Kamen Rider Gaim 17: The Betrayal

Mitch joins Yggdrasil under his brother’s supervision, and the first thing he has to do is recover Kota’s Sengoku Driver through any means possible. Can Mitch betray his best friend?

Gaim 17 (1)

If there is one thing I noticed in this episode is that Mitch is slowly turning into an antagonist and judging by his methods, I would say a pretty cunning one. Mitch was given orders to betray Kota, and seeing as how Kota still wants to protect people and refuses to let Yggdrasil get away, he knows that it’s not a smart move to betray him directly.

Instead, he uses his manipulative ability to do the job. He enlists the help of Oren and Jonouchi to hunt down Kota. It makes sense why he chose Oren, since he is the enemy of the Beat Riders. More about his plan, I believe that if Mitch will ended up being on of the antagonists, he will play chess to defeat his opponents meaning that he will use pawns and others and then he will deliver the final blow. Or if he played it smart, he doesn’t have to do the dirty work after all. I like it.

Gaim 17 (2)

Kota receives word from Mitch via a voice changer that Yggdrasil has his sister, so he has to go through a ransom. I really enjoyed the ransom part, and they did a smart thing that doesn’t make the ransom looked cliche. I mean that usually when there’s a ransom, the hero would demand the enemy surrendered his item first, and then chaos ensues. At first it seemed this way, until it was revealed that Kota’s sister is not the ransom, but rather Minato in disguise!

So where’s the real Akira? Turns out that Oren had her go through an afternoon tea time at Charmant, keeping her oblivious to the chaos that’s about to ensue. This is a very smart move, as not only did it cover Oren’s true nature as a Beat Riders hunter, but also making Akira unaware that Yggdrasil is evil. I mean if Akira was involved in the ransom, she knows that the real culprit is Yggdrasil or at least, Oren.

Gaim 17 (3)

Kota still refuses to cooperate, forcing Minato to have Akira executed via Jonouchi. Wow, can Jonouchi, a cowardly Rider, commit a murder? In a public place? No. Before such thing happens, Oren reveals that he swapped Jonouchi’s Lockseed with a fake one. I loved the fake Lockseed, and I wish they released it because it has Oren chanting the team and when opened, shows Oren’s face with him saying “Baka!”

The fake Lockseed is not part of Mitch’s plans however, as Oren reveals that he doesn’t want to cause chaos towards his customers. Besides, his main mission is to obtain the Sengoku Driver, and his target is already in front of him, so why not take it through force? If there’s one thing I learned about Oren it’s that he cares more about his shop and customers than anything else. Meaning that if Yggdrasil ever threatened his shop, he would be hostile towards them. I would look forward to this if it ever happens.

Gaim 17 (4)

Kota & Oren transform and begins to fight, and this time Gaim is on a disadvantage because usually when he fought Bravo, he is aided by another Rider. But this time no one is there to help him. But that may not be the case, as Gaim access his Jinba Lemon Arms, and for the first time he is able to overwhelm Bravo by himself!

Minato reveals to Mitch that Gaim’s Jinba Lemon Arms is a serious power, since he used a Class S Lockseed, and even though Bravo is a seasoned fighter, there’s a clear difference in power. So, the Energy Lockseeds are S Class?I wonder what class would Gaim’s upcoming final form be? I’m guessing it’s called the Ultimate Class or Infinity or something. But that’s another story for another time. Besides, even if the Lemon Energy Lockseed is an S Class, Jinba Lemon is a hybrid Arms between an A Class Orange Lockseed and S Class Lemon Energy Lockseed, so it makes sense if Gaim’s overpowered.

Bravo is defeated and is it just me, or is it everytime he gets defeated, Bravo would lose in an embarrassing or a silly way? I know that he’s strong, but must they use this trope every time? I guess that when he’s truly defeated for real, he would unleash his anger and fights very seriously. And I guess it’s for the future.

Gaim 17 (5)

Minato steps into the battle and transforms into Energy Rider Malika, which is Arab for Queen. Being a female Rider, her suit is very feminine, and I noticed that it’s somewhat similar to Ryugen’s design, as she also sports the skirt thing. Malika herself is your typical Energy Rider, but the best thing about her is that she may be the most aggressive Rider yet, as she loves to kick her opponents and attacking non-stop, almost like giving her enemy no chance of striking back.

And Malika’s suit actress is Minato’s actress herself which is really awesome. It’s great that they are using stunt actors in real roles, and this somewhat mirrors Seiji Takaiwa’s previous role as B-Fighter Genji.

As for the fight between Malika and Gaim, it’s really intense. I really love the use of them running while shooting whenever they find an opening. One thing I don’t like though is that Gaim is suddenly a pro-archer. I remember back in episode 1 he doesn’t really know how to fight, and he used his swords like a noob. I guess it’s to be expected though. I mean when you get a power up, they have to make it look badass by making him look like a master of the weapon.

Gaim 17 (6)

Malika orders Ryugen to betray Gaim to prove his loyalty to Yggdrasil, in which he is hesitating to do. As he was about to shoot Gaim, Ryugen remembers all the good times he had with Team Gaim, causing him to change his mind and shoots Malika instead, giving Gaim an opportunity to defeat her.

Ryugen tells Malika to tell Professor Ryoma that he will protect Gaim, in which Malika realized something and flees. Kota thanked Mitch for helping him at the last minute, while the latter still feels guilty and hides the evidence that he was the one who orchestrated this whole event.

Kota went to check on his sister, who is well and oblivious to anything that happened between her and Kota. He’s glad that his sister is safe, and they went home together. Man, Kota’s sister has got even hotter than before thanks to her donning a new hairstyle!

Gaim 17 (7)

As for Yggdrasil, it’s revealed that Mitch did not betray Yggdrasil in favor of Kota, but rather it was Professor Ryoma’s orders that he shoots Malika. Ryoma proposes that Mitch remains as a Beat Riders for two purposes: the Beat Riders are still needed for the citizens to blame to, or else they will start suspecting on Yggdrasil. Second, Mitch now acts as a double agent for Yggdrasil. However he also has a secret third purpose: That is he is interested in Kota and wanted to see him develop more. You know, I’ve been thinking, what if Kota is the one that’s chosen by Helheim? Yggdrasil have been talking about this for a while and it’s possible that Kota’s the chosen one.

Either way Mitch is glad that Kota is safe, even though now he has to be a double agent for Yggdrasil. This is because he wanted to protect the smiles of his team, and will do anything necessary. Like Kamen Rider Decade said, a true hero will have to drag his face through the mud if it means doing the right thing.

Overall, it’s a very good episode, and it shows us a bit of what’s to expect from Mitch in the future. All that I can say is that, even though he is still with the Beat Riders, there’s no doubt that Mitch will one day betray Kota cold-heartedly. This is possible, as his main objective is to protect and impress Mai, and I’m guessing she will be the reason the two will ended up fighting.


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