Kyoryuger Final Brave: FUCK YOU KYORYURED

This is it. The finale of ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuger or rather, Daigo Sentai Kingranger. So is this finale good? I’m saying this not as a hater but as a reviewer, it’s one of the worst finale I’ve ever watched.

Kyoryu 48 (1)

I’ll be honest. This episode could’ve been one of the most epic finales ever, because it’s directed by Koichi Sakamoto. But thanks to this show’s nature of being a show about Daigo with others as supporters, it fell flat. Not only that, the last minute romance between King & Amy is also one of the factors ruining this episode.

First I would like to talk about the opening scene. It’s great because it showcases Ian, Souji, Nossan and the others. However that may be the only time they get to shine, as this episode is naturally a KyoryuRed porn. Now for his stuff, the reason why they put Amy with Daigo is none other than to force the romance between them, whom I will say that Daigo is the last person I’ve ever expected to be with Amy. The reason is that, their chemistry is more like brother and sister type. Furthermore, Souji & Utchii has better chemistry with Amy, and I expected one of them would ended up shipped with her.

Plus, Daigo already has Yayoi and Meeko. More about Yayoi, she seemed to forget that she has an insane crush on Daigo. Isn’t King the sole reason Yayoi’s able to fight? I mean she did state that she wants to fight as KyoryuViolet because she wants to fight alongside Daigo and stole his heart? Well clearly she’s failed, thanks to the writing.

As for the Deboss, Chaos & Killborero got destroyed pretty anticlimatically because they wanted to show Deboss himself being the big bad. Seriously, Chaos got defeated by KyoryuSilver’s falcon punch and Killborero got defeated by KyoryuBlack, Blue & Green combining their weapons, which by standard is not even enough to defeat a Chevalier. Also, I noticed that they completely replaced the ‘Brave’ aspect with melody. I’m going to talk about that in a bit.

Kyoryu 48 (2)

Back to the magnificent King, he tells Amy that he loves her, which I swear is really, really forced. Before this, King doesn’t even display some sort of feeling towards Amy, and he’s even oblivious to Amy’s feelings, if there is. But now he told her that she is the most important person to him? How and when did this happened? And to show that he truly cares about Amy, he throws her into PlezuOn, although we all know the real reason he did this is because he wants to hog all the spotlight to himself. Greedy King.

In Hell, Torin, Ramirez & Tessai discovers the weak point that once destroyed will make the Frozen Castle extremely vulnerable. However, Chaos appears, because he allowed himself to be defeated very easily so that he can go to hell and protect the weak spot.

Kyoryu 48 (3)

Back to the heroes, Amy cries because King will die, and Yayoi calms her down. See this is another example of how stupid the forced romance did to the show. Amy becomes just like Asuna from Sword Art Online, who was once a badass but now gets watered down completely because she served as the love interest to the main protagonist. Also, Yayoi still acts like Amy is the one who loved Daigo all this time. While I do think that Yayoi bitching would be a bad idea at this rate, it’s just ridiculous. I would rather have Yayoi and Amy switch roles, which makes even more sense than what we’ve got.

Daigo face Deboss alone and tries to be the ultimate badass that would put him in the same spot as Goku, Naruto, Luffy & Ichigo Kurosaki is, but we all know that would never happen. When he’s about to lose, the Kyoryugers suddenly sang their theme song in order to give Daigo the power to transform into KyoryuRed Carnival. Okay now I’m gonna talk about the music aspect of this show. While this show is unique for being the first music-based Sentai, I hated it. I thought that the music thing was going to be a one shot thing. Back then when the summer movie is announced to be a musical, I was excited because it’s a very unique thing to do for a movie. But then, some idiots decides to take it very seriously and put the music aspect as one of the concepts of the Kyoryugers. And as for the melody replacing the Brave, it’s exactly what it is. To them Brave is actually a melody. Of stupidity 😛

More about the Kyoryugers singing the theme song. It’s goddamn bad. They tried to make it looked like an orchestra, and if there’s one thing that you can’t do in orchestra, is that you cannot put auto-tune in it!!! Seriously, the auto-tune orchestra version of the theme just ruined one of the best opening themes of Sentai!

