellow, and his headsculpt looks really cool. Thanks to the shape of lemon, I found that Duke has………… breasts for earpiece. Damn you my dirty mind. Oh, and now that he’s a Rider, Ryoma in this episode portrays more of a mad scientist rather than an anti-villain. Also he stated that Gaim and Malika are the only Riders whose stats are unknown to him, which means that Malika has yet to unleash her full potential, which is interesting because she is the most aggressive of the Energy Riders.

Baron, starting his one-man war against Yggdrasil, start with going to the Yggdrasil’s research facility to expose their secrets. Kota, knowing that going alone would mean failure decides to help him even if Kaito doesn’t want him to. Regardless, he allows Kota to join him and this episode clearly states that Gaim & Baron are now mutual allies with a friendly rivalry instead of enemies.

Gaim 19 (2)

As for the Beat Riders, they have regained their reputation but because of that, many teams broke up due to no more Inves Games. I’m guessing that those teams are the teams that did not participate in the group dance, such as Red Hot. Dunno if any of the teams who participated broke up as well.

The best thing about the scene is that both Team Gaim & Baron are now allies, and it looks like they are a unified team, as evidenced by Zack & Peko hanging out at Team Gaim’s spot. It’s really nice to see them together, now that they are mutual friends. So I’m guessing Knuckle will aid Gaim & Ryugen a lot in the future huh?

Anyways Kota states that now the Inves Games are over, Team Gaim no longer needs him and he decides to be on his own. Mai however wants him to rejoin Team Gaim, but unable to say so. It’s obvious that Kota is oblivious to the fact that Mai has a crush on him.

Part of the reason why Kota didn’t want to rejoin Team Gaim is that he is also joining Kaito for their war against Yggdrasil, however Mitch found out about it and demanded to know what their plan is, because he is a traitor after all. Kaito plans to enter the Yggdrasil’s crack through the back, which would be less guarded than the front line. Kota decides to join so that he can know what happened to Yuuya, which prompts Mitch to report to his brother about their plan. Wow, Mitch would rather have his friend potentially killed instead of letting him know the truth.

Gaim 19 (3)

Arriving at the Crack den (LOL), Kota and Kaito finds that Sid has already waiting for them, while demonstrating a ne Lock Vehicle called Tulip Hopper, which is the show’s AT-ST. Wait, Tulip Hopper is based on AT-ST, and Dandelier looks like the speeders. The designer must’ve liked Star Wars huh? Anyways the use of Tulip Hopper looks hilarious due to the CGI, but what’s awesome is that it can even execute a Rider Kick of its own!

Kota & Kaito got thrown out from Helheim where they encounter DJ Sagara, who somehow knows that they will wind up in that specific location. Kota tells Kaito that they can trust him, and Sagara gave him a Tulip Hopper Lockseed. One thing to note that while Sagara states that he’s not a Yggdrasil dog doesn’t mean that he’s a renegade, but rather a higher up of Yggdrasil or rather someone who belongs to both sides and no sides at the same time. And he also knows the Batman disappearance technique, which causes me to question whether Sagara is a human or not after all.

Gaim 19 (4)

Kota lends Kaito his Watermelon Lockseed, since he needs to have advantage because Gaim has plenty. Returning to the forest, Gaim Rider Kicks the Kurokage troopers into oblivion while aided by Baron’s Dandelier. Baron himself went face to face with Sigurd, and I noticed that their dialogue goes on really, really fast. I don’t know but it sounds totally different. Whether it was normal or poorly edited is unknown, regardless, it’s fun to see Baron VS Sigurd.

Also, Baron decides to let Gaim go ahead to Yggdrasil’s crack while he handles Sigurd, which shows that Baron is a really good team player. It’s his plan and he’s the ‘leader’, but he knows how to make a small sacrifice for the greater good.

Now for the Baron Watermelon Arms change. Visually, it doesn’t differ much than Gaim’s but the major difference is that his weapon changes to a spear to match his Banana Arms’ BanaSpear. It’s a really nice touch, and I wonder if there’s other variations with other Riders. Maybe we’ll get a gun that shoots watermelons if Ryugen used Watermelon Arms! Other than that it’s your usual Watermelon Arms fight, but it’s nice to see them utilize this CGI form more often. Watermelon Arms has surpassed All Dragon Style in terms of appearance number.

Gaim 19 (5)

Gaim meanwhile reunites with the very Rider that caused him to take things more seriously: Zangetsu. Their fight is a really good comeback, and now it’s nice to see that even with Zangetsu’s new power, Gaim has shown to have grown stronger as he is now able to match Zangetsu thanks to Jimber Lemon.

Kaito meanwhile manages to get into the research facility, but was halted by Sigurd. Before Sigurd could turn him into another Urobutcher victim, Ryoma stops him as he commands Sigurd to treat their guest with hospitality.

Back to Gaim VS Zangetsu, like Bravo in the previous episode, Gaim does not hold back this time, mostly because he’s angry at Yggdrasil for letting Hase died by their hands. This is evident when even if he reverts back to Orange Arms, he quickly use the finisher to deal as much damage as possible to Zangetsu. Since there is a clear difference in power, Gaim again loses the fight.

Gaim 19 (6)

Instead of finishing him, Zangetsu offers to show Gaim what is the Yggdrasil’s true motif, which means that he will show Kota and us viewers what Mitch saw back then that made him frightened to the point that he starts to work as a double agent for Yggdrasil. He also adds that Kota needs to have the courage to see it, which further teases the horror of what we’re about to see……………………… in the next episode. Dammit, I can’t wait already!

Overall, a good close to the second arc of the series, and the best thing is that we get to see that Baron is now a hero instead of an antihero or a villain. Since the series gets darker, I will expect that a lot of Urobutcher will come in the next arc.


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