Kamen Rider Gaim 15: Escape From Yggdrasil

Gaim & Baron are captured by Yggdrasil and meets the creator of the Sengoku & Genesis Drivers: Ryoma Sengoku. Will they be able to escape? Or are they going to be eliminated bythe Yggdrasil officials?

Gaim 15 (1)

Kaito asked Kota about Hase, and Kota didn’t respond which makes Kaito knew what happened. To be honest, I was a little disappointed at how meh Kaito is about Hase’s death. Granted he was supposed to be a jerk, but at least show some respect man. I guess they don’t want to make it too dark.

The meeting with Professor Ryoma is well done. I love on how Kaito & Kota plans to sneak up and steal the Sengoku Drivers while Ryoma lectures, only to be blocked by a woman named Minato. Her actress is first seen in Kyoryuger’s summer movie as one of the sexy villains, although here she’s not that sexy. short-haired woman is just not my type. I love short hairs but that short? Not so much.

Meanwhile, Takatora decided to have the captured Beat Riders go through a medical checkup. Wow, that’s unusual for a guy that’s been labeled ‘Kamen Rider Ouja of the series’. At the very least it’s good to see Takatora did care for the children. I’m guessing it’s probably because he wants to use them for something. Also, about the medical checkup thing, it may get redundant, but could it be that the use of Sengoku Drivers actually have a side effect on the user? It is a prototype after all.

Gaim 15 (2)

Also, Ryoma showed us designs of what seems to look like belts, but with floral patterns. Dunno what it is but I hope we get to see it soon. And since the Riders are in Yggdrasil’s custody, they are put in a detention facility. Here’s an interesting thing. Ryoma claims that it’s no first class, but the Riders are put in a prison-cell like room. And for a cell, it looks WAY higher than a first class. Seriously, you have a bed, sofa and coffee table, not to mention he can make a coffee! If I were Kota I wouldn’t mind staying in the cell for as long as it needs 😛

Kota was greeted by DJ Sagara, and this is actually the first time we see DJ Sagara is with someone, in the flesh. Kota is obviously angry at seeing even a DJ is part of Yggdrasil. Kota explains to him that he will continue to use the Sengoku Drivers as a means to save the people, and prove that Yggdrasil is a bunch of dicks.

For some reason DJ Sagara gives him an Energy Lockseed with Yggdrasil’s keycard. This doesn’t mean that he’s helping the good guys or becoming a good guy himself, but it’s actually quite the opposite. DJ Sagara just wants to make things interesting and he’s actually quite an evil guy right now. But at the very least Kota can now escape the facility.

Gaim 15 (3)

Mitch appears to aid Kota and Kaito, and the first thing they did is getting their stuff back. Also Kaito took the mass-produced Driver, which is assumed that he will give it to one of his lackeys. Also, Kota notices a video of Yuuya eating the Helheim fruit, but before he could find out the truth Mitch stops him. I understand why he did that. If Kota found out that he’s the one who killed Yuuya, that would make him lost his nerve and ended up jeopardizing the mission.

The Riders are forced to split up thanks to the Kurokage troops chasing after them, and we are treated to some badass out of suit fights. Remember that Kota’s actor can do backflips? Yeah he did all of his stunts in this scene. It’s really AWESOME having a main cast that can do his own stunts if needed to. We need more athletically active actors.

Unfortunately Kota is stopped by Sid, who is now pretty much an evil jerk. Seriously, the way he confronts Kota makes it look like he’s the boss of the level. Regardless, the two transforms and at this point I believe Sigurd acts as a new rival for Gaim.

Gaim 15 (4)

You can say that the fight between Gaim & Sigurd acts as Kota avenging Hase, since Sigurd mocks him about that. Also, Gaim in Orange Arms is obviously no match for Sigurd. Why not, even Pine Arms which boosts strength can’t defeat the normal Zangetsu.

However, Baron arrives in Rose Attacker to even the odds. And now we get a cool bike action scene. It’s a nice change of pace, instead of using forms they used bikes instead. And since the main mission is to escape from Yggdrasil, it’s preferable if they used bikes since it would help them get away.

Gaim 15 (5)

Before Sigurd could finish the fleeing Gaim & Baron off, another Energy Rider stops him, which is the female Rider who turned out to be Marika herself. I wouldn’t talk about her for now because this is not her proper focus episode. Regardless she told Sid to spare the Riders since Ryoma has plans for them.

Meanwhile, Takatora founds out that Mitch is inside the building and is helping the Beat Riders. Now this is the best part of the episode: Takatora finds out that his brother is the grape Rider! Sadly the episode ended with Ryugen getting overwhelmed by the Kurokage troopers with a new Rider machine. All that I can say is that the show is getting intense episode after episode and honestly, I wanted them to keep it that way. Don’t mess up Gaim!


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