This is also one of my most hated moment in the series. I know that the show is about KyoryuRed, but why having him the only one to fight Deboss? Previous Sentai teams, even though some did overfocused on Red, did have the finale involving the whole team fighting the final enemy. I’ll give Shinkenger as an example. Heck even Power Rangers Mystic Force, the show that I found similar to Kyoryuger because of the overfocus on Red, did have the whole team defeating the final boss.

Kyoryu 48 (4)

Meanwhile, Canderilla arrives in Hell to aid Torin and co. and they easily defeats Chaos. Again, his defeat is truly anticlimactic, for the second time in a row. While this kind of thing is pretty typical, it’s one of the most consistent flaws in Sentai.

More on King VS Deboss, the latter taunts that he former will die since they are now in space, and you can’t expect Fourze to rescue King. King however reveals that he knows that he’s going to die. Now, I wanted to talk about King being a one-dimensional shounen hero. While shounen hero is a great type, but when you applied it in a live action series, it looks nothing more than a one-dimensional personality. Also, I have to agree with fellow reviewer Sean Nice, King is not King anymore, he is God. I’ll get to that later.

KyoryuRed finishes Deboss off, and I really hate the finisher. They had to show KyoryuRed standing alongside King for no reason. It’s a shame man. Daigo always talked about he’s in a Sentai team but in the end he’s the one that delivered the final blow. That’s not a Sentai, it’s a one man show! And with that, Deboss is truly defeated alongside Daigo, and Amy cries in shock. I just hated seeing Amy acting because of the forced romance.

Kyoryu 48 (5)

A few days later, all of the Kyoryugers are sad because they lost their beloved King so they can suck on his balls, especially Amy. Wouldn’t it be better if they were sad because they lost their ZyuDenRyu partners? See, this is one of the major problems I had with the show. The concept of Ranger and Zord chemistry is good, why won’t they expand on that?

Anyways we are treated to probably the best scene of this shitfest, which is Canderilla deciding on what to do now that Deboss is gone. First she gave an unaware Nossan a handkerchief, and honestly I wanted them to ended up together but oh well. After that, seeing that a little girl cried because she was separated from her mother, Canderilla & Luckyuro decided to provide joy for humans, and the first thing they did is giving the girl a candy. Wait, isn’t that act is somewhat pedophile-ish? Whatever at least they got a happy ending.

Kyoryu 48 (6)

The Kyoryugers realized that Daigo did survived the explosion after all, which is extremely impossible even if he said that the ZyuDenRyu protected him. Let’s face it, Riku Sanjo wanted to tell us that Daigo is the strongest hero there ever is, to the point that he is god-like. Come on man, that is so stupid. Oh and I forgot, Utchii is revived! You know it would be better to see if Utchii dies completely and became a Spirit Ranger. But I guess they can’t do that since the previous season already had a member dying in the finale.

Since he’s returned, Daigo decides to take Amy to try the strawberry parfait, and the two live happily ever after. Why the two? Because screw the others, Riku Sanjo only cared about King and he had to put Amy so that it won’t be too obvious even though it already is.

So there it is, Kyoryuger has ended. My opinion? I hated it. Extremely hated it. Now I would like to say this: I didn’t hate this show completely, since I did enjoy the hell out of it in the beginning. But thanks to the sudden overfocus on KyoryuRed, I started to hate it. This is exactly like Mystic Force, both shows had a wonderful design, great theme and gimmick, but both are ruined thanks to the overfocus on the Red Rangers. And because how Kyoryuger in the end is a disappointment to me, I’ve decided to review ToQger. Please ToQger, I know your design is not the best, but please do better than this pile of shit!

Kyoryu 48 (7)


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