Power Rangers Super MegaForce 2: Missile Crisis

The Rangers are busy rebuilding the city (or rather, the mall) after the invasion. However, Troy stumbles upon a plot to bomb major cities on Earth. Can he and the Rangers stop the missile and proves to Armada that they can’t mess with Earth?

SM 2 (1)

First, I would like to talk about the opening narration. There’s nothing special about it, except that when they showed the Legendary Rangers, especially on Mighty Morphin team, Yellow Ranger is wearing a skirt. Judging by the suits, it’s obviously the american footage and I think it’s from the upcoming finale. I liked seeing the suit very much, and how they decided to include the suit on Yellow Ranger. Great, now SH FiguArts Yellow Ranger female version has to include the skirt.

More on the episode, while it’s a direct copy of Gokaiger episode 5, it’s more of an altered episode rather than a direct copy. Here we have the Rangers trying to rebuild the city or Earth or the mall while showing that Earth will not back down from the Armada, with the main action plot involving Troy stopping the missile. Back in Gokaiger, the main plot is that the Gokaigers are captured by the DekaRangers and were forced to stop the missile. So here, there’s a bit of originality and I like it.

The rebuilding part, I understand they need to use the mall as background, since they are poor enough to film them cleaning the city. Also, I noticed that Gia’s acting is even more crappy, thanks to the childish dialogues. Gia, alongside Noah & Jake are the good actors in the series and it’s a shame to see them get watered down, although Jake is still Jake which is fine.

As for Troy, again he is wondering about Robo Knight. As he goes back to help the others, he finds that the Armada’s forces are preparing to bomb the city, in which he was forced to fight them alone because they caught him.

SM 2 (2)

I have to give them credit for actually presenting a decent amount of original footage here, which is comprised of MegaForce Rangers VS X-Borgs. I really appreciate it and I hope they use it more and more and more.

Also, for the Legendary Mode, I’m glad that not only they used RPM (and later SPD)’s morph call, as well as retaining the weapons name. I originally thought that the production team was dumb and ignorant enough to not to use those names since they hated Disney era, at least Tzachor is. Can someone fire him already? He’s the reason fans keep complaining about the current state or Power Rangers.

Now, for the controversial DaiRanger mode, I can talk all day about it, but I’ll only state of what’s needed to: Saban used them for several reasons. First they have the rights for DaiRanger, so they included them and explain that the DaiRangers are another Alien Rangers. I doubt that they will ever explain about it completely. Second, they are too lazy too edit out the sequence, and they need to put it so that they can get the 22 minute run time or else it will be short, even by few minutes. I find that reason to be stupid, since they already filmed a new footage, why not film another? Third, maybe it’s because of the upcoming DaiRanger tribute episode, which is one of the best episodes of Gokaiger and a big focus episode on one of the Rangers, plus they wanted the White Ranger to have a corresponding team to go with, so I guess that’s that. Either way, I’m not really fond of the inclusion of the DaiRanger, and the lame dialogues are even worse. However, to get over it, it’s best if you consider this as a form change a la Kamen Rider.

SM 2 (3)

MegaForce Red takes on the MoTW, since this is his focus episode after all. Well you know MegaForce, if it’s a focus episode on a character, it’s not character development or anything, just the character being the hero that’s all.

You know, I never got a chance to say this. Troy may be bad at acting, but I actually enjoyed his ADR. I’m not lying, I enjoyed it. He managed to give off a leader-ly type of voice. So basically in my opinion, Andrew Gray may not be a bad actor, he just got a bad director and bad scriptwriter for lines.

Super MegaForce Red is joined by his teammates, and they decide to change into SPD mode. Some of you may complain about the lack of Ranger alumni, but honestly I feel like there’s no need to. While I will always welcome a Ranger alumni mentoring the MegaForce Rangers, if there even is, Super MegaForce itself is a different show than Gokaiger. See, in Gokaiger, all previous Super Sentai members lost their powers which are inherited by the Gokaigers. But in Power Rangers, the Rangers didn’t band together yet, and the Super MegaForce only obtains a copy of the Legendary Rangers’ powers. It’s possible that the previous Rangers still retain their powers and are fighting the Armada in other places. So to put it simply, the Rangers are too busy to lend a hand to their successor at the moment.

SM 2 (4)

As for the SPD mode, my biggest complaint is that they didn’t use Power Rangers SPD’s morph sequence and the theme song. Come on, you can do the Overdrive Red green screen thing, why can’t you just do that on the SPD morph sequence, replacing the human forms with Super MegaForce? I know it’s wishful thinking but at least try to be more Power Rangers-ly, not a Super Sentai stock footage user.

Also, I have to complain one other thing that I really hate. The sound effects. One of the things I hated about the Disney season is that they have this crappy laser -firing sound effect, and they retained it here in the New Saban era. I know that they can’t use real gunshot sound effect because parents will start complaining, but can we at least get a decent sound effect, not the cartoonish ones?

SM 2 (5)

For the MegaZord fight, they accessed SPD’s power, the Legendary SPD Zord. What bugged me is that they called Delta Runner 1 as CarZord. They remembered RPM’s weapon names yet they don’t remember SPD Zords’ names?

After the fight, the Rangers use the Legendary MegaZord and fly into space and fight the Armada’s forces. I actually liked this scene, as this scene fits the episode title, “Earth Fights Back”, showing that the Rangers retaliate the Armada. It also serves as a warning to the Armada, which is like “You mess with Earth, you mess with the Rangers”kind of thing. Won’t it be cool if they said that?

Oh, and I have to complain about Prince Vekar here. If the previous episode showed him being commander-like, this episode shows him closer to his Sentai counterpart were, which is a whiny prince. You know when he started to panic, his voice changed suddenly as if they changed the voice actor!

SM 2 (6)

After the fight in space, the Rangers sits on the SkyShip Zord and looks on Earth. I’m glad that they build the SkyShip Zord set, and I love on how the scene was meant to show that the Rangers used the SkyShip to return to Earth from the moon, not just riding around looking at the sunset. When they get back to the mall, they found that the Earth, or again the mall, is organizing a campaign called “Earth Fights Back”, which shows that the citizen of Earth, or again and again the mall, will not back down from the armada and will gladly give a middle finger to them 😛

Overall, despite those complaints, I find that this episode is actually good, and an improvement to the previous episode. I hope they keep improving episode by episode, because I actually enjoyed this episode. Not as much as it used to be, but at least I don’t think that this episode is bad at all. Keep up the good work and improve!


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