Power Rangers Super MegaForce 1: It’s Mega, It’s Super, It’s the Lamest Pun Ever

I’m not sure if I’m going to review the entire series. Even though I’m busy as hell, I’m bored so I decided to do it. Besides, this is just 20 episodes in a year, I can do that. But I will only definitely review the first 5 episodes and if it really, really sucks, I’m going to stop. Regardless, here we are with the anniversary season of Power Rangers, Super MegaForce (Uggghhhhh)!

SM 1 (1)

There’s not much to say actually, since MegaForce is known for having 75% of fight scenes in an episode. As a result, character development and interaction between the characters is out of question. Honestly Troy spends the entire episode, most likely this entire season worrying about Robo Knight. The problem is with the lack of chemistry, I don’t see why he is so worried about that fella. It would be understandable if Troy views him as a mentor or something, but it’s just weird.

As for the main villains, the extended Warstar, I actually liked on how they handled Prince Vekar. He is the extreme opposite of Warz Gil, his counterpart from Gokaiger. Vekar here is more like a commander and he didn’t even whine, and he only wants his army to eradicate the Ranger immediately so that they can continue with the invasion.

Gosei gives them new morphers, which is a disappointment since he should’ve give them since day 1. It would actually be better if they spend this episode having the MegaForce Rangers lose their power or something, then go on to a journey to find new powers, and in the end they discover a pirate ship with a treasure box containing new morphers and Ranger Keys. Even though there will be plot holes, it’s miles better than what we’ve got. In fact the journey itself is a nice homage to MMPR season 3, since they are keen on making this as close to MMPR as possible.

SM 1 (2)

I guess they wanted to do that but thanks to Nick allowing them to make 20 episodes only, we got a really forced and rushed adaptation. More on the fight scene since it’s the majority of the episode, the ADR is actually okay, although some idiots did decide to put the lame puns on the Rangers’ lines. At the very least I find the MoTW not as annoying as ever, and their puns is actually good. I’m fine with the “identity crisis” and “I’m seeing Red”, but what I can’t stand is that the Rangers keeps on praising about the new Super Mega Mode and such. Only Jake’s lines is natural as he is a good actor and his personality matches his dialogue well.

More about Jake himself, they actually did a decent job on making him turn into GokaiGreen. He’s new fighting style is based on his excitement for getting new powers, and his excitement really feels natural. Although I still hate on the fact why he suddenly change from a brute ax wielder to a sharpshooter. The same goes with Noah.

As for the Gokai Change, which is called Legendary Ranger Mode, I liked on how they explained that the power is extremely taxing to the Rangers, and it kinda justifies on why they need to use the Gokaiger suits. I assume if they were able to use the Legendary Mode with MegaForce suits, they can’t even access the power because it’s too powerful. Hence the Super Mega Mode acts as a extension to the Rangers.

I was disappointed because they didn’t film a new footage featuring the Rangers using the Mighty Morphin Keys as the first Legendary Mode, instead they used the laziest PR team as the first Legendary Mode change: Samurai. At the very least, I really love on how they announce the morph call while changing into them, especially with Mystic Force. I originally thought that Saban or Tzachor or whoever didn’t know anything about the Disney era since they hated it so I assume they didn’t watch it. But at the very least they have a bit of a knowledge about the Disney season. Imagine if they did, and used “Go Go Mystic Force” as the morph call instead. Then mini World War 3 ensues.

SM 1 (3)

While replacing MegaForce Red with Overdrive Red for the Legendary Red Ranger Mode is nice, it’s also one of the most poorly edited sequence I’ve ever seen in Power Rangers. I’m talking about when they finished the enemy, the Rangers walks away while turning back into Super Mega, and Overdrive Red is clearly on a green screen. Seriously how lazy are they? They already filmed an original footage, why not add a tiny bit more? The thing is that kind of editing is a textbook move that anybody who’s a master at Photoshop & After Effects are able to do.

For the Legendary MegaZord, I’m not gonna talk about it, since it’s same old same old. And yes, “Super Mega Win'” is annoying. Later, the heroes went back to school and sees that everybody worked together to overcome the invasion and they did it. Even though the invasion is far from over, at least they triumphed. And what a really nice role model for kids Troy, you skipped school in favor of standing on the beach, posing like a supermodel while wondering about Robo Knight again.

Overall, it’s a slight improvement to the previous MegaForce episodes, although it still can’t beat MegaForce episode 3, which is the best episode so far. And you know what? I actually didn’t feel like they ruined Gokaiger at all. At first I thought it would be, but when I see this, I saw Power Rangers, not Gokaiger ruined. While I know they are lazy as hell, I hope they improved by the next set of episodes, even though it’s wishful thinking. A message for you Saban. You may attract kids, but you’re losing fans. Do something.


One thought on “Power Rangers Super MegaForce 1: It’s Mega, It’s Super, It’s the Lamest Pun Ever”

  1. it just like wwe right now they alienated older fan to cater young fan
    with saban right now look like they do not care for older audience but they try to please young kid, someone please take power rangers from saban,he ruining it 😦

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