Kamen Rider Gaim 16: The Birth of a Hybrid Arms, Jimber Lemon!!!

Gaim, Baron & Ryugen managed to escape from Yggdrasil, although Kota wonders why they were able to escape so easily. Also, with Takatora knowing that Mitch is Armored Rider Ryugen, he decides to recruit his brother into Yggdrasil…..

Gaim 16 (1)

The episode starts with a really cool bike action scene, promoting the new Rider Machine, Dandeliner, which is a hover bike, and it requires CGI and/or green screen to be in action. With that, I assume that we will get a few episode showcasing this bike, and then it’s completely forgotten. Nevertheless it’s really cool to see Gaim & Ryugen fighting the Kurokage Troopers riding the Dandeliner. I liked how Mitch didn’t just shoot those things and instead use tactics to beat those machines. As for Kota, he spams his forms to beat them. Basically, this scene is awesome because the Riders here use tactics instead of bluntly fight them. Wait a minute. Didn’t Prof. Sengoku ordered to let them go? Why did the Kurokage troops chased after them anyway? To promote the toys that’s why. And the actions in Helheim is always cool.

Meanwhile, Mai discovers that Team Red Hot uses Lockseeds to summon Inves and cause mischiefs. They are able to summon a fully materialized Inves instead ofthe smaller holographic one by jailbreaking the Lockseeds, thus allowing them to use the Inves as bodyguards or something like that. But the problem is assholes like Team Red Hot uses them for mischief, and right now Beat Riders are to be blamed for the cause of the Inves outbreak, and Red Hot only adds the fuel to the flame. This in turn saddens Mai, who was working hard to convince the people that Beat Riders are not at fault.

Takatora, knowing that Mitch is now an Armored Rider, confronts Sid about it. Sid instead replies with saying that maybe it’s the same case with the stolen Watermelon Lockseed, in which maybe someone stole it and gave it to Team Gaim. Regardless, Takatora decides to discipline his brother.

Gaim 16 (2)

Also the reason why Prof. Sengoku lets them get away is because he found that someone has been stealing the Lemon Energy Lockseed, and maybe one of the Riders has them. I think that they will deduce that DJ Sagara ‘betrayed’ them, and blaming him for giving Mitch the Sengoku Driver & Watermelon Lockseed. While the Driver case is obviously Sid’s fault, I think he wants to put the blame on someone else. If it’s true then I can sum up Sid’s personality. He’s a vicious and a cunning man who will do anything to hide his tracks so that he won’t get into trouble. And I sense that he will be another victim of Urobutcher.

Takatora confronts Mitch about the Ryugen stuff and I just love their interaction. I love on how cold and calculative Takatora is to Mitch when he reveals his true intensions. But instead of asking Mitch to surrender or anything, he decides to show Mitch something.

Meanwhile, Kota is having trouble on using the Lemon Energy Lockseed. But Mai comes to him, crying and tells him about Red Hot. You know, even though they didn’t show us Mai confiding to Kota, it’s just lovely to see their chemistry, unlike a certain Red and Pink couple where we have no idea that they had a crush on each other then suddenly they can’t live without each other. Fuck you Kyoryuger.

Kota confronts Red Hot about the situation. While Red Hot is portrayed as jerks, I see them more as assholes or dumbasses, seeing that they use their powers for mischief. Jerks are selfish and manipulative bastards while assholes is just plain idiots.

Gaim 16 (3)

Red Hot’s leader, whatever his name is, reveals that Sid gave them free Lockseeds. Kota knew that Sid did that to help damaging the Beat Riders’ reputation,and Red Hots are idiots, they didn’t realize that they are being manipulated. Regardless, the leader summons an A-Class Inves, and with them jailbreaking the Lockseed, he is able to summon a fully materialized Inves,forcing Kotato fight it for real.

It’s really refreshing to see a new type of Inves, maybe it’s because he’s red. Regardless, it’s a Lion Inves, even though he looks more like a baboon to me. His main attribute isthat he is more aggresive than the normal Berserker Inves, which is a lot considering that even the weakest Inves are aggresive. Gaim had a really hard time fighting him to the point where he decides to use the Lemon Energy Lockseed, but again failed.

Red Hot’s leader realize that his Lockseed is malfunctioning, causing the Lion Inves to go even more berserk and attacks them. I guess that’s why they put the limiter trick in it. Gaim protects the Red Hot leader despite him being an asshole, because Gaim is a hero. A hero protects everyone regardless if they are evil or not.

Gaim realizes that all this time he’s unable to access the Lemon Energy Lockseed is because he did it the wrong way. He was supposed to remove the Rider Indicator on the belt and replace it with a Genesis Lock place,basically turning Sengoku Driver into Double Driver, with Lockseeds instead of Gaia Memories.

Gaim 16 (4)

And thus a new Arms is born, Jinba Lemon Arms. This form is promoted as his super form, his mid-season upgrade. Truth to be honest I find it to be one of the worst super forms ever. This is because most super forms gives the Rider a unique weapon that only they can use, but Jiba Lemon is basically Gaim as an Energy Rider. Also, most Riders had to work hard to gain their upgrade or at least adjust to their new powerhouse, but Kota is only able to gain the form by realizing that he did it the wrong way. This is a nitpick though, as I found it to be  unique at the same time. At least they’re trying something new here.

Design-wise, it’s just Gaim with more samurai-like armor. What’s disappointing is that his visor is the same as Orange Arms. While I know that this is an upgrade to Orange Arms, its name is Jinba Lemon, and no Orange whatsoever in it. At least give us a lemon-themed visor!

While Gaim pwns the Lion Inves, Takatora takes Mitch to the Helheim Forest and shows him the reason why Yggdrasil did what they did. They didn’t show us, but from the location I assume that it’s the canyon in the first episode. What’s interesting is that Mitch is scared as shit, meaning whatever Takatora shows is truly horrifying. I hope it is horrifying, as I can’t even imagine what it is. But one thing is clear, that thing cannot be made public, which prompts Mitch to join Yggdrasil out of fear.

Gaim 16 (5)

Back to Gaim,he finishes Lion Inves using a finisher called Sonic Volley, which is Royal Straight Flush or Dimension Kick with oranges & lemons replacing the cards, and Gaim uses the Sonic Arrow to shoot. That kind of finisher is really cool. Anyways Kota realized that the Lemon Energy Lockseed is too powerful, in  which he is worried about it. As this happens Sid is watching him from afar, and at the very least he knows that someone is giving Gaim the Lockseed.

Kota asks Bando that if someone possess a strong power, he will become a monster. I think that Kota is afraid that he would someday lusts for power, although Bando assures him that with great power comes great responsibility, told in a different way.

Overall, a really nice episode. It’s fun to watch the bike chase, and Gaim fighting a new Inves is refreshing. Jiba Lemon Arms is okay, it’s just that it disappoints me a for a super form. And I can’t wait for them to reveal what Mitch & Takatora saw back at Helheim. I hope it’s truly terrifying to the point that I shit my pants. I believe it is, since it’s Urobuchi.


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