Kyoryuger Brave 46: Aigallon’s Last Tears

Daigo decides to take on his father because he thinks he is the chosen one that will save us all from the destruction of the Earth. And because he is so selfish, he leaves his teammates and they encounter Aigallon, Canderilla & Luckyuro, who are on the run from the Deboss Legion.

Kyoryu 46 (1)

Before you KyoryuRed fans go rage all over me for calling your beloved King selfish, I have to say it’s SATIRICAL. From this point I will mostly satirize KyoryuRed because I hated him as much as South Park hates Barbra Streisand. Okay now more on the episode. As with most of other Kyoryuger episodes, they should’ve make this episode a 2-parter, one focusing one the god-awful King, and another is for Aigallon. But no, thanks to the writer’s obsession with KyoryuRed, they squeezed him over in an episode that should’ve focus on KyoryuBlack & Aigallon.

You know what is my most hated moment in this episode? This may also be on of my most hated moments in the entire series. When King goes to fight his father, Amy stops him and asks him out on a date. My God. I thought that the shipping was redundant already. First off, why the hell that they decide to ship Amy & King? Amy had better chemistry with Utchy & Souji, and the latter is the most fitting to be her love interest while the former is more like best friends. That being said, I view Daigo and Amy as brother and sister, so technically, this is incest!

Look, as much as I hate Yayoi for being annoying, she should be the one with King. Also, Yayoi’s role in the series is that she fights so that she will win Daigo’s heart. Why the hell did you set up a character that likes the main protagonist only to have him with someone else? It’s like Hinata likes Naruto but in the end he ended up with Tenten! It doesn’t make fucking sense! This is Digimon Adventure 02 all over again……….

Kyoryu 46 (2)

That being said though, the fight between father & son is actually pretty cool. The best part is that they didn’t use any weapon at all, just bare fists in Kyoryuger forms. I gotta give credit to King for not using the Carnival in this episode. If he uses it I would’ve call him a cheating, greedy King.

Deboss betrays Dantetsu simply because their bargain is that Dantetsu kills Torin and they will spare the Earth. And because they are evil assholes. Nobody should trust them even if it means saving the world. As a result, the 50-hour clock has been shorten to only a few hours left and Deboss creates holes throughout the Earth so that the fallen Debo Monsters can revive for real and destroys humanity.

Kyoryu 46 (3)

Then, the episode shifts over to the Aigallon plot. The switch is so obvious that it feels like we’re in a new episode already. Regardless, thanks to the feeling of squeezing two plots to an episode, this part felt really rushed and forced. First is KyoryuBlack’s hatred for Aigallon. While we know that he hates Aigallon for killing his best friend, I felt that it was forced simply because there’s no time for them to truly develop a rivalry between them. Blame the overfocus on KyoryuRed. You know, in Go-Busters they had BlueBuster forming a rivalry with Escape, and since then the two battled each other in almost every episode. So when the time comes for them to kill Escape, I feel so satisfied because they did a great job on forming the rivalry, and ending it on a high note.

But here, even though I liked the emotional acting, it nevertheless felt quite forced.Had they given time to develop on the rivalry in the past episodes, this episode would’ve been one of the most epic moments in the series.

Oh, and in order to make Aigallon important, we learn a dark past about him. Back when he exploded himself to incapacitate the Kyoryugers during the Plezuon arc, his died but his body armor is so thick that he can’t truly die. As a result, Chaos used magic to make Aigallon an undead soldier, explaining why he tends to go black-eyed and out of character on occasion.

Knowing that Aigallon actually suffered a lot despite being a bad guy, KyoryuBlack decides to put an end to him. Even though the whole part feels forced, I just love it at KyoryuBlack using Deinosgrander to break Aigallon’s armor so that his soul can be set free. The best thing is that KyoryuBlack can’t stand seeing someone suffered so much even though that guy is his enemy. To me this is what a hero should’ve been. Every each of us hated someone personal and we love to see them suffer. But if we are truly the good guys, we would’ve free them from their torment. This is what makes them heroes. And thus, Aigallon’s death marks the first time a Cheavalier is truly dead.

Kyoryu 46 (4)

KyoryuBlack suddenly goes on a rage and attacks Icerondo, the new Cheavalier of Sorrow and the one whose job is to eliminate Aigallon, Canderilla & Luckyuro. I just love the fight scene. KyoryuBlack emotionally attacking Icerondo and KyoryuGreen utilizing Feather Edge is epic. And all of a sudden, Icerondo is immediately destroyed. Wow, they destroyed two Chevaliers in a row, one of whom just debuted a few episodes ago.

With that, the Kyoryugers went to check on the mourning Canderilla and Luckyuro. Since they are no longer part of the Deboss, Ian told them to do what Torin did. To be honest, I sure hope Canderilla ended up with Nossan. It is weird but then again cross-species couplings are actually normal in Sentai, even in Power Rangers.

Kyoryu 46 (5)

Back to the awful King, Dantetsu reveals the true motif behind Torin’s death. He sent Torin to hell so that Torin will attack the Debo Monsters in there, preventing Deboss from destroying humanity or at least delaying it until the Kyoryugers truly destroys him. And now, the final battle begins, which I assure you will involve King taking the spotlight. FUCK YOU KYORYURED.

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