ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuger Series Review

ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuger, the 37th Super Sentai series, using dinosaurs as a theme once again. Dinosaurs are popular in the fandom, so is Kyoryuger popular as well?


For those of you who followed my episodic reviews of the show, you’ll know that this is one of my most hated Super Sentai series of all time. This is because the show is not about a team, but rather a show about a man with other Rangers as his supporters. I’m talking about Daigo Kiryu, who is KyoryuRed.

Now, the show itself had quite a good start, and I enjoyed it very much. However by episode 21, I noticed that the series is focusing too much on KyoryuRed, and as the series progresses, it’s obvious that they only care about him. It all started during the Bunpachy arc where it was a Daigo-focused arc. That arc is great and I appreciated that they focused on Daigo. However when they introduced PlezuOn, Daigo gets the focus again. And then a few episodes later, Daigo gets a power up exclusive to him. 3 arcs in a row focused on him, and even the summer movie focused on him. This is why I hated it.

I mean, Kyoryuger had a large cast thanks to it having 10 Rangers in a team, but the only one that matters is Daigo, with Torin, their mentor and later KyoryuSilver placing as second just because he is their mentor. I can’t say that they didn’t focus on other characters. They do, but during filler arcs. When it comes to the main story, it’s all about Daigo. For example, Ian the KyoryuBlack develops a rivalry with Aigallon because the latter killed his best friend, but they never expand that sub plot and when it’s time to conclude it, it seems pretty rushed and meaningless. And Nossan the KyoryuBlue had a lot of character focus, which is him dealing with his family, but that subplot is only used for fillers. Nossan’s role in the main story is only to crack some bad jokes.

Other than that we get Souji the KyoryuGreen, who is my favorite Kyoryuger due to him being a sole badass and has a cool personality. While he is badass, he is also one of the characters that got shoved away, only for them to focus on him at the last minute. Next is Amy the KyoryuPink, the token female member of the core group. Amy’s role in the series is that she is the one that unites the team together, and acting as best friend to Souji & Utchii the KyoryuGold. However she also suffered from the show’s biggest flaws which during the finale, she gets shipped with Daigo and ended up becoming his future wife. If you follow the series, you’ll know that the romance between the two is really forced as they never displayed any sort of romantic chemistry beforehand.


I guess the writer wanted to create a shounen show with Daigo as the shounen hero and others as supporting characters. I guess he wanted to make it looked like Naruto. The problem is, this is Sentai, a show about a team. If you wanted to do a show like Naruto in Tokusatsu, then why not do Kamen Rider?

Also I would like to talk more about the writer of the show. For those of you who didn’t know, Kyoryuger is rather unique because it only has one writer, which is Riku Sanjo. Sanjo is famous for his work in Kamen Rider W, which is one of the best Kamen Rider series. However with Kyoryuger, I’m beginning to question his writing ability. You see, after W, Sanjo went to work on Digimon Xros Wars, which is not that great if you ask me. Also, he served as the secondary writer for Kamen Rider Fourze. I would to say that I blame him for ruining Fourze because, the show started to suck on episode 13, and he wrote the episode. So now with Kyoryuger, he did a good job at first, but then suck so bad.

More on the plot, the show is also a hit and miss. This is because the show tries to be light-hearted thanks to Go-Busters being too ‘dark’, and as a result, the Kyoryugers didn’t face a real threat at all. Only when the final arc came the Kyoryugers face some serious threat, but I do feel like they could’ve done that earlier, not on the final arc. Also, more about how the Kyoryugers didn’t really face a threat, it’s because the Kyoryugers keep getting upgrades and new powers every time.

Seriously, they barely lose and they got an upgrade already. You see, in writing 101, in order to introduce new upgrades epically, you have to show the heroes lose, and work hard and it the end it pays off. But no, according to Sanjo, when they were about to lose even though the chance is dim, they got new upgrades because they are so brave.


More about the writer’s obsession with KyoryuRed, it’s basically like this: The show is about to introduce Bunpachy, so Riku Sanjo thinks that “Oh, why don’t we focus on Daigo? He’s the Red Ranger, he has to obtain the strongest Zord!” and then the PlezuOn arc came. “Oh ooh, we have to make Daigo the focus here, because PlezuOn is the strongest Zord, he has to be the one who wields it!”. And then during the finale, “Hey, we need to make Daigo have a love interest!” “Well then how about Yayoi?” “Nope, why don’t we go with Amy? She and Daigo are similar, so they make a good couple!”

Yeah, I think that pretty much sums up what’s on his mind. While I do know that Sentai tends to focus too much on Red, this is a prime example of it done wrong. It’s a total shame, you have a bunch of characters, a lot of support characters, but in the end, it’s all about King. Not only that, I find that King himself  is not really a likeable protagonist due to him being a generic shounen hero. I don’t care when they focused too much on GokaiRed because he has an interesting personality and likeable.

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

Overall, Kyoryuger is actually a decent Sentai, if you can get pass the whole KyoryuRed thing. The show is basically the Naruto of Super Sentai, so you’ll know exactly what it is, a show about a man, with lots of supporting characters. The problem is that Naruto did focus on some other characters too, you know. As for me, I will continue to hate it, and I’m actually worried for it’s upcoming Power Rangers adaptation, Dino Charge. My main worry is that Saban is too lazy that they just carbon copied the series, and Dino Charge will ended up being another KyoryuRed porn, with shitty dialogues and lazy editing!

Anyways I would recommend ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuger, but there are other better Super Sentai series out there.

3 thoughts on “ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuger Series Review”

  1. Thank you. I seriously thought I was the only who felt this way about Kyoryuger. While it was fun to watch, it focused way too much on Daigo. You summed up perfectly and that the super sentai shows are about a team. Seriously the other rangers seem to be there only to support Daigo and his efforts to become the King of Earth or something. I believe the fans that raved and loved this particular sentai only focused on the insane amount of rangers and the dinosaurs, and let’s not forget the silly dancing. This was truly the fatal flaw in this sentai series.

    1. While I agree there was way more focus on Daigo than is preferable, there are a number of excellent reasons to love Kyoryuger.

      One huge point is the character development. Sengal complains about this material being shoved into ‘filler’ but what better way to use filler space [aside from not actually having filler and focusing 95% of episodes on the primary plot in some way] than developing an interesting and diverse cast?

      We get to see each of the Kyoryugers open up to the team, and then gradually overcome their personal struggles (not as much Souji, unfortunately, although the plots regarding his relationship with his parents and studying Torin’s swordsmanship were quite well done IMO.)

      Another thing that I really loved about this show was the out-of-suit fights, ESPECIALLY the finale.

      As for Daigo and Amy’s relationship, not all relationships show observable romantic chemistry. In many cases a couple really are ‘great friends who go beyond’ rather than the stereotypical intense emotions. Sure Daimy aren’t the type of couple that would be highlighted in a romance story, but this isn’t a romance story.

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