Kyoryuger Brave 47: The Final Counterattack!!!

Okay. Two episodes left. Just two more episodes and I’m done. Oh God I really hate this series!!!…….. Anyways here we are, with only five hours left to save the Earth, the Kyoryugers, Torin and Dantetsu begins their counterattack on Deboss. Will they be able to save the world? Wait, I got that worng. WILL DAIGO THE MAGNIFICENT KING OF ALL THERE IS SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD?!?!?!

Kyoryu 47 (1)

You know, the episode didn’t really focus on him that much, since this is the penultimate episode and they need to focus on other characters because it’s compulsory. And because they wanted to reserve King for the finale, which would automatically be one of my most hated finales of all time but that’s another story.

Dantetsu reveals that this plan is actually orchestrated by him, Torin, Ramirez and Tessai. The latter two went on to help Torin fight in Hell, while presenting their new successors, Yuuko, Nossan’s sister as the new KyoryuCyan and Shinya, Tessai’s descendant & the author of Love Touch as the new KyoryuGrey. Truth to be honest I didn’t expect them to go down this road, especially with Yuuko. I mean the Shinya episode is just a filler, yet they take it seriously. It’s not a bad thing though. In fact I liked it.

The real reason they passed their powers to these two is because the new KyoryuCyan & Grey suits now replaces the bronze accent with the yellow ones, and they will be reused in the upcoming Kyoryuger V-Cinema. Other than that, it’s not much really. I have to admit I love seeing Ayumi Kinoshita returning as a Ranger, as it feels really, really natural when she did the rollcall. As for Shinya, props to Masayuki Deai for managing to create a difference in portraying both Tessai & Shinya.

Kyoryu 47 (2)

The additional Kyoryugers fight the goons while Dr. Ulshade returns and fights Killborero using PlezuOh. The 6 Kyoryugers went on to kick Deboss’ ass. However their transformation is blocked because they wanted to make the finale more epic with the heroes fighting in human forms. And they actually did it, this episode is great because it featured a lot of untransformed fights.

It all starts with Utsusemimaru, volunteering to fight DoGold & Endorf. These days, it’s normal for Sentai to do an out of suit rollcalls and the Kyoryugers did a very good job at this. The best ones are the first four and the worst ones is the last two, which is Daigo& Amy because I hated them so much right now.Poor Amy, because of Daigo I ended up hating her as well. I’ll get to that in the finale review.

Nossan, Ian & Souji also holds some Zorimas leaving only Daigo & Amy to fight Deboss. I see that they recycled the plot from Gokaiger finale, where the four Gokaigers fights the goons while GokaiRed and Silver went on to stop Ackdos Gil. Boo hoo Kyoryuger, boo hoo.

Kyoryu 47 (3)

The very best part of this out of suit battles is that the cast themselves did some stunts during a close up of the action scenes. I gotta give them props to that. But the best of them all is Ian & Souji teaming up to fight the Zorimas. Why? Souji dual-wields GaburiCalibur & Feather Edge while giving Ian his GabuRevolver so that Ian can dual wield guns. That is so badass.

There’s not much to say about Nossan, since he just used what he’s best at. As for Utchii, the second half of this episode suddenly focuses on him, particularly his rivalry with DoGold.

Endorf & DoGold has the upper hand, and the latter suggests that the former use his power to bind Utchii while he finishes him off. In a surprise turn of events, DoGold strikes Endorf instead. Huh, predictable. Remember back when DoGold is suddenly willing to be Endorf’s watchdog? I knew back then he plans to betray Endorf.

Kyoryu 47 (4)

But what I didn’t expect at all is that he would team up with Utchii to deliver the final blow to Endorf! This brings up one of the most epic moments in the series, where enemies teamed up with each other to fight a common enemy. To be honest I would’ve preferred if they killed DoGold back then and having Endorf as Utchii’s final opponent but whatever.

Really, it’s AWESOME to see DoGold ‘possessing’ Utchii so that their combined Lightning Afterglow will be even stronger, and I just love on how while this happens, a Cambrima that DoGold was possessing just stood there.

After Endorf is destroyed, DoGold & Utchii have one final duel, which consists of a single strike. This moment is actually the most epic moment of this epic moment. I really love on how they bring up the Sengoku style, and Utchii bowing to honor DoGold’s demise. However, Utchii used too much energy to the point that he faints. The blood coming out of his mouth is really cool. But personally, I don’t think he will die.

Kyoryu 47 (5)

Meanwhile, Daigo & Amy arrived at the frozen castle, ready for their final battle together. The episode ends meaning that they will show the conclusion in the next episode, as well as concluding the whole series. But really, the next episode is going to be nothing but a mega KyoryuRed porn. I called it KyoryuRed orgy!!!

Overall, it’s a very nice build up to the finale, and at least they did have some sense in focusing on other characters rather than that red bastard. It’s all thanks to Utchii, but that didn’t stop the next episode from being one of my most hated episodes. Trust me, the next episode will have a lot of raging moments for me.


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