Kamen Rider Gaim 18 Review: Group Dance Event

Noticed something different? That’s because I used a new background for my images. Anyways in order to clear their name of the accusations, Team Gaim decides to organize a dance event with all of the Beat Riders to show that they are only here to dance, not to cause havoc.

Gaim 18 (1)

I just loved the way they started the episode with the narrator narrating while showing Kota running to save civilians from the Inveses. What’s more is that while this happens, Team Gaim has a meeting with other Beat Riders, and the way they showed Mai giving a speech while Gaim fights is just epic.

Gaim still does his job as a hero, yet people are still scared of him. While I get that the reason people are there because they wanted to show them being terrified of Gaim, but why didn’t they just run instead of watching the fight and risking themselves to be ‘attacked’ by Gaim? Dumb civilians, no wonder why monsters attacked them 😛

Kota returns only to find out that none of the teams agreed to do the gig, because they assumed Team Baron will join and they hated Kaito, so they don’t want to dance with him. It’s nice to see that they hate Kaito, as he is the one that causes the massive rivalry between the Beat Riders thanks to the alliance he made prior.

Gaim 18 (2)

Mai and Kota decides to ask Team Baron to join in only to be turned down, as Kaito claims that he only danced because he wants to demonstrate his strength. Yes tough guys do dance. The rest of his teammates just followed his order, even though Peko is reluctant to.

He then states that he wanted to do the gig, as dancing is his number 42. Kaito, caring for his teammate but not directly showing it, tells them to do what he wants and he quits Team Baron, before giving Zack a Sengoku Driver 2.0 that he stole from Yggdrasil before.

Gaim 18 (3)

The rest of Team Baron decides to join Team Gaim, while Kota confronts Kaito about his sudden change of mind. Kaito wants to start a one-man war with Yggdrasil, and he prefers to do it alone as he hates teaming up. While Kaito did think of that, I think he also secretly wants to be the hero who did the ultimate sacrifice, but that’s just my opinion. Who, knows, maybe that’s his intention after all. He is so obsessed with strength to the point that he wants to use to exact revenge on Yggdrasil while at the same time sacrifices no one but himself. Wow, if that’s true Kaito may be the unsung hero of the series no?

The dance gig begins with DJ Sagara providing commentary as usual. Team Gaim & Baron founds out that less than a dozen people came to see the show, in which Oren, who aims to stop the gig, mocks them for it. Also, Oren here acts purely on his hatred towards the Beat Riders, not under Yggdrasil’s orders or anything. But as of this episode he really starts to act as a major antagonist while before he looks like he’s just bullying the Beat Riders just because he is the strongest Armored Rider. I guess his last fight with Gaim caused him to start taking things seriously.

Aided by Jonouchi who hides from view and controls the Inveses, Oren begins his assault on the gig, forcing Kota to transform and fight. The scene where the Inves takes the stage and starts dancing is just hilarious. I didn’t know Jonouchi can command them to do that! Anyways Zack proclaims that he will not Gaim have all the fun kicking ass as he pulled out his Sengoku Driver, and transforms into a new Armored Rider called Knuckle!

Gaim 18 (4)

First impression of Knuckle, he looks more fitting to be Gridon’s Arms change rather than a completely new Rider. While I do love Zack becoming a Rider the design is just a little unoriginal. Had they have a different facial design I would’ve accept it, but every time I looked at Knuckle, he looks like Gridon’s ultimate form or something.

As his names suggest, Knuckle is a Rider who specializes in hand-to-hand combat because his weapon is a pair of hard boxing gloves, so we have a boxing Rider. And I really like his boxing, didn’t know Zack was a good boxer. Also, the best part of Knuckle is that he is more than willing to team up with Gaim because now their teams are united, so they are allies, even if they aren’t, Knuckle and Gaim’s teamwork is better than Gaim & Baron’s were.

Other Beat Riders shows up to support Team Gaim & Baron, and this is when the show starts to get really, really epic. While I find that the dance is mediocre before and now, the way they executed it is really, really good. But the best thing about this epicness is that the enemies keep crushing the Beat Riders’ hope when they just got a new one. For example, when all of the Beat Riders showed up to dance (Except for Red Hot, because they are assholes), Jounochi sabotaged the PA system. Then Mitch snaps his fingers to produce a beat and when the Beat Riders starts to dance without music, it’s really ,really fun to watch. And then they discovered Jounochi was around and Team Invitto takes him and he joins the dance as well!

Gaim 18 (5)

Baron arrives to aid Knuckle while Gaim settles it with Bravo. Having Baron & Knuckle fighting together shows that Baron has got his own Ryugen, although this was temporary as Baron is a lone agent now, he only lend a hand to help his friend.

More on Gaim VS Bravo, it’s clear that Gaim doesn’t give a fuck and doesn’t hold back this time, as he looks like he could kill Bravo if he needs to, so long as the dance gig goes well, he will do anything that it takes.It’s really nice to see that Gaim decides to use his full strength now that he’s stronger than Bravo, but even that doesn’t really look like his giving all of his might.

Gaim 18 (6)

Back on Baron & Knuckle, the two executes their finisher to the Inveses, and Knuckle’s finisher looks just like Gridon’s finisher, which involves them spinning around. Oh well at least he has a unique boxing style so he is a worthy Rider, unlike Kurokage. Still poor Hase.

As the Baron Riders finishes their enemy, the Beat Riders finishes their dance, and in turn regains the support from people, as noted by DJ Sagara. It’s funny that DJ Sagara acts like he’s supporting the Beat Riders, even though he’s part of Yggdrasil.

The Beat Riders celebrates their victory while Kaito tells Zack to grow stronger while taking his leave. Also, Mitch monologues by saying that in order to protect this joy, he will go through any betrayal.This shows that Mitch will do some bad thing so long as the thing he cares will stay protected, but I doubt that he’s aware that if he ever betrays Kota it will only cause sadness for Team Gaim, especially Mai.

Gaim 18 (7)

As for Gaim, he spares Bravo because he had reached his objective, and again Bravo was defeated because of shenanigans. As Gaim is on his way to return to his teammates, he is attacked by yet another Energy Rider, who judging by the voice is obviously Professor Ryoma himself. But why Professor Ryoma, who is interested in Kota, wants to fight him? For data feedback of course! Silly me.

Overall, it was really, really AWESOME, and I just love the indoor battle scene in this episode. The fights during the gig may very well be the best indoor fight scenes Kamen Rider has to offer. Look, I’m just gonna go ahead and say the show keeps getting better episode by episode. Gen Urobucchi is the kind of guy who knows how to contruct a good story because he already knows how it will end, so I hope this series didn’t get messed up. If it’s 32 episodes and the show is good or better, then it’s safe to say that Gaim is one of the best Kamen Rider series ever made, so don’t mess up Urobuchi!


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